Fuel consumption charts / tables on all Canadian vehicles

First published on September 14, 2006

Who knew? Forget Consumer Reports… we’ve got our own government to tell us how fuel-efficient our cars, trucks, vans, etc. are.

Personal Vehicles Initiative (thanks to Chris for the heads-up)

There’s even a handy Fuel Consumption Guide PDF that summarizes ownership costs, discusses ethanol fuel, and contains a giant table on the fuel consumption data of all automobiles.

Now, the best thing to do would be to decrease our dependency on cars… but if you must purchase a new vehicle, check out that link to find out what’s the most fuel-efficient vehicle you can get. You can get data in litres per kilometre or in miles per gallon.

Forget that Hummer — buy a Honda Insight!


4 Responses to “Fuel consumption charts / tables on all Canadian vehicles”

  1. Leah says:

    My parents just bought a car and got some special grant thing for trading in their old vehicle. Basically the government subsidizing a special program in order to remove vehicles oldering then 1994 (I think). My dad got $1000 for his Suzuki which had over 250,000km and was basically dead. This is used as a “down payment” towards the new vehicle. He bought a Chev Aveo…I think they’re good on gas…I’ll go look.

    My pontiac is not as good as I thought…I’m not sure how accurate that report is…

  2. Alan says:

    wow, looks like your stabilo desperate sale of tickets thing seemed to work out through this site…

    In fact, if something’s not lame, and in demand, you could charge people to shamelessly advertise their crap on here. ie “got concert tickets you wanna get rid of? $5 bitch!”

    Anyway, it’s fall…on the lookout for some MIS jobs or anything? Or sticking with the CMA (or was it CGA) stuff and living the life?

  3. DK says:

    “Honda Insight Annual Fuel Cost: $501″


    I spend that that much on gas in a month…!

    Burn dead dinosaurs, burn…

  4. albert says:

    Hi. My Chrysler 300S says I get 14.7 km/ltr. What is that in MPG?


    Reply from Peter: Google now has a cool feature if you search “14.7 km/L is how many miles per gallon”: 34.5765 mpg.

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