HP PhotoSmart 7760: load photo paper face (print side) down

First published on December 3, 2006

It’s Christmas-time. You might want to print photos for cards and such. You might forget which way to put your paper in. You don’t want to waste the free paper that came with the printer, after all (for environmental and economic reasons). You’re too lazy to look up the manual so you Google it, for the tenth time (you forgot the answer the first nine times). If you have a HP 7760 (or perhaps any of the 7700 series) put the print side down for photos:

Load photo paper in the HP 7760 face down


One Response to “HP PhotoSmart 7760: load photo paper face (print side) down”

  1. Asghar says:

    I have HP C7100 printer. I do not use very often. I am loading the photo paper in the photo tray 4X6 face down about 12-15 sheets. It is telling me out of paper. Load paper face down in Main tray. Press OK when done. Do I have to load the paper in the main tray or photo paper tray. I have done both places. It is still giving me same runaround. Please help.


    Reply from Peter: I don’t own your printer so I’m not 100%. I know that with mine you have to 1) select the paper size correctly from the program you’re printing from and 2) push the photo tray slider in towards the printer before it will recognize that there is paper there.

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