How to make / burn a data CD with Mac OS X

First published on February 16, 2007

I’m a long-term Windows users who now uses an iMac in the workplace. Macs weren’t that foreign to me as I’d used them at school a few times. But I still have lots of learning to do and hope to report some random facts about Mac OS X once in a while.

So my first Googleable need was writing a few files to a CD-RW. Naturally, I love my Nero (I shun the built-in Windows CD burning feature) but had to search for possibly a free Mac equivalent.

The search turned up with everybody saying to use iTunes! Yes, that would work if I needed to write some audio files as a data CD. But no audio, so no iTunes.

Also, I don’t want to use Toast, nor Disco (no matter how cool it looks or how inexpensive it is). Although, if and when my burning needs reach that point, I’ll be sure to research and report…

So I’ve already written too long of an intro: the answer is the Disk Utility application that is pre-installed under the… Applications folder. From there it was very easy to erase an existing CD-RW and drag and drop some files to write to the CD. And that’s it.

How to make a data CD with Mac OS X with a free application


One Response to “How to make / burn a data CD with Mac OS X”

  1. Armin says:

    Hi Peter,

    thank you for you great blog. I am new in Canada and your tips about banking and mobile phones are really good an helpful.

    But now to my comment on CD burning. I know that you can use the DiskUtility. However, I use a nice little open source program called SimplyBurns It servers all my disk burning needs and is small and fast.



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