PayPal’s toll free telephone number

First published on June 21, 2006

It surprises me that PayPal still isn’t advertising their toll free number, thinking that they can scare people off by only offering their local (long distance for most!) number on their contact page.

Anyway, here’s the toll free number: 1-888-221-1161.

I’ve gotta say, I’ve had some of the worst customer service experiences with PayPal. But at least if you can speak to them over the phone, you can tell them that!


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  1. Krys says:

    thank you; every bit of info helps fighting raging bs

  2. ck says:

    wow I know they use to have the 800 number listed. As I was going through the pages to see where it was, all I was thinking is they prolly dont want to deal with people calling so they have this long a55 phone number that would cost tons to call. Thanks for the info

  3. C. says:

    Thanks, I new they had a F***ING TOLL-FREE #!
    I was on with them for 20 minutes last night. They’re CS sucks!

    “Where the hell did I call anyway?!”

  4. s says:

    thank you so much….these F***ing guyz r driving me nuts…i hate pay pall

  5. ED says:

    I cannot stand Paypal either, when has the word ‘pal’ ever been associated with these morons….?

    I have had money held, frozen, left right & centre by these idiots

    Please visit my ebay & paypal alternative blog here & please leave some anti-paypal messages! lets bring down these ‘legal crooks’


  6. sandy says:

    thank you for your toll free# for paypal, I just spent 28 mins on the phone with them with that # you gave : ) all that to get info they could have told me in their useless emails! the emails kept saying the only way to get my money out of the account was to add a bank account (don’t have one for that) so on the phone they say I
    -can- use a credit card! so I have my money out! TG : )
    and thank you : )

  7. Sam says:

    Paypal HOLD STEAL FREEZE AND SUCK my 3000$ U.S 180 days for a dispute for 1 sticker 3,92$ the guy call not received on ebay .. I sended 2 sticker + refunded and paypal still freeze my money its unbelivable .. no words for this steal!!!!!!!! PayPal will make 10 000$ with the interets!!!! im 21 , no money i wait for this to eat.. my complete sticker business is closed and stealed by PAYPAL LEGALY!! YOU have the choice think about it 2 time before use paypal…

    If you sell on ebay dont sell sticker with no tracking number!!
    And take a Paypal Seller Insurance for all you sell.

    A Desesperate guy with no money

  8. Raj says:


    How much money you can request you at a time from paypal any idea?


  9. Peter says:

    Sorry, I haven’t a clue… but you should call their toll free number and find out :D

  10. Linda Costigan says:

    This phone number is not accepted in england .have you got one I can use as I am going around and around in circles on the autimised phone service with paypal

  11. Peter says:

    Try 0870 7307 191 in the UK.

  12. Daniel says:

    HI this number does not work in Australia what is is plz?

  13. Peter says:

    Try 1-800-073-263 or 02-8223-9500 in Australia.

  14. Martin says:

    Hi guys,

    I am in Buenos Aires and these guys are holding my money for a non specified reason. Does anyone know if there is a toll free # to call from Buenos Aires, Argentina?

    Thank you all. I did’nt know Pay Pal was so unreliable.

  15. toni gibbs says:

    Hi Peter Wonderful crap!! I thought using Paypal was an
    intelligent way to protect myself when using ebay to
    make purchases. Is there an alternative you can
    suggest? Thank you Toni

  16. Peter says:

    I find the service terrible, but nothing can beat PayPal’s reach and features, in my opinion.

  17. Editor says:

    Toll free number? Wat the…

    I just called twice today for help and I bet the long distance charge will be a little high.

    Oh yea and that answering machine is getting on my nerves.

    >>> 1-888-224-1161

  18. Dean Palmer says:

    Thank you for your most excellent crap!!! I’ve had nothing but problems with PayPal over the past several YEARS! First, they would NOT allow more than one credit card to be registered with them, and after you spend more than $500.00 (USD), I was flooded by tons of email messages asking me to become “Verified”, i.e., give them access to my bank account. I will not give access to my bank account to my friggin WIFE much less some !$&@#%* corporation! Do they think we the general pub are total idiots? I guess so, because I have read in the news groups that hundreds of thousands of people world wide have given these bastards access to their bank accounts. Of course, I may be just making a big thing out of this – after all, I could open a free checking account with 100 bucks in it just to use with PayPal. And if they pillage the money from my account (see news groups!) I wouldn’t be out much money. But what a pain in the arss! Why can’t I just use credit cards? Any unauthorized debit to any of my cards will be immediately reversed as long as I inform the card issuer within 20 days. So really, a credit card IS the safest way to conduct Internet business – backed by the MasterCard and Visa financial payment systems, which are recognized world wide. I see PayPal as sort of middle men bottom feeders who found a way to profit from paranoid and concerned people scared to use the Internet to buy things. And yet those same people for years would buy something at their favorite department store (i.e., Sears, Macy’s, etc.) and leave the carbons bearing their signature and credit card numbers with the checkout clerk to “throw away for them”. There was more fraud from credit card carbons than there ever has been from Internet credit card usage when you normalize for the ratio of business between the two: going to the store, or using the Internet, and paying with your credit card. So where is all this going?

    Now, PayPal has “allowed” me to add a card with “extended” buyer privileges (after you pass the $500.00 mark). To get all this resolved took 42 minutes on the phone on MY nickel with a representative who spoke very poor English (I should know how to speak Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Punjabi, Dravidian, etc.), but much to his credit, did try hard to resolve my issues!

    In the future, I will use the TOLL FREE NUMBER to contact my earnest Indian friends at PayPal. Thank you sincerely Peter for finding and publishing the PayPal toll free number!!!

    And keep up the good crap old boy!


  19. Don B says:

    um….yeah….PayPal could suck chrome off a bumper. Now that’s suckin’

  20. Suzette says:

    OMG it really worked! After holding for 15 min with PayPal I looked for the 800 #.
    Thanks for the VERY needed crap

  21. Vivek Uchil says:

    Making a payment through PayPal, I was almost confident that I was getting into a genuine transaction on the Internet. As it turned out, the website turned out to be phony and my money is gone.

    Sent a dozen mails to the “customer service” section of the website ( and a couple to PayPal.

    I’m yet to hear from them. I’ve kissed my 30pounds goodbye.

    The loss of money really smarts but what enrages me is the fact that I’m unable to do anything to do anything. Feel so darned helpless !!

  22. Sherry Baldwin says:

    Finally got through to them and resolved my problem!

  23. t says:


  24. OneHelplessPerson says:

    Hi everyone, I just got ripped of for £130 for something I sold to a buyer. This buyer bought something of me for £130 (it was a motherboard processor etc *brand New*) and then he paid with a E-Check which takes up to 2 weeks to clear… I then got an email from the buyer not long after the auction had ended saying he has paid for the item. I checked and it said that the payment was “pending” this means I yet Havant received the money. I contacted paypal and asked them what it ment and they said that the payment takes 2 weeks to clear into my paypal account… I then emailed the buyer expelling the story to them. He emailed me back saying that he paid for the item and wants me to send it ASAP! Anyways I sent him another email explaining that payment is still pending etc… Then I emailed him several times in a week but I then received this email from him I will post it for you to read
    “I HAVE replied to your emails and you answered – FACT and I keep telling you it’s in the hands of eBay. The other person which I bought from on the same day, has had problems with payments from other purchasers on that day of purchase. Since that transaction I’ve made purchases with others with no problems.
    I even offered to send the money via email, but you said no.
    If I don’t receive the item by Friday, then I WILL cancel – FACT.”
    I read the email over & over again intill the other half made sense (lol)
    Now this is abuse in this email as the check cleared over 1 week after he sent me this email… and after this email he opened a dispute against me in eBay… and this is what I wrote in return…
    “Buyer claims he has sent the payment and demands the item by Friday or he will cancel the money. Has been over 2 weeks and no payment he keeps claiming EBAY has his money I don’t no why??? And his saying its my fault?? He offered me to send money via paypal I told him to check the rates of paypal before he sends because it could be to high, and he never responded he then claims I replied saying no which I never!! I don’t no what to do!! It keeps saying payment pending I phoned paypal to confirm that!”
    Anyways this went on for sometime now and he then turned around and opened a dispute in paypal
    If paypal had enough sense and checked the date in which payment “CLEARED” into my account they would have seen that it was 2 DAYS AFTER THE DISPUTE WAS FILED!!!! (What ediots) basically this man opened a dispute against me 2 days before I received the money!! Anyways here is what he wrote….
    “Despite numerous emails through eBay and promises that the item will arrive, have still not received, then the seller keeps stating that payment hasn’t been received, but it clearly has been cleared for sometime, it is clearly, excuses after excuses, therefore want refund, as I DO NOT trust the seller at all and nor should anyone else. Please refund immediately as I don’t believe that the item will ever arrive or if it eventually does, that it is the actual specification that I ordered in good faith. I also DO NOT like their choice of words in the emails, which makes me believe that either the item will never arrive OR arrive broken OR not the specifications that I ordered in good faith. Please read all the emails from the seller within eBay. Am NOT pleased at all with the sellers conduct.”
    This was 2 days before payment cleared but paypal was dumb enough not to notice!
    Anyways I then replied with this (2 days after the payment cleared)
    This man bought a motherboard of me around 2 weeks ago maybe more. He then paid with an “E-check” which takes 9 working days to clear (I confirmed this with paypal over the phone many times) he then started to email me about why I Havant sent him the motherboard yet. I replied to him stating that the payment was still pending (at the time I didn’t no what saying pending ment) but when I called paypal they said to me he paid via echeck which takes up to 9 working days to clear. So I emailed him telling him that the payment hasn’t cleared as u sent via echeck and that it takes 9 working days to clear. He kept on ignoring the emails I sent him and started replying that the money came out of his bank account so that means he already paid and that I should send the item out or his going to leave negative feedback! I again then contacted him telling him that because it came out of your bank account it doesn’t mean it has cleared into my paypal account! But he ignores me again. This left me with no choice other then to open a dispute and when I did he kept on coming up with things like he paid 2 weeks ago and he hasn’t received item and I told him your check cleared just 2 days ago!!! And that I would send the item ASAP when I have time. (I even went yesterday to the post office but I was to late as it had already closed and today is Sunday which means I post office is closed) so I explained the story to him that your check just cleared a couple of days ago and that I would send Saturday (but I was to late) but he kept on saying the item is long overdue and that he doesn’t trust me…BASICLY THIS MAN HAS PRETTY MUCH IGNORED EVER EMAIL I SENT HIM AND HAS DONE NOTHING BUT ABUSE ME!!! I sent him the contact number for paypal hundreds of times but as I can see he hasn’t once bothered to contact them instead sent me threat emails that I should send the item by Friday or he will take my money back!! (This is abuse) please contact him and tell him as he is blanking my emails. Thank you.
    I was gob smacked I didn’t no what to do… so I contacted eBay to get the telephone number of the buyer and I did and guess what the number turned out to be??? A NATIONAL RATE NUMBER!!! Anyways i done the decent thing and called it anyway and the headqurters picked up and said “threes over 2000 people working here” now around this time i had wished i had died!! And plus this is illegal and against eBay rules etc etc (stuff eBay and paypal) I then contacted eBay telling them that this man has put false information down but they said to me sorry all we can do is send him a letter stating to “update” his information!! C’mon I just said he has a national rate (0870) number!
    Anyways sorry for making this so long but its the truth… i then emailed paypal and they said the are looking into it… then they never get back to me after a week and then i emailed them again and this time i said “I AM SENDING YOU TO COURT AND I WILL GET MY MONEY THERE!!!” but still no reply so I cried, not to the fact that I got ripped of £130 its because I got ripped of £130 and I have to pay for it!!
    This is also interesting I sent it in two packages in two different classes one in first class and one in second class and he claims he never received it!? I went to the police station they said o well good luck next time!
    It has been 8 months and no money and he seemed to of got away with it!
    If any of you ebayers have been scammed this way or something close to geting scammed this way please email me and tell me as im stuck in the middle of this thanks!

  25. hopeing2007 says:

    person i won from refused to respond i have webtv cannot open a paypal account offered to mai next day mney order they wont respond ihate paypal and ebayers who ignore your mail

  26. Disgruntled Dealer says:

    hey guys, after a week of calling them and paying for the calls, I have at last gotten hold of a TOLL FREE PAYPAL NUMBER. PLEASE USE IT TO CALL THEM: 1800-836-1859

  27. Jimmy says:

    First thank you for the toll free number. I called paypal to ask them a question about having a personal paypal account and a business paypal account. They were pretty stupid with their answers cause from what i gathered you cant have a personal paypal account and a business paypal account. Then hammering questions at the guy over and over again and he goes “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you want to create a business account as well?” I said duhhhhhhhh nimrod of course and he goes oh i thought you wanted a personal account and a business account? I said yes i got my personal account now i want a business account. I kept on asking him over and over and over again the same fricken questions. The guy must have been dropped on his head as a baby cauase i couldnt get any answers.

    Then they transfered me to someone else and you know what they still couldnt answer my questions. I asked them the same question again can you have a personal paypal account and a business account and they said yes you can. I’m like wow 5 mins and you finally answered part 1 of my question. Now for step 2 how do you go about doing this? The person littery didnt know how you do this and they transfered me again to someone else. This person was a supervisor and let me tell you he must have gotten his job on his looks cause he was dumb too. I said to them dont i need a new bank account? The guy goes uhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmm hold on and 10 mins later he comes back saying i spoke to my supervisor who told me yes you do need a new bank account. I said what else do i need and he goes hold on and comes back 1 min later saying how i need a new email address connected to my paypal account that i cant use the same one. Then i ask him why is there a function for add a bank account in USA or CANADA. He goes are you asking why you want to add a bank account? I said no why is there a function here can i add my new bank info here for my business paypal account? He goes uhhhhhhhhh hold on and comes back saying something about you cant do that cauase it wouldnt work cause its for business paypal and you cant mix it and at this time im very tired and fed up and i ask him again why is there an add a bank info for canada and usa for? What is this used for? They then transfer me to someone else and again to someone else so basically im being transfered cause the morons who work at paypal dont know their own jobs and dont know their heads from their asses.

    Basically can anyone help me out cause from my understanding is you CAN NOT have a business paypal account bank info added to your personal paypal account info. Meaning i have my personal paypal account with bank info. I cant transfer the business paypal account bank info onto my personal paypal add a bank account in canada or usa. Can I?

    Let me know cause after a while the guy hung up on me cause he was pissing me off and it seems like paypal cant do their jobs correctly and answer questions correctly.

  28. Jimmy says:

    I also wanted to add is i create a business paypal account and a bank account. I want to know is can go to my personal paypal account under the function add a bank account in canada and type out my bank account that is under my business paypal account? Thats what ive been trying to figure out for almost an 1 hour with paypal.

    Supposely from paypal first they said i could do it but the bank transfer policy might not work then i was told by someone else i cant do it and the add a bank account in canada is for whatever paypal account your under. Meaning if im under a personal account only bank accounts used for personal accounts can be added it cant be mixed.

    I would call back but they hung up on me and probably are more pissed off then me seeing they cant do their jobs correctly and are going to cost me alot of time and money and especially money that im suppose to be getting in soon.

  29. Peter says:

    Hi Jimmy, from what I know, you cannot have the same bank account info on more than one PayPal account. What I did was have a personal account and a Premier account (for accepting credit card payments). Then I can just “transfer” money from my Premier account to my personal account to then withdraw money to my bank account.

  30. Jimmy says:

    I’m not looking to withdraw money or transfer money.

    I know you cant have the same info on the same account. You gotta waste your whole time and go to a bank and bother them to create you a new bank account just for something so stupid.

    I want to know is how do i set it up so when i make purchases it goes to and from my personal paypal account. Also when someone makes purchases from me it goes to and from my premier account.

    So that way when im on ebay and i see lets say a dvd and im like wow i gotta have this. I dont want to make any purchases on my priemere account. I want to ONLY make purchases using my personal paypal account. Now when someone buys something from my ebay auctions i want the money to go to ONLY my preimere account. My personal paypal account is NOT i repeat NOT for money that people have purchased from.

    So I hope you can help me out cause i emailed them and they were no help. All they did was tell me how to create a preimere account which is so simple i dont need instructions as i got a personal paypal account made and its the exact same way as to creating a primere paypal account.

  31. Peter says:

    If you have two PayPal accounts then they must be attached to two different e-mail addresses.

    When you purchase something on eBay, there’s usually a “Pay Now” button when the auction has ended. When you click that button, just make sure that you log in to PayPal with the e-mail address for your Personal account.

    When you list an item for sale on eBay, one of the options is the e-mail address that is paid by default whenever someone wins your auction and chooses to pay via PayPal. Just make sure you specify the e-mail address to your Premier account when you are listing an item on eBay.

  32. Jimmy says:

    So Peter I’m confused when i list an item on ebay how do i make it so when the person pays it goes to my priemere account and not my personal account?

    How do i do this? Paypal couldnt even help me with this they just told me how to create a paypal account which i know.

    I dont want to start selling something on ebay if i dont have everything in order and every since yesterday i dont have anything in order yet as im still confused and frustrated over the way paypal treated me.

  33. Peter says:

    Currently, this is one of the options that is shown when I list an eBay item:

    Specify PayPal e-mail address

    I am not affiliated in any way with PayPal or eBay (except for the fact that I have user accounts with them) so I can’t really help you with the fact that they both have awful customer service ;)

  34. Jimmy says:

    Well Peter you use paypal so you can give me better help them those assholes can anytime of the day or week. They seem to have their heads stuck up their asses when they are either reading off a script or transfering people from one csr to another.

    Well thank you for this Peter you have been a big help. Maybe paypal should hire you then the idiots who cant do their own job correctly.

    Now Peter I got another question when i create a new bank account for selling items on ebay do i need to enter my credit card number in for the premiere paypal use? Or can i just enter in my bank info and thats that?

  35. Jimmy says:

    Peter, my other question is where on eBay can i confirm that i have a paypal account used for selling items. Like there has to be a section on ebay where one says this paypal account is used for buying and this paypal account is used for selling. That way when i do register an item on ebay. The ebay site doesnt put my personal paypal account as the seller account.

    But the picture you shown me thats all there is? Meaning you just enter the email to the preimere account and ebay knows exactly what account your using? So if i made a big mistake and put my personal paypal email on there then i guess the money would be diverted to my personal paypal?

    Thank you again for all the help you have given me.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe New Year.

  36. Jimmy says:

    Hello Peter Merry Christmas to you. I hope you can continue to help me out cause I guess you must be busy celebrating Christmas.

    Well guess what? On top of paypal giving me issues and not answering my questions truthfully. I got an email from ebay and this was way before i started to ask you the questions and guess what? The person from ebay cant do their jobs either and you know why? I wrote a very long email and all this person did was direct me on how to write an email to ebay which ive done and how to contact live help.

    Basically i wrote back an email directing her on how to correctly reply back to someone and how to read someones email. I gave her links and tutorials on how to do this.

    Ebay and paypal waste my time i will waste theres.

    Unlike you were the one who actually sat there and helped me out and answered my questions to the best of your ability.

    Thank you again.

  37. Peter says:

    Hi, for buying you don’t have to store your PayPal account info anywhere on eBay. After you win an auction, it will ask you to log in to PayPal. Then you just need to log in to the correct PayPal account.

    For selling, the screenshot I pasted is shown for every item you list. Therefore, you can change that at any time, for any item before the auction ends.

    I really don’t know what you’re asking regarding credit cards and I don’t recall what they made me do when I signed up (it was so long ago). For an eBay seller account, I know that they require a credit card on file so that they can charge you in case you don’t pay your seller fees. For PayPal, they might require both your credit card and bank account info but I’m not sure.

  38. Jimmy says:

    WOW thanks so much Peter. To this time ebay and paypal those morons and i use that word to a tee. Still never answered my question.

    Its not suprising that i asked them the same questions i asked you and you were able to answer me and help me out.

    While the retards at ebay and paypal continue to repeat themselves like 2 year olds.

    For anyone looking for help i suggest not bothering the losers at paypal and ebay cause it goes to show after 10 times of asking them the same question they can never give you a straight answer.

    BUT while asking a question on here generates results.

  39. Peter says:

    Heh, glad to have been able to provide at least some help.

    Don’t let this turn into the official eBay and PayPal support channel though :P

  40. ry says:

    god, thanks for putting this up. no way was i gonna call long distance for something i knew would take a long time.

  41. Justin Beaudoin says:

    I had such a hard time finding this number…

    I spent 22 mins with them on the phone, on their LONG DISTANCE number, during prime time, calling from Canada.

    … Now that I’ve found it I feel like giving PayPal the f***ing phone bill!

  42. Daisy says:

    Hi, me and my boyfriend had been victimised by paypal just a few days ago and they put our $1,500 on hold right now.

    We tried calling all the 3 toll free numbers that can be found on this page but unfortunately the 2 of them has been disconnected and the other one says there’s a number missing.

    I was wondering if you could help us out as we’ve been sending them email about our issue but to no avail. We need another toll free number that actually works.

    I hope you can help us. Thank you very much.



  43. Peter says:

    Perhaps this is because you are in Australia? I did a quick Google search, which led me here (it’s a lot more comprehensive that what I listed!):

    This says that the Australia toll-free number is this:

    1-800-073-263 or 02-8223-9500

  44. Tricia says:


    would you have a toll free number for New Zealand customers to reach paypal….I have sent many many emails but get no response.

    Thanks heaps

  45. Pipp says:

    Thank you very much. I've been going around in circles with their "Help Centre" routine crap then I finally get to the page here I can actually email to get a response from a customer service…even their email answers does not help! They're super bad for customer service, specially when it's about getting your mondy back.
    Again, thanks so much for their toll-f><>*( -free number. This will save me some money instead of using their regular line.

    Keep up the great work.

  46. Pipp says:

    I just read some of the comments on your site and BOY!!! I have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT AND GOT THE T-SHIRT. Just a note to say THANK YOU. YOU ARE AN ANGEL for taking the time to help us.
    GREAT JOB!!!

  47. Jimmy says:

    Hey its me again just letting everyone know from the first time i had a problem with paypal and ebay i still never got my questions answered the RIGHT way and to tell you the truth I dont know what to believe anymore with paypal and ebay.

    Looks like I wont be selling my friends items on ebay cause I recently found out ebay and paypal has been asking him questions and asking him to send stuff to make sure he is a legit business and he is a legit business just like some people I also know.

    But back to what I first was saying. I got an email back from ebay or paypal either way they're one in the same. Finally got my question answered and then when i asked them to contact me back only from the person who sent me a reply I never once got a reply back. I then got emails about 4 of them from paypal and ebay asking me to do a survey which i deleted all the emails since they still never answered my questions.

    Peter gave me the right answers but i still have alot of questions which I dont wanna waste Peters time with and seeing ebay and paypal are not help looks like as i said earlier I wont be selling items for my friend on ebay especially that they're asking him to send in documents which he has done and they still are not happy with what he has sent in.

    Just wanted to give an update on how bad paypal and ebay is for "trying" to help people out. Especially it me ALOT of times for them to finally get a REAL answer outta them. Either ebay and paypal hire people based on the way they sound and talk to someone rather then there experience with computers and how they are able to manage to answer questions cause I can surely say I had the worsed customer service by phone and email I have ever gotten in my whole life of speaking to different business's.

  48. Mark says:

    Thanks for this. I feel that I am in agreement in that the staff at Paypal are faceless, cretinous cowards, even when they answer an email you get a 'nothing' anser from them, noone is accountable and yet they must deal with millions of pounds each day. Is there not a financial authority that they are responsible to, they really need to sharpen up there act. Oh, my gripe, they are incapable of merging two paypal accounts into one and this is after I have given them photographic evidence!

  49. Mike says:

    THANK YOU !! YOU'RE A CHAMPION IN MY BOOK. My account has been locked for months now. No help thru e-mail or any other sh*t shoots they offer. The catcher!! It's all over getting an appeal with pay pal over a whooping negative balance of $3.80.
    I can't pay my $1.20 cent seller's fee on ebay either for some hot wheels i sold. BUT THEY LOCKED ME DOWN AND THREW AWAY THE 800 NUMBER!! LOL


  50. Jimmy says:

    This message is for Mark.

    Mark I know how you feel. I spoke to someone on the phone and asked them countless numbers of times how i want a seperate paypal account where one is for seller and one is for ebay purchasing and when i do sign up if ebay will know which account is suppose to recieve money and which one is suppose to send the money. They basically gave me the run around over and over again. I then asked them to clarify something on paypal and they gave me the run around again. I then asked them why they were not giving me the correct answer and playing games and i got very angry with them as this was a very important time in my life where i was trying to help a friend out and they were not really helping me out.

    I then sought the help of ebay which those people there are far worse then paypal. I emailed them over and over again with the same questions and you know what their answers were? They were telling me how to create a ebay account and im like duhhhhhhhhhhhh i know how to do that. I would tell them my same questions over and over again and they basically always answered them the same way. They finally had someone who actually was smart answer my question but really didnt give me a full blown answer. So when i asked for that certain person to get back to me they didnt get back to me and insulted me by sending me an email over and over again to do their survey which i deleted it.

    So anyone having issues with ebay and paypal just wanted to give you a heads up on how they treat their customers especially ones that use their service almost every week.

  51. Gadjet says:

    Hi Peter! You have a very interesting site here!

    To Jimmy: You can have both Personal and Business account at the same time but the information like the email, credit card or bank cannot be shared on both accounts. You can just have one account, which is the Business account and you can use it for buying and selling at the same time because sending money in PayPal is for free.

    I just would like to help here. I do have both PayPal and eBay accounts and I do not have problems with it. What I did was before I started using them, I made sure how everything works so I would know what to expect.

  52. Beto says:

    I found your website through a google search of: Paypal 800 number…I wanna thank you for the number which let me be on the phone for about 1/2 hour with the supervisor, given her an ear-full on how BAD their customer services is.

  53. Mike Dingy says:

    Thanks, this is the same toll-free number they always had. They had it posted through the security center but deleted it. That figures though. Ebay and Paypal…..ARE THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO DO BUSINESS WITH. THEY NEVER RESOLVE SHIT! MABEY THEY HAVE WITH SOME PEOPLE> THEY ARE THE WORST BUSINESS PEOPLE FOR RESOLVING PROBLEMS FAIRLY! They follow policies but noy actual events. The sellers try and make money onshipping too. Beware. Alot of the stores are penny pinchers and want income from the shipping and not the products!!!!!!!!!

  54. ED says:

    I agree with Mike Dinghy above – Paypal & Ebay are the WORST business I have ever had the displeasure of delaing with. Absoultely shocking service all round. I hope they get taken to the cleaners one day – They must have 1000’s of if not hundreds of thousands of unhappy customers.
    (Paypal & Ebay Alternatives)

  55. Hate paypal says:

    PayPal should be scrutinized by the senate or Parliment in Canada. They’re customer service is atrocious and despicably. They deliberately dodge or dance around your subject. They never answer your concerns.

  56. Hate paypal says:

    BTW, thank you for the toll free number!!! I wouldnt be surprised if PayPal gets rid of it though soon.

  57. Jason PaypalSux says:

    Ya, they both suck and even though i use paypal for current transaction dealing with website services, i dtopped being an ebay member. They cost too much and is nothing more that a way to scammer to get free money witht he support of ebay.
    So, i raked up well over $1000 in ebay fee under a bunch of new account, to make it all back and they suspended me, so problem solved, no i cant use ebay unless i give then what they stole form me, so im 1 less customer and since then i have save hundreds of $$.
    I have proof that ebays credit card servers were hacked and the problem continues becasue they refuse to let consumers aw3are of this fact.
    Seriously it was hacked.
    I mae a new sccount and i never deal with ebay emails , i logg in first to ebay and then do the messages.
    Well the same day i registered and added a credit card to ebay, i started having issues.
    2 week later i had a few hundred dollars in charges fro stuff not even related to ebay, and the funny thing is , this was a throw away credit card and i got it new and never used it for anything but registering it to eaby, not even paypal.
    So somehow, someone got the info and used it.

    Point is, the only way this could have happened, is is there c redit saervers were hacked.
    Well after talking with conBay for a while i told them i was releasing some info that would prove their server was hacked, and then all of a sudden, my girlfriends accounts were all dudpended, and they said it was due to security issues that i had to resolve first.
    I called them a bunch of bitches over the phone and said the only security issues was me being a loose end and that they wanted to prvent me from letting other ebay uisers know.
    I am just glas i can say i have causes about 10 of my friends to not use abay anymore.
    I know wbay will fail, hell there profit this years first quarter are alreay at reconrd lows and ebay will fail like all other businesses with unhappy customers.

    Ebays only concern is keep sc\ammer happy, becasue without scammers they would not make much of anything.
    I hopwe the terrorsit grab ebay by the balls and chop em off, the economy is failing and ebay is going down

  58. funnygurl says:

    Ok, we all agree that paypal’s customer service is a joke. Waht are we mild-mannered non confrontational Canadians going to do to change things? There is power in numbers abd we certainly have the numbers of disgruntled customers.

  59. YooTeeAyud says:

    I just got off the phone with them. I had a 20+ minute ‘on-hold’ waiting period, however when a ‘human’ came on the phone they were rather pleasant, and took care of my problem with some sound advice. I had put in a Dispute for never having received an item I purchased from an individual (not eBay), and had paid using my Bank Account(which I very, very rarely do), rather than using my Credit Card (my NORMAL payment preference). PayPal, on my behalf, had already Frozen the sellers account until we reached an amicable resolution. The PayPal Agent told me, that it would be in my BEST interest, to wait until my package had actually arrived, prior to removing my Dispute, as once removed, a Dispute nor Escalation could ever be placed again. I thanked her for her advice and am waiting, as she has suggested…the package is to be delivered on Wednesday! If it comes on Wednesday, as scheduled, then I will free up the Dispute and PayPal will release the hold on the sellers account. I thought their way of protecting the buyer was quite nice, and I for one truly appreciated the way they handled it. YMMV, but I’m more than satisfied…at least with THIS transaction.

  60. Kelly says:

    I tried to change my primary email address as I changed service providers. When I tried to verify my account it would not complete the process because it didn’t recognize my credit card number (as if I couldn’t type it in right off the card!). So, now my primary email address has been canceled and I cannot log in AT ALL! I tried calling every number on this page as well as 40 other numbers to no avail. When I use the toll free numbers listed here they ask for the last four numbers of my credit card for ID. Surprise, they don’t recognize it so I can do nothing at all on the phone either. How convenient to set up a toll free number and then make it not work. I called the regular customer service numbers and can get through and using the same credit card number I am, surprise, recognized. In fact, I can type in any number I want and I get the same result.

    My problem remains, How do I get past the automation to a real person?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once, in the distant past I was able to get through and my problem was solved easily. I just need to get to a person. Please help me.


  61. Sasha says:

    Hello I really need some help on what to do basically I placed some items on eBay for auction. However I did not have the item but it was with my dropshipper who had the items. I was told that PayPal allows dropshipping and that I need to get verified so after waiting for 4 days I got verified at this point customers were asking for there tracking number. I could not give this out as PayPal told me I need to provide invoice so I did provide invoice at this time I was getting treating letter from customers. PayPal then told me they do not do dropshipping and that I needed to give customers there money back. So I then decide to give customers back there money.

    However I was not sure how to do the refunds so I asked a PayPal agent via the phone how to do the refund and the agent told me she will do it.

    So the agent did 5 refunds, but the other customers did not send disputes yet so after the rest of disputes came I refunded 4 customers there money back. However after doing the refunds the money in my account was short and could not pay the other customers who were not refunded I called PayPal and wrote to the on numerous occasions I also wrote the European union which is also on PayPal.

    I was told that there are no funds left in my account to pay the other customers. What was surprising was the same night I spoke to the agent the next day 6 payments of £580 appeared on my account with out my authorization. I then called them up asking them how they can try to get money from my account with out my knowledge and not authorization from me. I was told because there was not enough money in my account they had to do this.

    They clearly knew that I could not access the funds at all, I could not understand this because I had no access what sever to this money. I only saw this money in my account but was not allowed to access any of it at all.

    So right now I still have $100 for a customer and I have a balance of $0.00 so I would really like to know what the next step is. When I contact PayPal I am being told I have to find the money because my account does not have any money.

    So I would like some help as to who I need to contact. As Paypal is not listen to me at all when I write and called them.

    I really don’t want to pay $100 out of my own pocket and I did not even get access to money.

  62. Isaac says:

    i think with the 800 workers paypal claim to have.. it will be nice to have 24 hour human sevice. fast every bank have it her in germany. even the little companys. pity

    ps. dont border with my english. I"m German

  63. pri says:

    I am from india.Do u have tollfree number of paypal for india

  64. Peter says:

    Hi pri, I don’t know if one exists, but if someone else knows the number, I will gladly post it.

  65. peter says:

    hi peter great site,can you make an instant payment to your paypal account,without setting up a direct debit,so the money goes in straight away ,without having to wait 5-9 days,thankyou,peter.

  66. Peter says:

    From what I know you can only put money directly into a PayPal account if the money comes from another PayPal account that already has some money in it. But to me sure, you should be asking PayPal… via their toll free number!

  67. Eric says:

    Thanks for the toll-free number. I was on hold with them for 15 minutes and the $#@$#@ hung up on me. I was then on hold for another 10 minutes and Hung-up. I’m fighting them for $5.00.
    (It’s not the money, but the concept about them not paying any attention to the fact it’s mine).

    PAYPAL has the worst customer service. Don’t use them unless you must. And fight them for whatever amount they legally owe you, no matter how nominal.

  68. Frank says:

    PAYPAL has got to be the worst method of payment ever devised. I’d rather spend a week in Baghdad than have to deal with these people again.
    First I logged on, then it gave me an error message, then I tried to call customer service but it kicked me back to log on. Then I tried to send an email, back to log on. Then I got to the robot. Kept telling me my questions were too long. Asked for phone number. Back to log on. Finally found this website. Another robot voice.
    To make it worse every time I cleared my throat it started the menu over.
    Finally got a human. To help me she wanted my creit card name and last 4 digits on the card. It’s been 6 yrs since I set up this PAYPAL mess. So, unless I can access my account I have no idea what I used.
    Anyway, no more PAYPAL. If sellers won’t take my card or a money order, I’ll do without.

  69. James says:

    Thank you very much! I got right throught to PayPal after spending 24 hours for naught. Thank you again!

  70. margaret smith says:

    I have been trying since last october to get money back from paypal for goods I did not recieve.

    I am now told because the dispute is longer than 45 days so I can not dispute them

    Thats what they think.

    They are legal thieves by what I can see.

    What a shambles they have to go.

  71. gg00se says:

    Here is Paypal’s phone number (888)221-1161

    Unfortunately, you will be forced to speak with a voice recognition robot. It is good to try and go through the different menus it offers and see if it can tell you some helpful information. But if you really need to speak to a real person at paypal, it is difficult to discover how to get ahold of a real person. You will never be offered this in a menu.

    Here is the magic word to get to a human: "AGENT"

    Actually, their people can be quite nice and helpful. Just remember, they aren’t any more likely to eat their young than you are.

  72. darlene says:

    please note anyone that has paypal acct i got email today from billing dept a scam !! do not enter any info to this email they want your info to get in your acct!! please let everyone you know its going around i sent an email to paypal it not real do not repond to it do not go toyour acct though this email it a scam!! to get you info on acct . and i dont even have paypal acct! be carefull people. i did report them to paypal.

  73. Scott says:

    Hey Peter thanks for posting this since PayPal went underground with the 800 contact numbers. It’s not like they can’t afford it with the outrageous fees they charge!

    Anyway a little tip to pass along when using PayPal…. always fund your purchase with a credit card, never your bank account. That you don’t have to wait for PayPal to solve a dispute. You can directly to your credit card company. Your credit card company’s loyalty will be you and they will do PayPal charge back to get your money back. You will most likely need to return the item and provide documentation (insure and track anything being returned, always!) that this has occured but this is a minor hurdle compared to trying to go endure a PayPal dispute which is more often than not a futile excercise. Good Luck!

  74. Felipe says:

    Thanks a lot for this post! I have some issues to solve and I live in brazil… Imagine how much should cost to call’em! Btw, this for everyone who is looking for this number and finds it here, be sure that you can’t call directly dialing this number. You must cal an 0800 number that will re-direct you to the pay pall toll free number. Here are some 0800 that works on BRAZIL. 0800 890 0288. 0800 888 8288. 0800 703 2111. 0800 703 2100. Thanks a lot again for the pay pall toll free number!

  75. Brooke says:

    Thank you for this information! Someone hacked into my paypal account and I had to get the back to stop all of my cards and cancel my checking account. I can’t wait for their stupid emails so this number came in handy! Thanks again!

  76. priscilla says:

    I, hate paypal, first can’t get into account then change password and it will work for a couple days then the same old thing, Have to change password again don’t know what is going on..Sold a small item that I took a loss on then get message payment pending. Ebay and Paypal couldn’t leave a good thing alone had to go and mess everything up.

  77. Johnny says:

    These have to be the stupidest people ever, there telling me my name is differen’t from what it actually is, and im on the website and it says my real name and there arguing with me.

  78. Andrew Beddoes says:

    Thank you for your help. I’m surprised at the number of people with the same problem, with the same company.
    Keep up the good work.


  79. Cheryl says:

    Peter – thanks for the info on the toll free number. it searched EVERY page on paypal’s website and it is nowhere to be found – finally had to google it! like all companies these days paypal doesn’t want to provide cs!!! i finally got through to them using the number you provided and had to call twice, giving my telephone number three times on each call and they STILL couldn’t recognize it – OMG. the cs rep who assisted me was helpful but i wonder if it is necessary for them to speak to customers as if they are six years old? this is the first interactions i have had with paypal and i certainly hope it is the last.

  80. Cheryl says:

    after dealing with paypal on friday, may 1st i logged on to commend paypal for their efficiency only to discover today when my son attempted to add my e-mail address to his account as a means to receive and withdraw funds to this address that what the csr told me on friday is incorrect. she did transfer the funds from my account to my son’s account and stated that my paypal e-mail address would be deactivated such that the e-mail address could be added to my son’s account as a secondary e-mail address and the funds would go directly there. we atempted to add my address to his account this morning only to discover that it was not possible because the address STILL exists with another user (me). i accessed my paypal account and attempted to remove this e-mail address only to find out that the primary account cannot be removed online!!!! i am now going to contact paypal AGAIN to see if i can get a csr to do what i was told was done on friday. no less than two times did the csr state that my account was being deactivated and i repeated her message back to her to ensure we both understood what needed to be done. if i sound angry and frustrated with paypal and their inefficeient conduct it is because i am. a word of warning – if they tell you they are going to do something be certain to check on them.

  81. Nelson says:

    Hello Peter,

    Here’s what happened to my Paypal account, I received payment from my employer as my salary, then the following days Paypal hold my account because of some open claims/disputes. I already took the resolved steps, and the status still for paypal reviews, its almost a week now. For how long does paypal takes to resolved my case?

    I badly needed the money.

    Reply from Peter: Sorry, I’ve never had an official dispute on my account so I don’t know how that process works. Looks like you’ll have to call PayPal about that. Good luck!

  82. randy says:

    thanks for the number…somebody stole my ebay acct
    so i closed it and paypal too…those operators in india/manilla
    are so bad…got to tell them 3 times to do what you want
    not safe anymore………

  83. jess says:

    god thank u for posting this cuz i had no idea how the hell i was gonna call them i was not in the mood of spending money on a calling card, I HATE PAYPAL.

  84. Lalit says:

    WORST, Customer care Experience.

    I called up them from INDIA. It’s hard to reach the agent first, then you need to wait a long , i waited 30 minutes. Fucking Services.

    I will be closing my account with Paypal. Very bad services.

    I hate, because, it gives low Currency exchanges rate, in indian currency it remains 1.50 Rupees less then EX. When a transaction happens they charge 4%.

    later, currency conversion difference.

    Very bad services.

    I hate Paypal.


  85. JOHNNIE says:

    Since Pay Pal won’t work unless I LOWER my Internet security settings, and since I cannot get this through to them, and since they are nearly impossible to contact at all:
    I have to assume that, as times get tougher and more and more ‘hacker types’ emerge out there, it is probably very UNWISE to be using Pay Pal anyway. Cancel; save your remaining pennies while you still can! :)

  86. mary says:

    the reason why paypal doesnt post their toll free number is becvause they need to avoid getting calls which are not important or calls from people who just wanna play with it or waste their time. Thie would also be in favor of us Business account holders to be able to be assisted quickly once we dial that number. Come to think of it…if paypal’s toll free is advertised a lot of people will be calling them and will add queue on the phone line causing us business busy people to wait really long…

  87. Genevieve Le Blanc says:

    Thanks you so much !

    With that number that I didn’t find anywhere else I talked to them to report some suspicious buy on my account.

    Keep going your tips are very useful !
    Genevieve Le Blanc

  88. Lana says:

    if you have a paypal account, you can go to their contact us page and there you will find a toll free number, as well as a special code they generate to their customers for the duration of one hour. basically, they spit out a code, and you have exactly one hour to call them given that code. once you make the call, you punch in the code, and you get connected to a human being. might take a few minutes (took me 10 mins) but it was worth it. her name is natasha and i could understrand her every word! plus, she tried her damndest to help me. silly me, i told her i’d call back to finalize everything in a few days, now i wish i’d have just filed a claim while i still had her on the line. she was sooooo good, unlike all the rest, why oh why didn’t i just file the claim w/ HER?! *smacking forehead* now i have to call the 800 number, because i have since closed my paypal account (ebay = bunch of scammers!!!!!) and can’t get the toll free number and special code. who knows how long i’ll have to wait on hold, and i know for a friggin’ fact i’ll never speak to my natasha, again *sob* oh well, it beats calling their long distance number! oh, and…as far as credit card disputes go, if you don’t have american express, you got nothing. not one other credit card company will fight for you like american express! not visa, no mastercard, and certainly not discover card! boo, hiss!!!!! you know what i really hate about ebay? (since they’re connected.) i hate the fact they won’t let you close your account for 30 days after you make a purchase, etc. i hate ebay!!!!! i hate paypal!!!!! i especially hate ebay sellers, they’re such liars!!!!! one i’m having problems w/ now even said, "i learned the hard way not to lie growing up in moscow!" <- well, don’t THAT just beat all?! effers, i swear *shaking head* i want my money back you poo-poo head!!!!! *venting* and thanks for listening :-)

  89. Lana says:

    hi its me again :-D

    you know the 888 number you posted? i just realized its the same 888 number that paypal actually gives their customers on their contact page (you have to have an account and be logged in in order to get that toll free number, though). the thing of it is, is: yesterday when i logged in to my acct to get that toll free number, it generated a PIN and gave me one hour in which to call using that PIN, but today i wound up calling the same 888 number, only they never asked for the PIN number. weird. boggles the mind *dizzy* i talked to a foreign person, she wasnt able to help, but she did transfer me over to a "specialist" named sarah who spoke perfect english, and helped me! yay me :-D in light of alllll that, i still closed my paypal acct and im waiting the 30-day wait period to close my ebay acct. "and thats all ive gotta say about that" <- my best forrest gump impression ;-)

  90. Jess says:

    I received an email from paypal telling me a third party had breached my account and pulled 3 payments totalling to 1200$ from my bank account a few weeks ago. After being on hold for quite a while (im in Canada on only a cell phone.) I finally hung up and decided to give it a rest. After reading quite a few paypal horror stories online, I finally found the toll free number and gave them a call to dispute this whole mess. The woman on the other side of the line was very helpful and very sympathetic and had the money refunded almost right away. A few weeks later, I checked my account to see -500 in paypal. I phoned again and they fixed it right away.
    I’ve since disconnected all credit cards and bank accounts. Regardless of what great help I received from them, I can’t help but think there might be some funny business going on over there since this has apparently happened to a lot of people, according to the stories I’ve read.

  91. Jim says:

    Paypal definitely takes the cake for rotten customer service, not to mention the interminable hoops you have to jump through with their wretched call service.

    I’ve had to deal with several "supervisors," and their attitude is just miserable: touchy, impatient, and above all, lacking in intelligence and desire to help. These kinds of problems tend to originate at the top and trickle down. Heads need to roll over there.

  92. Mart says:

    If Pay Pal is such a great way to pay, Why can’t I pay my Pay Pal Plus credit card with any of my Pay Pal accounts? Don’t you trust your own system? It took me over a month to get an online payment to go through, then when I wanted to pay the balance you wouldn’t let me because the bank account that you had just accepted a $300.00 payment from is attatched to an other of my pay Pal accounts. You took the $300.00 but don’t want the rest from the same account. It looks like you just want my late fees & to screw up my credit rating. Why don’t you set up an e-mail for payments so you can accept payments from any account? Are you trying to ruin peoples credit? Your big thing is how safe it is to pay with Pay Pal, but you don’t have a way to pay your own credit card through Pay Pal except through the same account that is attached to the card. I just spent over an hour on the phone getting shunted back & forth between recordings & customer service agents, the last one assured me she would connect me to a real person, then she connected me to a disconnected number

  93. Anne says:

    A little background. My father had a stroke last year. When he got out of hospital 3 months later, he started getting harassing calls from a "collection agency" saying that he OWED Paypal over $2,000.00. Because I had never dealt in any way with Paypal, I spoke with a friend who used Paypal and discovered that Paypal is essentially a conduit for your money when you wish to buy/sell something using for, example your visa account.
    He then continued to get harassing calls and then a letter from the same collection agency…. which I took to the local RCMP and they recorded it. That was last year… no word till late this year with more harassing calls to upset my Dad and now 2 letters in the same month, telling me to send a cheque to a Box # in Montreal. His Visa was always paid up, no other credit accounts when he had his stroke and a credit balance in his one bank account. I became his POA, disconnected the computer and cancelled his internet connection while he was still in hospital and he no longer has a credit card of course.
    Has anyone else had a situation in which they are told that they OWE Paypal $ directly for something they bought. I need to have some more information and be able to take this to the police again. I have tried to contact Paypal {as I did last year} but no luck this year. Any help would be appreciated. He has no memory of using paypal or what it is, but he was using his computer but mostly for creating music or documenting family history or emailing family. Thanks for any information you can give me.

  94. StarAnna says:

    OMG! This is a nightmare. My poor customers PAID for their goods from me but make a long story short, i have been on the phone, online, on the phone, since 803 PM last night . It is now 1:10PM and i still have not got one thing accomplished. I ASKED them for a toll free number and they would NOT give it to me. I told them i was out of minutes. Nothing. They just put me on hold again. THIS SUX!!!
    I have no idea what to do. They accepted my payment this week. Funny isnt it?? But they wont give my money to me due to "someone may have hacked you" WHAT!?? I didnt report that. Just another lame PAYPAL excuse. I dont know what to do?? My kids wont get Christmas if this dont come through

  95. Mary Ann says:

    BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    We were able to fix a limited access on paypal thanks to your publishing the 888 phone number! You are the best!!

  96. Jennifer says:

    They only display the toll free number to business customers, not personal customers. I had a business, there customer service downgraded me to a personal account and when I clicked on contact us I got the long distance number instead of the toll free number. I have been on the phone with them for over an hour trying to close my business account. They told me to transfer money to a personal paypal account and then to combine my personal paypal account with my business one. I had to ask 20 times what this has to do with closing the account. Now I’m on hold (as I type this) for over 10 minutes. WOW is all I have to say. Unbelievable.

  97. Jerry says:

    Just to defend these guys a bit…I see lots of negative stuff so I’ll add at least one positive here.

    I tried to make a purchase with a new account…no luck…somehow a character got added to the city in my address and as a result the zip code and city name did not match…I called and spoke to the first tier people…they couldn’t fix it and offered little help…today I phoned back and asked for the supervisior in the next tier…it took about an hour, but he was able not only to override the "SYSTEM" but helped me enter my cc and got me going….so one success to report.

    I’m thinking that Pay Pal is much like the US Government, and the Post Office, and other huge organizations….it’s the "SYSTEM" that can’t be altered…too many people to try and control…so things don’t operate on logic, but must operate on the "SYSTEM"…what till we get Government Health Care….if you think all this is goofy..

  98. mitch says:

    PayPal is the worst company ever created. 14 year olds could do a better job. This illistrates what happens when there is no competitition to these eejits. Please anyone start a business to fight their shite!

  99. Roopa says:


    I’m from India. I have not been able to link my card for some weeks now..I have tried to confirm my paypal account twice (debit card), but i do not see any PAYPAL code next to my bank account debit statement. All it says is,

    13/01 POS PRCH D 45.29
    13/01 POS PRCH D 68.31
    13/01 DEBIT D 0.53
    22/01 POS PRCH D 89.29
    25/01 DEBIT D 0.49

    Not even anywhere does it appear PAYPAL. I cant seem to find a contact number. I can only find Toll free numbers of other countries…I’m still trying to find the toll free for india..It would be really nice if i got just any contact number for Paypal India customers let alone toll free..can anyone help me? Thanks! Have a nice day all! :)

  100. Tina says:

    Hi, thanks for posting the toll-free number (I had to use Google to find it). I received an email saying a limit had been placed on my account. I called them, and this was just because they observed atypical activity on my account. No biggie, it was just me using PP from a computer at my friend’s house. The (North American) agent was very friendly and helpful.

  101. Jason says:

    Horrible service, they steal $3,000 from me for 180 days, I enjoy calling them and just making them feel like idiots. Stupid paypal, when is google going to come along and wipe out paypal? Someone please take over paypal, I am guessing there is at least 100,000 people that would gladly go to the new companies thingy to do business. CMON!

  102. Juanita G. Walker says:

    Can’t get my money from PalPal when they told me it was due to me and the seller kept my money and I was told that I was
    luckey because it was insured(my money) and the money would be sent around the 1st of March…So did ebay…Still no moneyWhat do I do now??????Nita

  103. amadeus mozart says:

    Do you have a toll free number for Costa Rica. They took out $120 I needed for bus trip for wife & me and disabled my account. Could not get enabled until I returned and had to pay cash (I didn’t have) for bus tickets.

  104. sw says:

    BUYERS BEWARE. Just got off the phone with paypal. As a buyer of a non-tangible product (such as sofware), you have NO PROTECTION from paypal if the product is "not described as is".

    Meaning, even if the vendor says they will refund your money through a 365-day money back guarantee — they don’t have to if you purchase through paypal if your compaint is that the product didn’t do what they described it would.

    I just lost $47 today because of it — and will NEVER use paypal again.

    A credit card will ALWAYS at least represent you as the buyer.


  105. irobot says:

    I just received a post card in the mail offering our company PayPal merchant services for free, for a year. Oddly, the website the card wants me to go to is "paypal-offer", not "paypal". Also, since Paypal is PT, the phone # shows as central time zone. I tried contacting Paypal to find out if this is a scam, but of course couldn’t find any phone # and found your site – thank you. Unfortunately, I have now been on hold with them and will just give up. I am not impressed with this "we don’t really want to talk to our customers" company.

    Oh well. For those wanting to use this service, I say try Costco for CC processing – this company is a joke!!

  106. cristine says:

    hi just i want to ask what is the toll free number here in the philippines for paypal
    coz all the number i see here doesnt work thanks

    Reply from Peter: Sorry, I don’t know that number. But if anyone does, please share it!

  107. Darryl says:
















  108. Wafa says:

    YES, Paypal have the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced. I was on hold for 25 minutes on a toll free # they have on their website for merchant acct. Then, I called another # and I’m still waiting. I’m about 20 minutes into waiting on second call

  109. Steve says:

    Hello Darrly,

    I know first hand how this SUCKERS will pull one on you I’m fighting the CHOMPS right now, started a whole new business late last year busted my butt and lost some money to keep buyers happy no neg. and one day open my email and WHAM your account is limited to 21 days pending funds. OK after going to the forums one buyer told us how the pending works and we said we don’t like it but we can maybe manage it, then the next month BAAM account limited to accepting money only because we had a few number of sells within a week (give me a break 15 items in 7 days all below $100). We had a clash with the PRICK from paypal who said I said a different name then what’s on the account then before he could stick his finger up his butt I ask him would he like to hear the recording of the call ?? SILENCE I said hey you prick just give me your fax number so we can fax you our demand letter from our attorney… got it right there and no more smack. 1 day after the very long and demanding fax they lifted the pending but put in a stipulation stating that they have 3-5 days to contact us for status, mean while we have been trying to refund back less the $45 to 2 buyers and paypal WILL NOT let you refund money when your account is pending and the 2 buyer seem to think that this is a crux on our part. For those of you who want to join or read about the LAW SUIT against paypal and the law firm handling it, it’s below…. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CREEPS PAYPAL

    Heres the info for the law firm who initiating the class action suit against Paypal for limiting and or freezing accounts if you know ppl who are interested pass it along .. We need to get justice for the problem paypal has put us through.

    Julie D. Miller
    111 West Washington Street
    Suite 1331
    Chicago, IL 60602

    Firm Phone: 312-220-0000

    Julie?s Direct Line: 312-855-2624

    The story is here:

    Hope everyone of us gets back our monies and toss these FOOLS to the curb


  110. Missy Shore says:

    I just finished a phone conversation with a VERY helpful and professional person who resolved my PayPal problem using this number. What a delightful surprise, many thanks! :)

  111. Nithin says:

    I’m a new user of paypal i dono how to get a toll free no for india .pls assiti to get .where can i get toll free (india) no for pay pal
    if anybody no pls send that no

    bye bye

  112. Mack says:

    Nithin and everybody, If U are outside USA, U can use Skype and call to 1-888-221-1161 for free. I am at Colombia and this work for me.

  113. tommy holloman says:

    just had a miserable experience with "no pay pal".rep told me that it would take 3 or 4 days for electronic funds transfer after i requested my money…this seems awfully long period to wait in today’s electronic age …if i can transfer money to them in 15 seconds then they should be able to get it to me in a business day…i know the deal..hold the money as long as you can and get all the interest you can..just really frustrating to have to use them for such transactions..there neds to be a better way to do this…any ideas?

  114. HEIDI JACOBSON says:





  115. Sabrina says:

    Will this number work in the Philippines?

    Reply from Peter: Unlikely. If anyone can verify an equivalent working number, please post it.

  116. Tac says:

    you guys act like raging idiots. I called, they were happy to help, I was happy to get help. I got what I asked for.

  117. david dee says:

    I’m currently sitting here on hold, and for the hell of it I’ve just let sat here, I’m at 45 minutes without talking to anyone……oh yea, they banged my credit card and we haven’t used them since last christmas…….. bullshit

  118. Murna Simpson says:

    I am having a real problem with paypal ,when I joined ebay I did not know that it was connected to Paypal silly me but I have ex relations that have booked up lots of items under my email and address ,every time I am in hospital their at it again ,and you would not believe the emails I have sent paypal about the problem ,it is always the same they are looking into the problem .anyhow I will go to the police I think about these Blairs are they humans [can you call them that] tomorrow,as I am so tired of such troublemakers. Cheers every one with problems Peace to us honest people.

  119. Liz says:

    Paypal sent me an email receipt for another woman, with ALL her personal info on it. I’m worried that this is going to somehow come and bite me in the a$$. Is it safe to ignore this email (it was filtered to my junk mail) or should i try to phone them? Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!

    Reply from Peter: Perhaps it’s not real? If in doubt, call or e-mail PayPal.

  120. Rick says:

    Paypal put a limit on my account. Well I couldn’t even log into my account. My password no longer worked and when I requested that they send me my password in case I had forgot it, I never got any email from them. When I phoned them (people in NA can use gmail phone for free) they said that hotmail was not allowing their email through. Funny thing is when I had finished talking to a rep they sent me a survey email that went through. So I called them back and asked wtf was going on. Then they said they would send me a new password through the post office and it would take 7 – 10 days. Well it is now 15 business days and still nothing.

  121. Will Perez says:

    Paypal is GARBAGE! They need to be sued and closed down and an alternate Pay method created. This is ridiculous. I can’t order anything online now because they decided it’s time to make my account limited.

  122. anne says:

    I live in France so the paypal site comes up in that language. I am English, speak French but have difficulties troubleshooting in that language. I want to be able to read the site in English but it seems impossible to change the language – can anyone help?

  123. Caroline says:

    Thanks for the paypal number and providing your useful crap, it was extremely helpful.

  124. Jackie says:

    Thank you. I needed to contact them and didn’t want do so without a free number.

  125. Kerry says:

    Thanks Lots and lots…this really helped me out 2day!

  126. Jojo says:

    @ Will Perez, same thing here and 4 solve the problem they ask me to open bank account 4 them and a copy of my pasport by fax . Will never do that
    I hope that Paypal close, they are so stupide whit ther excessive security, security is just an excuse to put them nose in your bank account and do you problems.

  127. Jojo says:

    Tanks Peter 4 the phone number, I will put this on forum of eBay and Papal in canada, at last I talk to somebody to day on paypal and for free and fast.

  128. kevin says:

    Pay pal Sucks and needs to be sued for taking money and not recieving items. Their service also sucks. I will never do any buying thru them any more . I will also let every body know about it. All scam artist will end up suffering in the long run.

  129. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for the number. Agree on customer service.

  130. Katie says:


    This is some of the most useful crap that I’ve ever found. Thank you!

    TWO MONTHS AGO, a buyer ripped me off for 175.00, which is a hefty chunk of change for me. So I wrote to PP…….fat lot of good that did me! I opened a dispute and also informed them that another buyer had been ripped off by this seller, even gave the NAME of the other buyer to them. Of course, they were silent.

    So I waited. And I waited. Then I received the item from the seller and it was worthless crap, not at all what I *thought I’d bought. So I changed my dispute and waited some more.

    Today I got mail from PP telling me that the dispute had been settled. Yippee!! I opened my mail, only to find that PP had aided the theif. Shaking with anger, I searched the web looking for a toll free. THANK YOU!

    I called the bastards, and they told me that the theif was being investigated by them, to which I replied, ‘And you helped him by giving him my money????’

    So I waited on hold for about forever. I then talked to someone else. On hold again. Talked some more…………

    Because of your wonderful crap, I got my money back!!!!

    Thank you for my money and the smile on my face. :)

    By the way, to others, when you call and get the robot, after you give your verifying info, just keep saying "operator" and you’ll eventually get a person. Hang in there!

  131. Rich says:

    Thanks for the phone number to PayPal. They do everything they can to make it nearly impossible to talk to a real person. They blocked access to my account and did not respond to two emails of mine to find out why. Two merchants give me bad ratings, the first less that the best. They have still not responded to my two emails. Not they are inviting me to reinstate my account, but none of the three ways to reset my password will let me do so. I have spent over 2.5 hours trying to resolve this. PayPal represents the WORST in customer service on any level.

  132. Jody says:

    Thank you for the paypal toll free number. I found it on their website once but couldn’t get it back again a few minutes later. Did want to say though, I did have a very good customer service representitive. I am a first time caller to PayPal. It was on a possible unauthorized funds being transfered to my accound. There is limited access to my account which is fine because I don’t use it very often. I think that is a good thing because not only can I not do anything on my account nobody else can either. Good added protection when you don’t really know what is going on with the account for sure.

  133. brett says:

    I’m in New Zealand and i’m trying to withdraw my money to which i have to enter a bank account. That’s fine but the hyphen in my account is between the 7th and 8th digits
    Now this is the problem because the paypal system will only accept the hyphen between the 8th and 9th digitsAll the responses i’ve had from them really don’t get me anywhere but frustrated.
    Does anyone know of a fix or a toll free # from NZ thx

  134. Joy Lynn Rosser says:

    Thank you so much. The phone number for PayPal helped me to check out some odd charges and make sure I was not going to be charged for any more unnecessary subscriptions.

    This is great shit!

  135. Elliot says:

    Thanks for the number! I just called and got to a human pretty quickly. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to know much about the Canadian site.

    Anyone know if I need to verify a bank account before using my credit card on ebay? A couple of recent Yahoo Canada answers (all I could find on the subject) say it works, but the rep on the phone said I’d have to verify. He told me where the button should be, and it’s not there, so he’s going to make the "small charge" manually, and I’ll have to call again when it shows up on my statement. Their website doesn’t mention verification in the steps to pay with a credit card, but they’re vague to begin with.

    Sounds like I can pay now, frankly, but I don’t want to commit and not be able to pay up. Has anyone been able to use their credit card just by adding it to the account? I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this.

  136. robert says:

    i recently opened a paypal account and sent $200 to a friend in the USA(I live in Canada)…unfortunately,she neglected to give me her proper e-mail i cancelled the transaction.When I found out i had sent the money to an unregistered address(unregistered with paypal that is) i called them and asked what happens to the money?…they told me it would still be debitted from my bank account and would be transferred into my paypal account.I guess what i’m asking is…can i get money from my paypal account back into my bank account?…after reading about all the horror stories i want to close this paypal account,but not until i get my $200 back which will be debitted from my bank account into my paypal account….HELP!!!!…anyone?

    Reply from Peter: Yes, there is a “withdraw” feature in PayPal.

  137. Jeet says:

    I have been trying to contact Paypal using their online form and phone for last 2-3 weeks. Their IVR doesn’t recognize the web pin generated by their website and they definitely don’t respond to contact form (3 queries so far).

    I do hope Google Wallet teaches paypal a good lesson.

  138. raghava sowrya says:

    iam a indian user and i need to contact paypal people any one can give me this number for indians and i dont know my paypal acc is delited by some one so i cannot login i lost nearly 300$ how do i get back them can anyone suggest me

  139. Maria says:

    Just called and got great service. Dude totally helped me out. Thanks for the number — I was locked out of my account and therefore couldn’t access their customer service number…??

  140. Bryan says:

    Hey all. I call this number, and it asks me for the last 4 digits of a credit card or debit card linked to my account, however, I don’t have one linked to my account. Only a Bank account.

  141. Steven says:

    I’m in Indonesia, how can I use the FREE TOLL ?? Is possible ??

  142. Bob Hauser says:

    The concept of an internet escrow or third "holding party" to a cybertransaction is a natural —-but like nearly every other initially good idea in this country if not the world itself, it sooner or later suffers an infestation of self-serving sociopaths and/or butterfingered dimwits who couldn’t change a light bulb. And like a lot of too-big-for-their-britches websites, they don’t want to extend to you one-on-one customer svc with a KNOWLEDGEABLE entity who knows thin shit from apple butter that you don’t have to waste the entire morning explaining the problem to through an interpreter. No….they’d prefer that you waste valuable time wading through eight miles of "FAQs" and these infernal "forums" that seem to address every question in no way related to yours. Yeah, service with a lop sided smile like that of Dick Cheney.

    And I’ve noticed on this thread a number of complaints against paypull for freezing up someone’s entire bank account over something like a five dollar transaction—-now that, if true, should have long since resulted in a massive class action against them in federal court. I am willing to sign my name on as a colitigator…..because it will take something like that to whack-a-mole these deep pocket big shots who screw the public that way.

  143. sonja says:

    Uffff how sad no phone nr for New Zealand, yet our money is good enough, was asked for the first time to enter 2 security questions, no damn clue that i even submitted it when i opened my account, now i have to wait upto 72hrs yet money was taken from my bank account straight away.. where is the mentallity behind this madness?? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Not a happy customer for the first time

  144. Shubham says:


    Paypal India office address
    Paypal India Pvt Ltd
    No 334 Futura IT Park Block A, Old Mahabalipuram Road,
    Chennai – 600119

    +(91)-(44)-66348001, 66348000


  145. Frank says:

    Thanks! On the paypal website there’s only the American phone number which doesn’t connect from Canada. What a bunch of whankers, eh.

  146. ra says:

    paypals customer service is terrible!!! Paypal is terrible! They have no instructions and I have got charged so many fees and lost so much money simply due to their staffs incapacity to explain the servise to me and the lack of instructions. I am so mad right now! I regret ever using their service! They offer no resolution, their customer service is beyond poor and every person I have talked to is beyond rude and useless.

  147. Jas Allen says:

    How about in the Philippines. Does anyone know what the toll-free number is. I’ve been searching over the net but can’t find any.

  148. Jen says:

    I’ve been searching through google regarding paypal toll free number and really glad I found this. Because I really want to spend sometime with paypla and hope they will answer and solve. But I will share my problem here just in case someone picks up and know much better to solve it. My problem is, I have a paypal account then I want to link to my card, they have different surnames (because I am married now), it was too late, that I link my card already to paypal. Now, I want to change it to synch what’s on my paypal account and on my card. I went to the change button then they asked me some documents where I already submitted but received no reply. And they gave another option at their "HELP" tab, which I followed, by removing the card from my old paypal account then link the card to my new account….therefore, I already removed the card then tried to link to y new paypal account…and this is whre the problem arises… IT WON’T LET ME LINK, AFTER i HIT CONTINUE…THE PAYPAL SAID THAT MY CARD IS ALREADY IN USE…."……………HOW’S THAT….

    I will paste here the exact statement from the paypal page help link:

    "If your credit card was registered to a different PayPal account, you need to log in to the previous account and remove the card before adding it to your new account.

    To remove credit cards from your account, click Profile near the top of the page and click My money under My Profile. Then click Update next to the credit card."

    If anyone can help to solve..would be very much appreciated…


  149. Alex says:

    I find the customer service to be be really helpful

  150. David Dang says:

    Hello Peter, I have a huge problem. I’m a 12 year old kid, I made a paypal account with no credit card or bank account linked to it yet. So I have an account in and I redeemed my points for cash prizes. I got $35.

    I redeemed it, yet I had no understanding of paypal or whatsoever (I know what is, but I just didn’t know…you know… :P) The next day. plunder emailed me a message saying that they sent me $35, and I forgot to verify my paypal email. So I did, with the code, and I removed my mom’s primary credit card from her account, and put it on mines. Then I saw the money on the account page.

    I got it, but the thing is, on, I changed my email to [email protected], which is my mom’s email. I did that because I didn’t have a bank account. So I’m really confused, I want to send that money that I got to [email protected], which is linked to my mom’s paypal account and it’s all setted up. I hope you can help me. Is there a way to use a paypal account that hasn’t been set properly yet to transfer the $35 USD to my mom’s account. And I live in Canada.


    Reply from Peter: If they money is successfully out of Plunder and into a PayPal account, you can transfer it to another PayPal account (use the Send Money tab when you’re logged in). If it’s still in Plunder, then you should contact their support.

  151. David Dang says:

    THAAAANK YOU PETER, You saved me :). I just have one more question !!

    So the account got the money, but is it sent to the primary credit card linked with my mom’s paypal account ? Or what ? :) Please answer !!

    Reply from Peter: To get money out from PayPal, you have to withdraw it to a bank account under the Withdraw tab. You should contact PayPal directly if you need support with that step.

  152. Elad says:

    Hey Peter thanks for the number but I just have a question, would calling that PayPal number be free of charge for Ontario, Canada as well? Thanks Peter.

    Reply from Peter: Yes, it is. Although, as with all toll-free calls, if you use your cell phone you get charged regular air time rates depending on your cell phone plan.

  153. Max says:

    Served me already more than 10 times.

    The first time I used the long distrance number and had to pay. Now I’m calling them like crazy in regards of their promotion to make sure I get my cashback!

  154. Jennifer says:

    Other than paypal’s annoying initial animated phone service…I found their service to be speedy and of high quality.
    Really really pleased.
    Have to admit, was quite skeptical after reading tons of frustrated customers on here. Scared the begeezees outta me…lol :D

  155. Jennifer says:

    BTW…my account was hacked because I clicked on a fraudulent email supposedly sent by them.
    Good service to a panicked customer.
    Pray everyone gets the same service.

  156. Sean……. says:

    I just wanted you to know that you did great on finding their phone number. I called them about an e-bay purchase made by a hacker and they (PayPal), have traced the guy to asia. So here’s hoping they catch him and do foul things to his body.

  157. Julio says:

    1-866-368-6468 SPANISH TOLL FREE NUMBER in the US.

  158. Shelley says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for Paypal’s toll free number. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much help judging from comments here. However, I’m happy to say I spoke with a lovely rep who was courteous and funny and didn’t give up until she resolved my problem. Thank you Paypal!

  159. Qkurt says:

    hi guys ive called that toll free number but wont work here in Philippines. I have problem with paypal :(

  160. Joseph P. says:

    Thank you for your help. I will try to throw more crap your way when I get more. That way, my crap could help you deliver more useful crap to others.

    Yours in crap.

    Joseph P.

    Reply from Peter: Thank you!

  161. Jean says:

    Thank you for the toll-free phone number. I received what I believed to be fraudulent email about possible security issues and was unable to get a response from PayPal when i followed their instructions and contacted them by email. I called the toll-free # and everythiing was cleared up immediately.

  162. Dariusz says:

    Paypal is criminal racketing organization. Last week paypal froze over $9729.29 (my customer’s money) on my pay-pal account for 180 days. They did it without any reasons. My company has 100% positive feedback, Gold Power Seller and Top Rated Seller on E-bay. I spoke to Jamie Hodges (Risk Analyst) and she said I did absolutely nothing wrong but this is business decision. I can not believe it !!!
    I can not refund my customers money or ship merchandise. Jamie Hodges said they will keep my $9729.29 as a security deposit !!!!!
    She said paypal will keep my money and I have to ship the merchandise or refund my customers from my own pocket.
    I wanted to cancel the paypal account and it is also impossible. My customers are very upset because they think I have their money. I understand them because they paid. Now I have some merchandise which I am able to ship but I am not going to do so because I did not receive money.
    Since April 20, 2012 I lost at least $12000.00 in sales and my e-bay business is in jeopardy.
    Darius Lachowicz
    1243 E. Baldwin Lane, suite #114
    Palatine, IL 60074
    Tel. 773-501-4199

  163. shah says:

    this number did’t work to call from UAE is there any tool free number to call from UAE

  164. Anthony says:

    Peter, I have a car for sale in Canada and this guy emailed me from the UK the day I listed it online saying he’ll buy it but I MUST set up a PAYPAL account. I am very sceptical because of some of the things he says "doesn’t have access to online banking because nature of job". The transaction would be for over $10,000. There seem to be too many horror stories to engage this guy.
    If he is trying to scam me, can I let anyone know about his email address etc.?
    Thanks for your feedback

    Here is one email from him:

    stanford huston [email protected]

    May 26 (2 days ago)

    to me

    I insisted on paypal because i don’t have access to my bank account online as i don’t have internet banking and i can’t go to the bank due to the nature of my job, but i can pay from my paypal account, as i have my bank a/c attached to it, i will need you to give me your paypal email address so i can make the payments asap for the merchandise and pls if you don’t have paypal account yet, it is very easy to set up, go to and get it set up, after you have set it up i will only need the e-mail address you use for registration with paypal so as to put the money through.


    Reply from Peter: It is a scam. Stay far away!

  165. kenny says:

    i wana remove my card from my paypal account and use it in the new paypal account bcause i’ve got only a single card…plz show me some solution

    Reply from Peter: I’d suggest calling PayPal

  166. Bruce Harper says:

    Hi Peter.
    Do you have a Toll Free or landline phone number for PAYPAL in Auckland, New Zealand please? Bruce.

    Reply from Peter: Unfortunately not, but if anybody has one, please share!

  167. Larry says:

    I don’t use paypal on account level and RARELY use it for one time (non member transactions).

    Too many horror stories. people don’t research till they are bitten as I was (fortunately I used a Credit card adn Paypal hates chargebacks esp. since they don’t protect buyers that purchase intangible (download media, ebooks, software form individual one time programmers, etc).

    If using paypal to shop use credit card and don’t create an account. then you can always fall back on charge back department (and your home bank could probably tell you of horror stories that they deal with in regards to paypal).

    Try to be nice to the agents. they are stuck dealing with paypal crap too (stuck with policies they may not feel like supporting either).

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