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KOODO: Did the salesman LIE to me?? Makes NO SENSE..
November 19, 2011
6:42 pm

I left a Koodo Kios feeling really suspicous just now.

I wanted to know the FINE PRINT of the $35 KOODO CITY compared to the $35 Regular plan. I asked to explain WHY would anyone pay for the $35 regular plan with restrictions (50 max txt, 250 mins, time restrictions) when for the SAME PRICE you get KOODO CITY with UNLIMITED INCOMING/OUTGOING CALLS, UNLIMITED INCOMING/OUTGOING TXT MESSAGES for the same price. He said "some people might want to choose the Regular $35 over the KOODO" yet when I asked him WHY would anyone chose the RESTRICTED plan when you can pay the same for ALL UNLIMITED??? He just repeated himself without the answer. I then asked if the KOODO CITY was completely UNLIMITED, then WHY does it also state "UNLIMITED FAMILY CALLING" as a feature of the plan when the plan itself says it's UNLIMITED INCOMING/OUTGOING CALLS AND TXT and NO TIME RESTRICTIONS..

He said they just repeats the same thing on the plan for no reason. Oh COME ON.. that's makes NO SENSE!!! I asked if CITY KOODO was a PROMO and he said no.

So just to get things straight I said that for $35 you can get a 100% UNLIMITED, AND unlimited to my family even tho UNLIMITED CALLS is the same thing and is just a repeat for no reason, NO RESTRICTED PLAN or pay the same price for RESTRICTED. And some people want to be restricted and pay $35 or have NO restrictions and pay $35. He said YES.

I walked away feeling VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS.

November 22, 2011
7:17 am

Hi there,

I work for Koodo and if you could share the location of the Koodo Kiosk I would love to follow up with them. Maybe coachback a little. There is a very simple answer to your question. City Koodo is only available in major metropolitan areas. Half of our customers don't live in those areas. That is why you see thos two plans side by side. I would also add that City Koodo is for local calls only while our $35 plan has nationwide minutes.
It's unfortunate that the rep couldn't clarify that for you as I prefer not let our customers leave with suspicion on their mind.:-) Thanks for your feedback!