Replacement laptop AC adapters in downtown Vancouver

First published on September 12, 2010

Unlike with replacement cell phone batteries, I’ve had a couple of bad experiences in buying a replacement AC adapter online. Also, you can probably recognize the need for a replacement cell phone battery well in advance; by contrast, when you need a replacement AC adapter, you often need it as soon as possible.

When I’d forgotten to bring my notebook power cable to work in downtown Vancouver, I first tried by co-workers’ adapters. Unfortunately, while the technical specifications for power adapters are similar for many laptops, the plugs that connect to the different laptops are often of a different shape. (The lack of a standard in this case is quite frustrating.) I then set off on foot to find a replacement. London Drugs was not helpful, instead suggesting that I check out the NCIX store, which is far away and likely doesn’t carry replacement AC adapters. The Source By Circuit City and Future Shop also did not carry what I was looking for.

I ended up at Vancouver Laptop — a store that repairs laptops (and charges you only if they fix your problem) and that sells used laptops. The people there are friendly and helpful. Since they are in the repair business, it makes sense that they had a large selection of replacement adapters in the back. The service person was able to find a compatible adapter within a couple of minutes; a few months later, that adapter is still going strong. The total price including taxes was $60 — quite a bit higher than what I’d found on eBay, but well worth it for the quick, personal, local service, not to mention a durable and effective product!


2 Responses to “Replacement laptop AC adapters in downtown Vancouver”

  1. Sephy says:

    You could have also tried Free Geek:

  2. Nikolai says:

    If it’s downtown, there’s a computer repair shop on davie street. Downtown Computer Center –

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