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First published on June 17, 2006

See the link below to read stories of how people have been ripped off from this Quebec DVD company. It’s amazing how Internet fraud like this can continue. Anyway, I know this isn’t my usual “useful crap” but I used to love DVDSoon and order from them once in a while until they recently ripped me out of $17. Luckily I can get my credit card company to issue a chargeback, but MANY people have lost a lot more and haven’t gotten anything back.

Don’t buy from


August 7th update: looks like DVDSoon finally died! So what happened? Who knows… maybe one day there will be some news coverage on it.

2007 update: Here’s a Canadian news story (in French) covering the fraud.


3 Responses to “Don’t buy from”

  1. Helen Gibson says:

    I, too, used DVDSoon quite a lot, until earlier this year, April and May, when two items were said to have been shipped but have never arrived. Now I cannot access their website at all. Several e-mails sent but no replies to date

  2. Peter says:

    My advice to anybody waiting for an order from DVDSoon: initiate chargeback process with your credit card company immediately!

  3. Nicolas Thur says:

    Same thing for me. It used to be a great seller until they changed of management sometime last year, and it turned bad. I ordered an item March 23rd, and my order is still pending. I, of course, was charged accordingly, which I thing is a real bad business practice. Before the change, they charged you when they mailed you your order, which was fair.
    As Helen says, don’t bother sending e-mails, they’re never answered. Don’t also bother to call, the voice mail has been full for some time already.
    I think I can give you some advice : buy someplace else.

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