Extract Mac font suitcases with fondu

First published on May 10, 2007

I still don’t fully understand what a font suitcase is, but I needed to get individual .ttf files from a .dfont font suitcase. All I had to do was download fondu and type “fondu fontname.dfont” to extract the individual .ttf files from the .dfont font suitcase.

So yeah, I can’t really provide any font support, but check out the free fondu program if your situation sounds similar… fondu doesn’t quite get the Google love that it should (in other words, it took me a while to find that it was what I needed).


4 Responses to “Extract Mac font suitcases with fondu”

  1. HANH LE says:


  2. sal says:

    Thanks, that worked perfectly!

  3. Remco says:

    Thanks, great tip, worked fine. Just as an added note (because I almost went the hard way trying to install it from sources), there is an OSX install package at the bottom of the fondu page you link to. Although it said there was an installation error (OSX 10.6.4) it worked fine for me afterwards.

  4. Simon Fairbairn says:

    Thanks for this. I got the error Remco mentioned (OSX 10.6.6) but, despite that, worked perfectly.

    Good find.

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