Best monthly cell phone plans for existing Fido and Rogers customers

First published on January 18, 2009

If you’re an existing Fido or Rogers wireless customer on a monthly plan, this might sound familiar: you’re paying way too much ($50 – $60) for a plan that only gives you something like 100 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, and 1000 evening and weekend minutes starting at 7pm. You don’t need a fancy data phone and you just want a reasonable talk and text plan.

Your contract is up for renewal, or you’re at least longing for the time when it will finally expire next year. You look at the new Fido and Rogers plans, and they’re underwhelming. You look at competitors like Koodo and Virgin Mobile; while they offer slightly better deals, it makes you uneasy to think about switching phones, transferring your contacts, porting your number, losing the flexibility of a GSM phone, and more.

All might not be lost. Fido or Rogers actually wants to keep you as a customer — they’re just a bit secretive about it. They have pretty good, unadvertised plans available for existing customers on monthly plans (not prepaid plans, although if you don’t use your phone much I’d suggest you look at a different provider), but you just need to know how to get them and also have a bit of luck on your side. This is what you need to do:

  1. Consider which features are important to you and how much you want to pay. Without explicitly disclosing this information to Fido or Rogers, you will use this to negotiate later.
  2. Read the forum threads for either Rogers retention plans or Fido retention plans. For the thread that applies to you, start with the first post on the first page to get some general instructions. Then start reading from the last page, and go backwards to get an idea of what deals people are currently getting.
  3. Call Fido or Rogers customer service. Remember to always be friendly and nice, but be persistent.
  4. Tell them you are thinking about cancelling your current plan. If they don’t immediately transfer you to a different department, ask for the cancellation or retentions department.
  5. Tell the person in the retentions department that you want to sign up for a new contract and that you’re a long-time customer. They might then negotiate some great deals with you, similar to what you read in one of those retention thread posts.
  6. If you don’t have luck on your first call, you might just have spoken to the wrong people, or gotten a customer rep who was having a bad day. Do some more research and try again.
  7. Return to the applicable forum thread from step 1 and report back on how things went, to help other people in similar positions!


As an example, this is what was negotiated from Fido in January 2009, on behalf of a friend who was an existing Fido customer, previously paying $55 a month for a plan with less features:

– $28 a month, including all taxes
– 2-year contract
– 200 anytime minutes
– no System Access Fee or 911 fee
– Caller ID with name display
– Call waiting
– Voicemail
– Unlimited Fido-to-Fido calls
– Unlimited evening and weekend calls starting at 5pm (the alternative was 7pm evenings and weekends or unlimited incoming calls)
– 2500 text messages
– $50 account credit (the alternative was a new phone for free)
– Unlimited local calling for the first 2 months

Here is a summary of how the call went. The first Fido customer service representative said that to get one of the new Fido plans (whose only redeeming factor is that there is no SAF or 911 fee), existing customers have to pay a $25 transfer fee. The alternative would be to renew the existing, grossly overpriced $55 plan. She said she couldn’t match the features on the Koodo or Virgin plans at a competitive price. When I complained, she said that she can either give me a $5 monthly credit off the new Fido plan as listed on the website, or that she could waive the SAF and 911 fees on the existing plan. Neither alternative was particularly appealing.

I said that maybe I’m not talking to the right department. I said that I’m strongly considering cancelling my plan if she cannot give me a reasonable deal. I said that I had friends who had gotten more reasonable deals (without being specific). Finally, she transferred me to a different person, who she referred to as being a customer representative.

This new customer representative was still hard to convince. He tried to tell me that the new plans were a good deal. He told me that the Fido managers won’t let them give favoured deals. I said that I’ve been a loyal customer, that I’m being given no choice but to switch providers, and that I’m open to contract if that gives me a better deal.

Suddenly the customer representative started telling me about a really good, unpublicized deal available only to existing customers, as long as I’m willing to sign a 2-year contract; he gave me a list of features slightly worse than what I listed above. However, the more we spoke, the better the deal got (like with evenings and weekends starting at 5pm; the first two months of unlimited local calls; a free phone or a credit on my account). I didn’t shoot for the moon, but I ended up with a significantly cheaper and better plan than I (my friend, actually) was paying for before.


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  1. Melissa says:

    I wish they were more willing to be straightforward with regards to these retention plans. Why needlessly annoy existing customers and/or let them leave and go to another provider when they could just tell them about the cheaper plans as soon as they say they’re thinking of cancelling their existing plan?

  2. Julia says:

    Yes why is it so hard to get a good deal once you’ve been with them for a long time – they should try harder to please you.

    Thanks for the tips – I’ll try it out!

  3. Javed says:


    Worst cell phone, I change my plan $35 with unlimited in comming. with all voice and ID bill, sum up $ 52 – 50. When I was switching to $ 30 initially they say 200 mintues and free incomming. When I see fill they charge me incoming.

    Be careful, they say some thing and charge some thing else…..

  4. Dan says:

    wow, this is exactly what happened to my girlfriend and I the other day. We recently looked at Rogers brochures and the plans were much much better, of course we wanted to switch so we called up Fido saying we want to cancel our monthly plan, so they pass us on to the CSR and he sounded a bit of an ass and tried negotiating, said he can only give us a deal if we go on a 2-year contract. My gf got a 50$ credit but they used my fido dollars for a phone, arn’t they supposed to give me free phone instead? They also charged me 3 extra bucks to reprint invoices that I have not received for the past 2 months which is their fault not mine. The dumbass Rep said "oh if you see that we charged you the few extra dollars for the invoice reprint, u can always call back to dispute it" jeez i dont want to fucking dispute it, thats my .02 =) GREAT INFO on this page by the way, thanks!!

  5. Mary says:

    Of course, all they want is their Profit; so then they can ride in their computer cars at our expence. BUT mostly If they hear you want to switch, then obviously they usually give you a deal to keep the $$$ coming in. That makes me think, that if they can give a fair amount of
    People a deal then they could give Everyone a Fair good price.

    You know they make practically everything in china which makes the prices they give us a "joke"! If we stopped paying those prices then I bet they would soon lower them(boycot)!

  6. Qu says:

    Nice. I just called and got pretty much the same plan as you minus the $50 bonus (I guess I’m not as good a negotiator)


  7. Sarah says:

    Can I try that as a new user? I dont have a provider yet but obviously im looking for the best deal to get.. would it work if i called and said I’m new but I could go to provider X if I dont get the deal of my liking? or would they just ask me to take a hike?

  8. Peter says:

    Hi Sarah, sadly these plans are only available to existing users. I don’t know how much negotiating power you’d have as a new user.

  9. nosaukums says:

    Fido seems to be the best out there if you need just a SIM. Prepaid rates are not so nice, but at least you can walk away anytime (oh… and refilling process sucks if you don’t have Canadian issued credit card, luckily i have found a place to buy those refill vouchers online with paypal: maybe it will be useful for someone else too.). Do you have info if Fido does like … 1 year contracts or no contracts as Koodo? I tend to get different answers in fido shop, or on fido support line.

    Reply from Peter: From what I know, you can get a month-to-month plan with Fido. You’ll just have to pay full price for whatever phone they sell you, instead of the free or discounted phone you get with a contract. If you already have an unlocked GSM phone and want just the SIM card, you can try walking into a Fido store asking them about that, or buy one on eBay or Craigslist.

  10. Andrew says:

    Thanks for this. I have been a Fido customer since 2005 and I had pretty good plans. I negotiated a fantastic plan for my wife in 2006 but it was way to much minutes for her. I stumbled across this and got the exact same thing.

    I actually got the same thing but added unlimited incoming and free after 5. They gave me an extra $5 credit till the end of my contract so I pay
    $20 for all mentioned above, $10 for incoming calls and $5 for early 5pm evenings. Total $39.55.
    So I basically got the early evenings free.

    Thanks again for the heads up.

  11. Gill says:

    I have been a rogers customer for 12 years and i called and talked to the C R and got a great deal.
    250 Min
    Call ID
    Unlimited eve and weekend
    and free unlimited text for life
    plus $20 a month credit for 4 months
    and a free blackberry
    All For a low price of $20 a month.

    Just told them i was going to cancel and **BAM** they had great deals. but it will be diff with every caller just depends on there mood. All it takes is a few min of your time and you can save alot of money. If anyone is going to try this plan Just have everything planed out that you will say to them, like how much cheaper every other cell service is like no extra fees, tell them you have calculated that if you cancel and have to pay cancel fees you will still save money after 6 months because everyone is that much cheaper.

    Hope this will help some of you people.

  12. JL says:

    I’ve been with Fido nearly a decade! I talked to a Fido rep today and she would not give me anything other than a "courtesy credit" of $60 I think (I was fuming at that point so I barely remember!). She said it was because I had switched over to one of the "new" plans earlier this year, that already doesn’t include the System Access Fee and 911. She was prepared to cancel my account right there.

    That simply makes no sense to me. I was shocked! I am going to try again tomorrow with a different rep, and tell them that I’m so shocked that I had to speak to someone one more time.

  13. oisin says:

    does it cost anything to switch between fido monthly plans? if i change plans is there a time limit if i wanted to change again?

    Reply from Peter: In theory, no. But it might depend on which customer service rep you get.

  14. ML says:

    I have a monthly plan with Fido. 200 anytime minutes, 20$. It’s an older plan I’ve been on for like 3 or 4 years now, which they don’t offer anymore. I don’t do contracts. I simply do not budge on that one, no matter how many times they make me offers. It gives me all the leverage I need should I feel like bargaining with them, because the reps are wary that I could walk away anytime. They would not be able to charge me any fees should I decide to switch plans. If you were locked to them on a contract, then I think they have that bit of leverage (being able to charge you fees for switching plans or canceling, knowing that your other option is only to stay with what plan you have for the balance of your contract).

  15. oisin says:

    if i have an unlocked phone, will fido sell me a sim card with a monthly plan?

    if i already have a phone i dont need to sign up for a 2 or 3 year contract to get a phone and can change plans or networks if im not happy without any fees

    Reply from Peter: Your best bet is to walk into a Fido store and see whether they’ll sell you a SIM directly. You could also check eBay.

  16. Sarah says:

    I just finished paying my 2 year contract with Fido, which cost me 50$ per month for only 100 minutes weekdays and unlimited calls on weenight and weekends, i called to switch to prepaid cause i only used between 100 and 200 minutes a month. The rep offered this new plan for only long time customers (since 2001), 17.50$ a month plus tax (all under 20$, much cheaper than prepaid), includes 200 weekday minutes, free voicemail and call display since i agreed to another 2-year contract, no system access fee, no activation fee and a new phone of my choice.

  17. Sarah says:

    I fogot to add as well unlimited calls during weeknights at 5:00pm and weekends.

  18. Johnny says:

    Not every existing customers will receive such a deal as listed above. You should know that Rogers consider the amount of revenue they’ve generated from you before giving out any good retention plan. If you have been paying over $100-200/mth for all ur Rogers services (Cable, internet, phone etc) for prolonged period of time, then you should have very strong negotiation power.

  19. john says:

    Rogers and Fido are juss out there to suck money out of all of us. If other international companies like vodafone come into canada they will destroy Rogers and Fido becasue their plans are alot better and cheaper. I hope companies like vodafone and other good cell phone companies come and take over rogers and fido becasue they seriousy give you a lousy plan for the amount of money you pay.

  20. Thoma says:

    Hi guys,

    Ive been shopping around for the best deal for me. Its gonna be my first cell phone so I dont really know how many minutes/month I would need so I decided to start with a prepaid plan. After looking at most brands (im in the province of Quebec) the nights and weekends deal from Rogers (39 cents/min during the day and 1 cent/min after 8PM and during WE) seems to be something that would make me save more than a constant 30 cents/min type of deal (like virgin or telus). With that being said, I dont know much bout cell phones but Im a tennis instructor and Ive been using the Tennis Clubs cell phone for the past 2 years a Moto V3 Razr, which isnt bad at all imho. Im looking for the best prepaid phone offered by Rogers. Here are the possibilities ( :

    -Samsung S366 (114$)
    -Samsung J706 (99$)
    -Sony Ericsson W200a (99$)
    -Nokia 2680 (89$)
    -Motorola W370 (69$)
    -Motorola V3 RAZR (99$)

    Thank you very much guys,

    If you feel that there is a better deal for me, feel free to tell me.


    Reply from Peter: It highly depends on how many minutes you’d estimate using per month (and the time of day during which you make most of your calls). I’d suggest checking out and posting on Even though there are apparently no 7-Elevens in Quebec, the people on that forum are quite helpful.

  21. 234_julia says:

    I have been a long time Fido customer and have been on one of their older plans ($20/100 minutes – free caller ID – nothing else) . I own my own phone and pay month-to-month, no contract. I decided that I am better off with the $20 – 50 minutes, unlimited WE, free txt advertised on the site. Called them, guess what! I will have to pay a $35 transfer fee to switch to anything else, whether it is pre-paid or another plan. Nobody was willing to budge on the transfer fee. They are charging me for continuing to be their customer. The only offer they were able to give me, was a plan of $20 for 100 daytime minutes and a 2year contract which I already have now without the contract. Hahahaha! The customer service is unmatched.
    I am outraged to the point where I am now looking to switch companies. So all of you out believing that crap that you can switch your plan anytime with Fido without penalties, it is all a lie. They charge you even if you have no contract. Very disappointing…

  22. Sweetcandy says:

    I called Fido today to get the $28 plan mentioned above but wasn’t successful. The CR told me the best she can do is a two years contract for $39.55/mth including tax. The plan includes the following:
    – 350 anytime minutes
    – unl weekend and evenings (after 7)
    – unl incoming calls
    – unl text msg
    – Call ID, call waiting & conference call

    Is this a good deal?

    Reply from Peter: “Good deal” really depends on your usage. If you need that many anytime minutes, then maybe it’s not a bad deal. If you don’t need that many anytime minutes, then it’s not a good deal.

  23. Samantha says:

    LOL. wow it seems like everyone here got a shitty deal. i negotiated my dads contract with telus and i got them to give him 1000 day time minutes, free after 6, free incoming calls, free caller id, free voicemail, 250 free text msgs, for 40 bucks a month AND then i got them to give them the loyalty and retention 25$ unilimited web option too. =)

  24. Samantha says:

    oh and plus a free storm

  25. John Smith says:

    Hi Peter,
    I found this blog a week after I have already negotiated the extension of my contract with Fido.
    Believe it or not, I got the same plan as yours for me and my wife, except the Unlimited evening and weekend calls starting at 5pm and I got a phone instead of $50 account credit.
    It wasn’t so hard to get that deal as soon as I mentioned that I am with Fido for over 5 years but I have a "better offer from another provider in front of me" and I am ready to cancel with Fido.
    The only thing I’ve got different answers from 2 different Fido representative was the unlimited Fido to Fido.
    I’m still not sure if this is only locally or Canada wide.
    Do you know that for sure?

    Reply from Peter: Sorry, I do not know for sure. If and when you find out, please post a comment here!

  26. curi says:

    I have a stupid question, when everyone says "I negociated this great deal for someone else" doesn’t the csr question the identity of the caller? like only the name on the bill can negociate for plan?

    is it as fussy as credit card company or you just act as if u are the customer urself??

    Reply from Peter: The short answer is that they of course want to be talking to the person whose name is on the bill. However, if (and only if) you have the account owner’s authorization (and I would add, if they are standing right next to you), you could technically act as them.

  27. chukm says:

    Wow! a lot of fido users here. Can someone tell me if the fido network really identical with Rogers? How’s the reception? Can one bring a fido phone to the States ? Would it cost any additional networking charges even not using the phone, but having it turned on. As far as I know this is the problem with carrying a Telus phone to the States.

    Reply from Peter: I don’t have a Fido phone, but I know that the coverage is the same as Rogers. Also, if you brought your phone to the US, had it on, but didn’t make or receive any calls, you shouldn’t be charged.

  28. chukm says:

    In case anyone interested to know …. I negotiated a deal with Rogers as follows: (not the best .. but satisfied)

    250 daytime minutes
    100 long distance call minutes (Canada only)
    Rogers to Rogers
    unlimited evening and weekend calling
    early evening starting at 6 pm
    500 free text msg
    caller id
    plus a new phone

    All for $25/mth, plus system access fee etc. – 3 yr contract.

  29. Allygatorpie says:

    For anyone who’s interested:

    I did all the above calling/negotiating and now have the following plan:

    200 Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Incoming
    Unlimited Evening and Weekend starting at 5pm
    Unlimited Text
    Unlimited Email
    Free Blackberry…Only a Pearl but that’s all they have :(
    Call Display
    1000 Picture and Video Messaging
    Who Called
    Mobile Backup
    No SAF
    No 911

    $10 credit each month for 36 months

    Total Price per month $53.67 ALL IN.

    I’m a heavy phone/text/emailer. It’s my only phone and i also use it for work. I think this was the best deal i could get. Normally I wouldn’t sign a 3 year deal but I know i won’t leave Fido.

  30. Allygatorpie says:

    Oh, I should mention they waived the "Transfer Fee".

    I’ve also been a customer since 2004. I was always nice (but transparently frustrated with some bonehead moves from previous CSRs). I made a slightly different deal initially but called back the next day to say i’m considering backing out (because 99% of the time the CSR will not disclose services you’re losing when switching plans) and they’d forgotten to tell me i was losing my Call Forwarding feature.

    Note to anyone who has the old $20/$25 plan. I has an unlimited call forwarding feature that they’re dying to get rid of. They won’t tell you you’re gonna lose it when you switch.

    This acts as a great bargaining tool later.

    Unless you’re like me and you used it…then you’re pissed.

  31. Jaleena Gill says:

    I just called Rogers today to change my number because I am working in a different area code for a few months. I talked to the rep and was upset because my last bill was like $70 and I had gone over my daytime usage. I told him I might be needing more minutes for my daytime usage so he asked me "About how many daytime minutes do you need?" So I replied that i had no idea since I am always afraid to go over that I don’t really know how many I need yet. So after some time of talking to him, he told me that I actually qualified for a bonus of 250 minutes for FREE! I am thinking there has to be a catch here somewhere. Currently I pay 49.95 plus taxes. This is what I am getting:

    250 daytime/anytime??? minutes plus the 250 BONUS = 500 minutes per month now — $22.50 per month, my base plan

    Unlimited eves/weekends (6pm to 8am) — included

    Caller ID, Call waiting, Conference — included

    Unlimited incoming calls — $10 per month

    Long Distance Calls – 1000 Canadian minutes per month — $5/mon

    Text Messaging Plan — 500 outgoing msgs allowed — $5/mon

    System Access Fee of $6.95

    Add the taxes and Emergency Calling charge of 50 cents and it takes me to around $55 per month.

    Am I getting ripped off???? Please help. I have been with Rogers for about a decade as well.

  32. Cindy says:

    I was wondering if i should call fido to get a better plan if i’m still in contract with them? I currently have the $25 100 min & U/L texts plan with the $10 "value package" which i wish i could get for free. But i’ve only had this plan for less than 2 months. I just don’t think the "value package" is a value at all, but on the other hand i do need those some of those 3 features[ call display, voicemail.. don't really need, and who called]. So, should i wait until my 2 year contract is over and THEN negotiate? or should i just call right now?

    Reply from Peter: People have had luck negotiating before their terms is over. It depends on many factors, such as who you get at the time and how you negotiate.

  33. Jello says:

    Just renewed my mother’s contract for 2 yrs. She’s been with FIDO for about 6 yrs. This is what we agreed to:
    250 daytime minutes
    1000 evenings and weekends
    unlimited incoming
    caller ID

  34. shipit says:

    For anyone who’s interested:

    I did all the above calling/negotiating and now have the following plan after talking to them for 1 hr:

    200 Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Incoming Calls
    Unlimited Evening and Weekend starting at 5pm
    Unlimited Text
    Fido to Fido free anywhere in Canada
    Call Display
    Who Called
    No SAF
    No 911
    + Free handset

    All for a whopping 32$ tax in.
    Am I still getting ripped of? If anyone has a better plan please let me know so I can spend more time bargaining :-).

  35. smilesz. says:

    ANYONE INTERESTED?So i talked to a rogeres representative a few days ago and i got this plan:

    200 day time minutes
    Caller ID
    Unlimited Evenings and Weekend calling starting from 6pm
    Unlimited Incoming Calls
    Rogers to Rogers and to Fido LOCALS Unlimited calls

    = $25 base = $37 taxes in.

    not as good as the deals i’ve seen above so i might negotiate again, but an okay deal i guess.

    also "shipit" I’m really empressed with that plan you bargained out. great deal .. one question: wats the base price?

  36. Zend says:

    Hello everyone, I recently made an attempt to get a better deal from Fido as I continously went over on my minutes with my pre existing plan. Anyways I managed to get the following:

    400 anytime minutes
    Unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 5pm
    Caller ID
    Visual Voice Mail
    Unlimited Text messages
    6GB Data Plan
    No System Access Fee
    No 911 Fee

    All for a grand total of $62.30 including taxes

  37. Tom says:

    Hello everyone,

    im with rogers and this is what i got back in June.

    150 daytime minutes
    unlimited evening and weekends at 9 pm
    Unlimited incoming
    Unlimited network calling ( rogers-rogers-fido-rogers home phone)
    100 canadian long distance minutes
    caller id
    2500 texts

    Im currently paying 36$ after taxes and SAF.

  38. Star says:

    I got a Fido deal today.

    250 mins
    Free eve + weekend starting at 7:00
    100 mins Canadian long distance
    call ID
    Unlimited incoming

    Total 31.95 + tax.

    I’m happy with it.

  39. Joe says:

    Rogers and Fido are the same company now and should be referred to Rogers.
    The whole arrangement stinks and we are temporarily stuck with Rogers, Bell and Telus who owned the spectrums for this technology. Within six month there will be more competition with the new providers taking on the three with far better rates and even better public relations and services.
    Rogers has a bad habit and attitude of swallowing up competition and screwing the clients. This is the way Cantel and now Fido have gone.
    Good luck to them. They play the same tricks with TV and Broadband.

  40. Damien says:

    I was just offered the following from Rogers when purchasing a 3GS iPhone (16Gb):

    200 day time minutes
    unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6 pm
    unlimited network calling (Rogers to Rogers)
    500 MB data
    voice mail
    call display
    unlimited text
    no system access fee

    Total: $55 plus tax

    I was thinking of purchasing two phones on this plan. Anyone do better or similar when purchasing an iPhone?

  41. Lesley says:

    I have been with Fido for 6 years, most of the 6 years have been good…up until the last 9 months. My bills have been ranging from 600-1400 per month!!!!! Every month I have to call and spend rediculous amounts of time on the phone to figure out why it is so high. Every month they adjust my plans ( i have 2 phones) and assure me it will be better. Every month they take off a couple hundred bux but I am still left with rediculous bills. I am going to call this retention number I have seen posted tomorrow morning and see what I can work out. I am so frustrated, but need phones as I live in the country and my credit is shit, so my hands are tied.

  42. Yo Ni says:

    Hi Just got off the phone with FIDO:

    200 Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited E/W Start @ 5PM

    Unlimited Incoming Calls

    Caller ID
    Voice Mail
    Who Called Feature
    125 Test Msgs

    Total of $38.50+GST/month

    Do you think this a good deal?

    I was paying $50 for all this before I called.

  43. Sophie says:

    I just got 200 daytime minutes, u/l e/w at 7, fido 2 fido local, unlimited incoming, voice mail, caller id, 2500 text msgs, 500mb data for 57 + taxes. that’s awesome considering every other place won’t give you all that for 60 bucks a month. this is for the 3gs iphone.

  44. Yo Ni says:

    Hi talked to them again,
    Got 200 day time
    1000 w/e
    unlimited incoming
    unlimited text nationally
    caller id
    all for $30

  45. Yo Ni says:

    So once i have gotten the $30 plan for me, I also got my dad interested since he was overpaying by $13. he needed a little bit different plan than me but still here is what we got:

    200 Day
    1000 E/W
    Unl. Inc.
    Call Display
    35 US/CAD long distance
    all in for 30 + tax only!

    We also managed to get $50 new phone on 2 year contract for completely free.
    So yay another success who sais Fido sucks?

  46. Russ says:

    Samantha wrote (a few months ago):

    "LOL. wow it seems like everyone here got a shitty deal. i negotiated my dads contract with telus and i got them to give him 1000 day time minutes, free after 6, free incoming calls, free caller id, free voicemail, 250 free text msgs, for 40 bucks a month AND then i got them to give them the loyalty and retention 25$ unilimited web option too. =) Plus a free Blackberry Storm."

    How much does all this cost per month? Russ

  47. Russ says:

    Oops sorry it the above costs $40 per month plus $25 for unlimited internet for a total of $65 per month plus taxes I assume.

    Bell has a student plan right now that gives unlimited data and 200 mins phone call time with voice mail , caller id for about $75 per month taxes included. For those that want a smartphone with web access.

  48. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the info! I just got off the phone with Rogers. I was previously paying $75 after taxes for:
    – 200 wkday
    – Unlimited eve/wknd after 9 pm
    – Unlimited incoming local calls
    – 500 MB data
    – Voicemail & Call Display
    – 2500 Text messages
    After some back and forth, though it’s not what you had up in the article, I’m down to $50 after taxes (one year term) for stuff mentioned above. I followed your advice and was courteous and friendly the whole way and that definitely made things easier for both me and the Rogers representative. Thanks for the great advice!! :)

  49. Molly says:

    My family (4 people) just finished 3 years contract with Fido and renewed for another 2 yrs.
    Our old contract is $25+tax plan:
    100minutess and 1000 eve minutes at 7pm + $7.50 credit (for system and 911 fees)

    New plan is $17.5+tax: (at last a new phone)
    200 daytime minutes + unlimited evening and weekend calls starting at 5pm
    no System Access Fee or 911 fee
    with $10 value package free:
    Caller ID with name display, Voicemail and 2500 text messages
    I controlled my family accounts, so we ended up with the same plan

    my story:
    In order to get a better deal, I actually have phoned Fido a few times.
    For the first time, the representative gave me either a call display (value $7/mo) free for 2 years, $5 credit or 50 minutes for daytime… it was obviously not appealing, so I did not take the offer and needed time to think about it.

    Second time, they kept saying "we had offered a very good deal for you. The system did not allow us to offer any further discount to you. Maybe you could think about it more and told us when you decided… "I did not want to continue, so just thank you and see you
    It was my second time, of course, I have thought about that offer already…but the first offer was just not acceptable… that s why I need to talk again… but they just refused to give me any further offer.

    Third time, I said I did not satisfy with their service and told more things that you felt uncomfortable…. They started to take you into a seriously position. They stopped to convince you that you have gotten a very good deal. They asked what you want. You just listed some services that you prefer. They would start looking for some packages or plans to satisfy your need.
    I found out “Caller ID with name display, Voicemail and 2500 text messages” were in one package for $10. Why don’t they just offer it at the first place? And other $10 package — “Unlimited Fido-to-Fido calls”; I can only choose either one and must not have a free phone…They kept saying they cannot offer two things at the time. I could either get a new phone or had one of the packages. At that moment, I was tired of negotiating… so just said ok; I needed time to think about …
    Four time, the same result—either phone or one of the packages
    Fifth time… same thing again, so I just signed up with the contract $17.5 +free package
    So far… I was talking with Fido in Chinese service

    At last, I felt uncomfortable about not having a new phone or account credits. So I phoned Fido again in English service. The first 20 minutes, they tried to convince me that I cannot have both… I just kept telling him my thoughts. For example, as a new customer, we will get a new phone and a new plan. But now you take off my new phone and change to discounted package. It doesn’t make sense that you place an existing customer as a new customer. You don’t actually provide me any good offer…..
    So they transfer me to retention department to talk about any concerns….Wow I tried so hard… at last I got a free phone but cannot get any account credits instead of a phone. Since Fido does not have any good phone selection, I prefer to get credits more than a phone. However, they don’t do that and even threaten me like “if you prefer other company’s cell phone, you can go with their plans and you may have to pay more fees” or “we cannot pay customers money (give credit instead of phone) to hold customers”….. So at last we go well and as long as I decided which phone I want, I can start my new plan. I will receive a 30 fidodollars after a month because I agreed to other two years with a new phone. Finally, I let them to have a look at the rest of my family accounts and offer the same deal.

    More things you need to pay attention:
    if who else want to get an iphone but don’t want to stay with data plan. The better way to do is that you go to Fido store and purchase the iphone for 399.99. If you phone Fido to get the iphone, you have to get the data plan. However, there is still a way to stop that. You can phone Fido to get the iphone for $199.99 but you need to pay data plan for the first month, and if you don’t want it for the second month, you have to pay $200 to stop that. So at last you actually need to pay one time data plan by phoning.

    Also, some representative may tell you that if you want to transfer the account under other people’s name, you have to pay activation fees and the fidodollars will be erased…
    Actually it is not true, it costs nothing… just changed the account holder name

    Thank you and good luck!

  50. M says:

    I just got off the phone with Fido and for 2-yr contract, $17.50 + tax I got:

    – 200 minutes
    – unlimited evenings/weekends (5pm)
    – unlimited text messages
    – caller id
    – No SAS
    – No 911 fee

    An LG neon for $0 which I’ll call i to switch tomorrow cause the reviews sucked

  51. TJ says:


    To M ( Above ) who got the $ 17.50 + Tax plan :

    Are you a new FIDO customer ? or have you been with FIDO before & were simply renewing your existing contract ??

    For a new customer that’s a very good deal :

    M says:

    I just got off the phone with Fido and for 2-yr contract, $17.50 + tax I got:

    – 200 minutes
    – unlimited evenings/weekends (5pm)
    – unlimited text messages
    – caller id
    – No SAS
    – No 911 fee

  52. Chris says:

    I talked to fido service yesterday.
    No plan needed! (Actually I just changed my plan, my 3-year contract will end up on October next year. Then I will probably get a better plan

    200 minutes
    – unlimited incoming calls
    – unlimited evenings/weekends (5pm)
    – 2500 text messages
    – caller id + voice mail
    – No SAS
    – No 911 fee

    $31 tax included

  53. M says:

    To TJ:

    Yea i’m quite happy happy with this new plan because my old plan was $35 for like half the services I’m getting now. My previous 3 year contract just ended so I called in to "cancel" my plan to see if they’d offer any retention plans but they gave me a deal so I signed for another two years!

  54. Aaron says:

    I just got off the phone from fido and I got a plan for $26+tax including,

    200 min.
    1000 eve. & weekend starting from 5
    call display
    incoming call
    SAF waived
    200 text messages
    with a new phones.

    i’m pretty happy with this deal.

  55. Zara says:

    I have read all the posts here, you all have good deals. I don’t have any cell phone or plans yet. I live in waterloo and all my fam lives in T.O. I’m thinking of getting an Iphone for a while so I want an Iphone but no data plan(otherwise I will have to pay a lot). I have called Fido and other companies, all of them say that I have to get data plan otherwise they will not sell Iphone to me. I will be making long d/s calls in Canada and I want incoming calls free. Also sms free. If anyone has any advice for me. Please write back. Thanx I appreciate it

  56. Tannis says:

    I just called Fido. I was paying $25/month + $6.95 access fee and an add on fee for caller ID otalling $44.18/month.

    My plan included:
    -unlimited incoming calls
    -unlimited texts RECEIVED
    -200 anytime minutes
    -1000 weekend/evening starting at 7:00 pm

    Now, I paid a ONE TIME fee of $35 that will knock off the system access fee and for $25/month have:
    -unlimited incoming
    unlimited texts RECEIVED and SENT
    -unlimited weekend and eveing starting at 7:00 pm

    Basically, my fee of $35 will pay for itself in 5 months and I will be saving $6.95/per month after that and can text free of charge.

    I never want to loose my unlimited incoming calls, so I am fairly pleased with this. I just wish they could have added the early evening, starting at 5:00.

    **Maybe if I phone later, I’ll get someone else and can then change my plan, yet again. Amazing how the plans change minute by minutes depending on who you speak with.

  57. lully says:

    I been with fido for 5 yrs! Currently using an unlocked 8310 with fido. Called them to renew my contract.

    Worked something out with CSR #1 for a two yr extention:

    200 air minutes, free after 5pm unlim. evenings and weekends – $17.50
    unlim. incoming calls- $10
    fido to fido/rogers – $10
    call display, voicemail & 2500 text – $10
    50 mb data – $15

    Total 70.63 taxes included.

    CSR #1 lost connection with me and call was lost. Luckily the offer was still on table when I still called back. I quickly realized that 50 mb is not enough for me or anybody using BB so I demanded 500 mb and told the rep I was "SHOPPING" carriers. CSR #2 seemed not to even care that I was ready to switch to another carrier!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!! (FYI: HIS NAMES EDWARD – COMPLETE IDIOT AND SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!) He said $25 for 500 mb. I wasn’t having it. After extensive negotiation I worked out a $10 credit every month for my 24 month term. Therefore, I pay only $15 for 500 mb.

    My final plan is as follows:

    200 air minutes, free after 5pm unlim. evenings and weekends – $17.50
    unlim. incoming calls- $10
    fido to fido/rogers – $10
    call display, voicemail & 2500 text – $10
    500 mb data – $25-$10 = $15

    Total 70.63 taxes included. (Same as above but with 450 mb extra data).

    Is this a good offer?

  58. jimmy says:

    wait untill your contract is finish let them call u dont call them u get much better deal i got
    250 anytime minutes
    unlimited early evenings weekends
    unlimited text
    display voicemail callwaiting
    incomingcalls free
    fidoto fido free 30+tax

    i hope vodafone comes here soon nd fight with these guys cuz all they do is stealing money from our pocket iwas in sweden they had same problem untill vodafone comes there rogers bought fido telus related with bell wtf fido got no good phones nd the phone u get from fido cant even use ur own ringtones thats f.. not fair

  59. VinceMTL says:

    Just got that from Rogers…

    Is it good or a ripoff…

    350 daytime local minutes
    basic voicemail
    call display
    call waiting
    group calling
    call forwarding
    125 outgoing text messages
    unlimited incoming text messages
    unlimited evenings and week-ends calls starting at 6pm

    All inclusive with 911 & SAF & taxes for:

    Let me know,

  60. cate d says:

    I have been a long customer. I was very polite and spoke my concerns -called today with Fido because my contract is up and spoke to retentions: wasn’t happy with the offer, called back to talk about what else I can get in my plan and ended up with several incompetent regular csr’s that gave me attitude and wouldn’t transfer me to retentions!One guy even scoffed, he was the rudest when I said I wanted to speak to retentions and not him because he wasn’t doing anything to help me. I never swear at ppl but right then and there I wanted to(but didn’t) I hung up, then ended up talking to 3 more ppl in the retentions and FINALLY this is what I received with a 2 year contract:

    250 anytime minutes
    unlimited evening/wkends starting @ 5pm
    calldisplay/namedisplay/ voicemail
    2 months unlimited local calling
    2500 text msgs
    25 picture msgs (as a "free" gift for signing up. ???)
    35mins long dist canada/u.s. (it was either this one or whocalled feature)
    No SAF/911

    I had to use my fido dollars for a new phone as all of them said their system wouldn’t allow me to get a free phone. :(

    Total is $27.50 plus taxes

    I’m VERY happy with this deal-For 3 years I was paying $50-60 avg for less features and no text pkg. But darn, I wished I’d bargained for unlimited mobile browsing…or maybe I’ll call back. Actually, I have to because they screwed up and charged my fido dollars Twice for my new phone…

    * Remember to be persistent but polite. Try saying another company, like telus is offering u an awesome deal because a family member works there or something. If one person is not fully realizing the point you are trying to make to them, try another person. And I found that the regular csr’s have ABSOLUTELY no clue what they’re talking about or how to be nice to you. The one guy today kept arguing with me about how he knows what the retention plan features are and how there is NO WAY I could get so and so features and such-that if I wanted it, he would have to charge me. Hope this helps all you guys with your plans.

  61. cate d says:

    Oh- I forgot to add in that I have unlimited incoming as well.

  62. sanchela says:

    Don’t sign up for any contracts with any existing providers! They’ve been luring people into new agreements recently as 3 new providers are launching soon. (One of them, Wind Mobile, already operating). Fido called me recently and offered a $10 discount for each line I have with them. I signed up first, but then decided to cancel. When I called them, they offered 200 extra minutes per line + 100 shared minutes + unlimited incoming+ 2500 texts per line + call display and VM + SAF, all for $80 before taxes for 2 lines.
    Still not worth it!!! Don’t lock yourself up. They will have to drop their prices when people start running away from their rip-off contracts and crappy phones.

  63. Shimshon says:

    BE CAREFUL! as a supervisor can reverse those decisions!

    WORSE – they give you the option to either pay the price they want cancel your line. This is what happened to me!

    I had a corporate plan for 6 years. When I called to add a data plan, I was offered something so amazing I went for it.
    iphone $199 +tx
    1 Gig for 15$
    500 text messages (eventhough I told them I did not need it).
    + phone plan was $22.75 +tx (250 min + free w/e, eve 6PM, Voice mail, caller display and unlimitted incoming).

    Once I got the phone and agreed to the 3 year plan, a supervisor, reversed the credits, called me to warn me a note in my file was put to disallow any future credits. WORSE – she cancelled my original phone plan and all of its feature credits, making my bill 52$+ tx!!

    CCTS (1888-221-1687) They handle all complaints against telecommunication and are super effective. I logged my complaint yesterday and it was already sent to Rogers this morning.

  64. Shimshon says:

    To Cince MTL – you have a super plan!

  65. Shimshon says:

    VinceMTL – how do you still have that plan?

    February 9th, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    VinceMTL says:

    Just got that from Rogers…

    Is it good or a ripoff…

    350 daytime local minutes
    basic voicemail
    call display
    call waiting
    group calling
    call forwarding
    125 outgoing text messages
    unlimited incoming text messages
    unlimited evenings and week-ends calls starting at 6pm

    All inclusive with 911 & SAF & taxes for:

    Let me know,

  66. VinceMTL says:

    To Shimshon:

    That’s a Corporate plan…

  67. Redigo says:

    I received the following deal on a three year commitment:

    New IPhone G3s 16Gig. for $199.00 where they initially charge $400 and give a $200 credit on the next statement.

    200 Daytime Minutes
    Free Evenings after 5PM and Weekends.
    Voice M and Call ID.
    500 MB Data
    $50.00 Credit
    2500 Texts
    No 911 or S/A Fees.

    Price $42.90 Plus Tax / Mo.

    I think this is good on a Three Year Contract!!! Did I miss anything?


  68. M says:

    I spent 30min with Rogers today and this is what i got:
    200 daytime min
    UNL e/wkends from 6pm
    2500 text msg
    caller id
    govt tax


    But sadly i lost my UNL to Fido network, with all the above. I paid $56/m before

  69. BH says:

    400 anytime minutes
    unlimited evening/wkends starting @ 5pm
    calldisplay/namedisplay/ voicemail
    2500 text msgs
    No SAF/911.

    Total is $27.50 plus taxes

    2 year contract
    Took me 30 minutes :)

    … Double my minutes and only had 125 text msgs before and was paying 34.50 plus taxes…

    I count it as a win

  70. M says:

    Ok. Ok…. so yesterday April 8th, I called in to add UNL incoming to my Rogers plan (that’s me 2 posts ago)(200min, UNL eve/wkend, 2500texts, VM, CI, CD,R2R for $35.08). The lady S. in Retentions decided to change my plan from NO contract to 3 years! I told her that is NOT what i negotiated, but she said you have to have a contract to get that deal and refused to change it back. I hung up.

    Called back and spoke to J., who said the same thing. Both refused to play back the recorded conversation I had with the first Retention Officer who gave me the deal. To make a long story short, I cancelled Rogers.

    I called back to make a complaint with a Manager, who called me back <24h to tell me I have to sign a contract to get the deal. The manager was lovely for being prompt. BUT how can Rogers offer you something and then take it back? How can they change the terms of your plan/contract without INFORMING the customer? Koodoo and Bell offer no contract for pretty much the same as what they were offering me. GET THE PLAN RETENTION OFFERS YOU IN WRITING!

    J in Retentions explained to me that we need a contract to guarantee the terms and low fees, so it’s in my best interest. Really, how can i believe anything they say when they changed the terms of my contract on a whim?

  71. Anna says:

    well, i called fido and this is what i got. i didn’ thave to renew/extend my existing contract. i still have about 19 months left.

    200 min
    1000 evenings/weekends
    5pm early evenings
    125 text
    50 mms
    caller id
    voice mail
    mobile backup
    unlimited mobile browsing
    grand total: $30 plus tax

  72. Anna says:

    ah i forgot to add, i have unlimited incoming on my plan as well

  73. Phoebe says:

    What can you do if Fido has crappy service? Can you negotiate? I keep dropping calls or my calls go straight to the answering machine. I just got my phones last month.

  74. Meesh says:

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Rogers new "Socialite 20"?

  75. Ramsay says:

    I’ve been with Fido For almost 3 years, and here’s what I got. My wife and I were on a couples plan with 100 shared anytime minutes, unlimited talk and text to each other, 1000 evening/weekends starting at 7pm, caller id and voicemail for $68 a month. My contract had expired. I followed the suggestions Peter posted at the top of the page and here’s what they gave me (although I did have to enter a new 2 year contract). They split the couples plan into two separate plans:

    200 anytime minutes
    unlimited evenings and weekends 5pm to 8am
    Unlimited Fido to Fido Nationwide
    Voicemail, call display, and 2500 outgoing texts

    so basically I’m now paying $55 plus tax for a way better plan whereas I was paying $68 plus tax. Thanks!

  76. Emily says:

    I am still on a contract and about a year to go but I just realized how much better of a plan I could get from reading all your posts. I want to negotiate but how would I go about doing that if my contract is not even near ending? Any suggestions?

  77. Diane says:

    Hi Emily,

    I’m only 1 year into a 3 year contract and I negotiated the following things:

    -Took off system access fee/911 service (took about 25 minutes of negotiating though)
    -First brought down data plan from 6GB-$30, to 500MB-$15, and then cancelled
    -Took off voicemail/call display

    Before removal: $80-90 per month
    After removal: $17.50 per month


  78. Kumar says:

    Hello All
    Even if you are in Contract u could call and tell them u r cancelling and ready to pay penalty fee..they will give u good deal..
    this is what i did..
    i have three line with fido.(all under contract )
    i called them to cancel all my three line and i am ready to pay penalty..
    and u know what deal they gave me..

    unlimited talk
    call display
    voice message
    2500 text message
    no system access fee…

    all my three line has same plan now…i am happy now

  79. anthony says:

    After years of Rogers having most of my services, I switched everything 1 1/2 years ago except my 2 cell phones cause of a contract. I used this history to my advantage when I called to cancel or renew, the choice was Rogers and I clearly let then know this. In the end I got a $50 UNLIMITED package for each phone ( plus $25 data) and a 1000 min Canada long distance pkg for $5. I got a new BB 9700 and Iphone 3GS 32 for almost free with all the ‘credits’ they are giving me over 12 months.
    Just keep telling them you will call back once you have compared with Bell and they will continue to offer more. The idea is that they do not what you to hang up the phone without a contract.

  80. Sean says:

    So I am in kind of a jam here

    My phone just broke and I am using different phones from week to week. I like the plan I have right now with Rogers but it is a corporate account, that I got through some online forum. I want to get a Blackberry phone but they keep asking for a corporate email which I don’t have, what should I do?

    My plan by the way

    200 Weekday mins
    Free after 6 Eve/ Wend
    Call ID / Voicemail
    No system access fee
    250 text message

    ~ $32.00

  81. DARK_HOUSE says:

    Am on Rogers and i have a 350 weekday min e&w start at 6 call display call forwarding 6gb 2500 text msg voice mail and pay $57 Bucks after tax and everything but am on a 3 years contract i can say a lot wish they can get this plan well wreath the money and i called and said to them i wanna cancel and move and they just give me this plan so see rogers have some good plans if you tell them you wanna cancel


  82. Vasilii says:

    Hi everyone,

    Need advice. My wife’s contract with Rogers is over and we are looking to have a family plan and 2 iphones with Rogers (we have cable-internet-home phone with Rogers as well). Could you please let me know how much you are paying for family plan with data and what’s included?


  83. tamara says:

    my friend also have negotiated wit rogers as well, and she told them that she was going to cancel her plan, because a new phone company called wind mobile has way better deals, and the rogers people matched the price.
    but i was wondering, since im on telus, so does this work for telus plans too? because you guys have mostly discussed about rogers and fido.

    Reply from Peter: It won’t hurt to try — Telus has no less reason to try to keep you!

  84. -aliceh. says:

    Can someone tell me EXACTLY what is " Unlimited Fido-Fido Calling " and the range of the " Extended Coverage " and " Enhanced Voice Messaging " ?

    Unlimited Fido-Fido calling: When ? Til When ? Any restrictions ? Nation-wide or what ?
    Extended Coverage: the range ? Does it go as far as Squamish? How about Whistler ?
    Enhanced Voice Messaging: Is this voicemail ? or is it sending a SOUND message?

    Can someone please clarify for me?
    Thanks :)


  85. freakluver says:

    REPLY: aliceh. says:

    1. Unlimited LOCAL Rogers – Rogers
    2. extended coverage Just means it won’t be JUST your CITY/CIRCLE but the surrounding cities as well. Like I live in Brampton, and Woodbridge for Fido was considered LD, but with extended Toronto, Woodbridge and the GTA are no longer, LONG DISTANCE.
    3. Enhanced VM – Is simple it means you get longer message times(5mins instead of 2mins), and more message can be saved (20 instead of 10 kinda thing). It’s a FANCIER VM. The Voicemail you are referring to is actually in the TEXT MESSAGE section, not considered a VOICE MESSAGE. Messed up I know, but that’s how it is. I can’t remember the specific name for it, but that’s the area you would find more information on this area.

  86. candice23 says:

    I have the iPhone 3GS on Fido and before my plan was costing me $70+tax with the $25 plan that had 100 minutes and unlimited texting + add-ons (Caller ID, visual voicemail, 6GB for $30 deal, Early E/WE).

    They gave me all this for $37.50/month:
    200 daytime minutes, early E/WE, 6GB data, Caller ID, Visual Voicemail, and 2500 texts.

  87. Julie says:

    It took three calls to get what i want

    I’m moving to another city for school so i wanted a better phone plan.
    Before the changes, my plan was
    $25 (no contract)
    -100 daytime
    -unl text
    -after 7&wknds
    -caller display($7 extra)

    my bill would always turn out to be 40+ because I always go over the 100 minutes.

    I told them that i needed something better. the rep told me that the only thing is to go with the $30 plan and add long distance and voicemail which would be 50+ plus tax. As i was telling him to have a nice day, he told me that he’d transfer me to his colleague. With rep#2, i got everything above plus unlimited incoming, voicemail and free after 5pm for 35$+tax but had to go on a 2-yr contract.

    I was happy until my friends told me they recently called in and got a better plan AND a free phone. (their contract was almost ending and did a renewal) I was furious and called in and told them to transfer me right to customer relations. I told the rep that I was very unsatisfied with their service and felt that i was being ripped off. not only did i go from no contract to a contract with a shitty plan, but i wasn’t even offered a phone. After 30mins of apologizing, she gave me:

    -200 daytime
    -unlimited incoming
    -caller id
    -1000 long distance
    -fido-to-fido local
    -2500 text
    -unlimited eve&wknds(7pm)
    -free lg xenon phone

    for $30+tax

  88. Jay says:

    I’ve been with rogers for many many years, I found one way you can lower your data plan pricing. T
    he data plan and phone plan are separate on the account, meaning you can cancel one and not the other, of course with a price
    to cancel the data it’s a $100 fee but we don’t want to do that do we!

    Well anyways I called to cancel just the data and spoke to a gentlemen in Ontario from the retention dept
    We spoke for well over an hour but I did manage to get my entire plan repriced.

    2 years ago when I first got my Iphone 3G I was paying close to 95 a month
    that was with the 6GB data
    then I got it repriced last year down to 75$ with the 6GB still intact

    The CS Rep looked and I never went over 500 MB of data a month in the last six months so I bargained and ended up changing my 6GB to 500MB plan but with a huge saving

    My New Plan:

    What’s included is
    750 daytime min
    Unlimited Evening and Weekends at 6
    Unlimited Network Calling (Rogers, Fido, Rogers Home)
    Unlimited TXT
    Unlimited Incoming
    500 MB Data
    Visual Voicemail, Caller ID, Name Display,
    100 Long Distance Min
    SAF credited each month so cost is $0
    And I’ll still be able to upgrade my 3G to the new Iphone 4 when they get some in stock

    $42.00 Plus tax

    So long story short the longer you have been with them the better the deals.

  89. Beans says:

    Basically I use my phone for talk. I purchased an unlocked Nokia E71 less than a year and a half ago from an independent store because I needed a new phone. I wanted an unlocked phone for travel purposes. Fido would tell me that was I was ineligible for a handset upgrade whenever my agreement expired. I had the original City Fido Toronto plan ($45 unlimited, SAF incl.). I’ve been a customer since 2005 I think… Signed up 2 months before the original City Fido plan expired with Fido.

    Keeping in mind I use my phone mainly to talk – here’s what I negotiated today:

    $45.00 plan (to include the "new" City Fido Toronto area – was boxed in to a small area about a year ago after the CRTC changed the zoning)
    -$15.00 credit for the above
    +$0.75 911
    +$10.00 unlimited long distance calling in Canada (within my zone)
    +$15.00 smartphone pack (already had but includes: V/M, C/ID, W/C, 2500 txts, 1000 picture/video msgs)
    +$15.00 for 500MB data (reg. $25)
    + new handset – chose the samsung gravity for $0 to sell…
    Total = 70.75 + tax. I’m pretty satisfied with this considering my L/D calling lately has made my bill quite high.

    Any opinions?

  90. Dubsi says:

    I want to negotiate for unlimited mobile browsing but I’m not sure what exactly it is. One of the CRs i spoke to said i will not be able to check email or go on social networking websites. So does anyone know what you can do wth unimited mobile browsing or is it just a waste of money.

    Can you use mobile browsing on google maps?

  91. Pacific says:

    To JAY:
    Did you get a phone to start off, way back?
    Will you have to pay (how much) to upgrade to the iPhone 4?
    At 750 daytime min./month – that is a huge amount, did you type it correctly? 250?

  92. smh says:

    hey guys i just finish my 3 year rogers contract, and i called to cancell my service and they offer me this plan with 3 year contract:

    Unlimited Evening starting at 6pm
    Unlimited Weekends
    200 day time mints
    2,500 outbound text
    unlimited receiving
    unlimited network calling
    call display and voice mail

    and free phone

    All for $33.99 after Taxes

    Please can you guys let me know if tat is a good deal or not??

  93. mon says:

    I have the $25 plan with fido. Unlimited texts, 100 min, free evenings & weekends. I’m in a 2 year contract, just started in January. I want (NEED) caller id & name display as I’ve been getting a lot of prank calls.

    Last night I got 5 calls in a row at 2:30 in the morning. It was just some dude breathing into the phone. I called Fido this morning but they said there’s nothing I can do, other than get caller id or change my phone # (for a fee of course). Is there anyway I could get caller id for free?

  94. James says:

    I have a dilemma I hope someone can help me with.

    A few years back I got hooked up with a Rogers Corporate account through a friend of a friend. It’s a very cheap, basic plan but since I don’t use my phone much it’s perfect for me.

    The problem is this was WAY before they started charging for text messages, so there wasn’t even an option for "unlimited texts" Now the dollar number JUST for text messages comes out to more than my talk plan. When I went to a Rogers store to add a text plan and upgrade my phone, they asked for my "Corporate Account ID". When I said I didn’t have it, they told me to get it from whoever is the Telecom Advisor at my work and it won’t be a problem.

    I can’t contact the original person who gave me the plan to begin with, so my question is: Does ANYONE have any idea how I can find my corporate account number?

    Reply from Peter: Perhaps try negotiating for a completely new (but better) account instead.

  95. James says:

    Hey Peter, thanks for the quick response.

    Even if I try to negotiate a new deal (although I like my current deal, i’d JUST want to add a 5 dollar text plan) wouldn’t I still need to provide them with my "corporate" account number?

    The impression I got when I went to the customer rep at the store was that for them to comply with ANY of my requests (new phone, new feature etc…) I absolutely needed that ID number.

    Remember, this corporate plan was given to me by someone else, and I don’t work for any corporation and don’t have a "Telecom Advisor" who can provide me with account details.

    The funny thing is when I did this, it was so long ago I can’t remember if the guy actually provided me with an account number I can actually reference.

    Anyways, I’d appreciate any more advice you can give me, or how I can properly go about what you suggested above.

    Reply from Peter: I don’t know how they could prevent you from doing *anything* without the code, since obviously it normally happens that people leave companies and thus shouldn’t be able to continue on the corporate plan but should be able to negotiate a different plan. But… I don’t work at Rogers so I don’t know how they think. I’m out of suggestions, but perhaps someone else will provide better insight.

  96. Dennis J. says:

    I called Fido and ask for Customer Relation and this is the deal that I got from the so called Retention Plan.

    iPhone 4 (Not Free, $148 with a 3 Years Plan)
    6 Months Free Unlimited Calls Anytime with $50 Fido Dollars
    200 Daytime Minutes
    Unlimited Incoming Calls
    Unlimited Evening starting at 5 pm – 8 am
    Unlimited Weekends
    Unlimited Text incoming and outgoing
    Free mms, sms and who call option
    Free Call Display and (+Visual) Voice Mail
    Free 500mb Data Plan (Originally 100mb called Flex Data Plan

    All these for the total of $42.38 tax included!!!

  97. Duke says:

    Advised rep I wanted to cancel my current plan (non-contract) to switch over to Bell Corporate Deal.

    What I got:

    Cost including taxes: $31.50. That’s a savings of almost $30.00 from my current deal.
    System Access Fee – Waived
    250 Day Minutes
    1000 Minutes evenings and Weekends
    2500 SMS
    Free Incoming Calls from Fido Cell and Rogers home phone subscribers
    Evening minutes starts at 5PM rather than 8
    Free Voice/Display
    FREE PHONE (Value – $60-90) which I will sell. Craig’s list is just around the corner!

    I The only catch with this deal is that I had to sign for a 2 year plan. I’ve been with them since 04′, I can’t get a better deal anywhere else, so I think it is worth it in the end. Its a savings of over $350 a year.


  98. bob says:

    I just called them, a nice girl from calgary was working retentions

    Blackberry torch (Not Free, $199 with a 3 Years Plan) +35 activation – 10 for credit

    250 Daytime Minutes
    Unlimited Incoming Calls
    Unlimited Evening starting at 6 pm – 8 am
    Unlimited Weekends
    Unlimited Text incoming and 2500 text outgoing
    Unlimited video and picture messaging
    Free mms, sms and who call option
    Free Call Display and enhanced Voice Mail
    6 gig dataplan

    for a total of $53.** tax included

    Is this any good?

  99. Flora says:

    i called fido today and negotiated for a plan for 16gb iphone 4 with 3 yr contract

    200 daytime mins
    2500 text msgs
    unlimited incoming calls
    unlimited evening and weekends (starting at 5pm)
    caller id and voicemail
    1gb data plan

    Is the plan any good or should I renegotiate for something better? what else can I get?

  100. Anthony says:

    Hi there, i just recently switch with fido a few days ago but i’ve been with rogers for 3yrs now – i went to have an iphone coz the person i talk to before told me that they have no more iphones available – this guy is not so persistent on letting me stay with rogers and didnt even discuss the good deals they can give me though I told him that im thinking of switching providers – So I end up doing that. – Now i have fido and i realize that its not as good as my rogers plan before. Is there a way that i could cancel my fido and negotiate again with rogers?

    Reply from Peter: If you have a new contract (1+ years) with Fido and you cancel, you will probably incur a penalty. As for Rogers, it doesn’t hurt to call them and try to negotiate, although it might be quite difficult.

  101. Anthony says:

    Hi Floral that seems to be a good plan you have

    Mine is

    $25 for
    100 mins daytime calling
    unlimited calls starts at weekdays at 7pm and all day weekends

    another $25 for 500mb data plan :(

    so im paying $50 a month tax excluded

    Have you been with fido for a awhile now?

  102. Flora says:

    hey anthony, i actually called back today and was offered

    $37.50 plus tax

    250 daytime mins
    Unlimited incoming calls
    Unlimited evening and weekend starting at 5pm
    2500 text msgs
    Call display, name display, voice mail
    100 mb flex data

    Yea I’ve been with fido for about 5 years.

  103. Mayfield says:

    I’ve been with fido since 2007 & I Just renegotiated my contract for a one year term

    Unlimited Incoming calls
    Unlimited Outgoing calls
    2500 Texts & unlimited incoming texts
    Unlimited email
    500 mb of Data for first month (50 mb a month thereafter)
    Caller id voicemail
    no system access fee
    no 911

    (**cancellation fees 10-100$**
    depending on how many months i have left on my term, if i do ever decide to leave, probably won’t though)

    Free Lg xenon (dont plan on using it though)

    total: $50.85 including tax!

    Just a tip, you should speak to customer relations as opposed to customer service. Customer service will try to short change you, customer relations are much more generous ;)

  104. Chi says:

    Yeah… I’ve been with Rogers for 5 years and the unlimited incoming plan just doesn’t seem to work anymore with only 150 minutes daytime. So I called and inquired about cancellation policies and other plans to try to strike a deal as I would rather have a lot more minutes globally. They transferred me to a Customer Relations rep and offered me a $35 package with unlimited minutes anytime plus 2500 outgoing text messages. Not bad!

  105. Geibro says:

    I pay $12.00 to fido a month 200 minutes unlimited evenings and weekends calllerid free taxa ll included just 12.00 a month best deal ever i was with them for 3 years after my contract over i agressive wanted to cancel and some guy name mi ke said isntead of a phone ui will give you the cheapest plan you ever seen it was 9.99 without tax then comes to 11.32

  106. Ann says:

    Hi Geibro,

    Did you really get that deal?
    $10 for 200 daytime minutes, unlimited evening and weekend, free caller id + taxes= $11.20 or 11.32?
    Do you need to sign a contract?
    Was the procedure talking to customer relation pretty straight forward ?
    Thank you for the info.

  107. Sarah says:

    I didn’t sign contract with fido but has been using it since 2008 summer. I recently want a iphone4 so I called and got such a plan (with 3-year contract)

    200 daytime + 1000 evening/weekend (starts 5pm) + free incoming + 100 text + 500MB data + caller ID+ voice mail + call waiting+ conference call = $40 before tax

    I think there might be a little space to get more (like unlimited evening/ some international text/50 minutes), but depends on my luck.

  108. jd says:

    I just got a new plan from moblicity.
    unlimited NORTH AMERICA calling
    unlimited data
    unlimited GLOBAL texting
    caller id, ect.

    for $46 a month with taxes…..

  109. EMS says:

    I am a current Rogers customer with a family [plan for 2 phones… we would like to upgrade our phones and our plan expires in Feb 2011… What kind of deal would be reasonable to expect from Rogers? With thanks!

  110. Jen says:

    I am a current fido customer on a month to month plan 100/1000 E/WE + Unl. incom+ SAS $6.95 and 911$0.75. Called twice to ask if I could get the $37.50 plus tax plan below (once in December 2010 and another time Jan 2011).I am willing to sign a contract.

    both times I was told that if I want a smart phone I would need to sign up for a plan that was $50+ and that it was their new policy as of December 1/10. = (

    Anyone have any luck getting a smartphone without signing a contract for a $50+plan?

    250 daytime mins
    Unlimited incoming calls
    Unlimited evening and weekend starting at 5pm
    2500 text msgs
    Call display, name display, voice mail
    100 mb flex data

  111. Rocky says:

    Mine is
    $22 including all taxes and fees.
    200 daytime minutes
    100 long distance minutes
    unlimited evening and weekend starting @6
    unlimited incoming
    2500 text msgs, unlimited incoming msgs
    call waiting, call display

  112. Ted Rogers says:

    Being a Rogers customer Service rep I can tell you that the best plans put there are:
    $35 + GRRF + tax
    – unlimited calling and text
    $50 + GRRF + tax
    – unlimited north American calling and text
    $50 + $30 + GRRF + tax
    – unlimited north American calling and text + 6GB data (avail anytime)

    And ya the best way is to say u are looking at another provider. Your best leverage too is if you have not been delinquent in the last 90 days. Hope this helps

  113. thechef_ says:

    Thanks to this blog and the amazing comments, here’s what I renegotiated my Bell contract to:

    Eve/Wknd @6pm
    Unlimited Text
    500gb Data
    Caller ID, VoiceMail, etc.
    – iPhone 4 ($159)

    $45+tx = $50.85/mth

    I was previously paying $50/mth before for 200mins, Eve/Wknd starting @8pm, 250txt and no data.

    I called and asked if they’d be willing to match a Rogers offer (false)


  114. goltier says:

    i was offered this monthly plan by Fido. been with them for over 3 years now.

    -200 day time minutes
    -unlimited evening and weekend starting at 7pm
    -2500 text messages
    -Unlimited Social Networking and Instant Messaging (IM) + BBM
    -Call display and voice mail
    -Free Fido to Fido calls

    For $40 + taxes (no contract)

  115. Anna says:

    I just spoke with Rogers…and dont even get me started as to what a complete jerk the guy i spoke to was. He was rude and just didnt care about anything. A complete asshole. I am going to call back again and make sure that i complain about him. Zero customer service and should be fired. I will disclose his name further.

  116. Roxana says:

    Oh My Gosh! You are all geniuses! Because I read (almost) all the posts, I got the courage to call Fido up and complain about my plan! I now have what most of you do.

    2 yr contract:
    200 daytime minutes,
    UNL weekends & weeknights after 5pm
    Unlimited Fido to Fido
    Enhanced Voice Messeging
    Caller ID & name Display, plus 2500 text messages
    S.A.F. & 911 for free, and
    Expanded Network (whatever that means…)

    I love this plan, I just wish Fido had the Blackberry Torch!!! I want/need that phone in my hands ASAP!!! But as soon as they get it, I`m calling FIDO immediately and reserving it for myself!!!

    Thanks everyone for these comments! Sovery helpful!

  117. Roxana says:

    OH! and it was only $25/mnth! and a $50 credit too!

    But can anyone tell me what the credit is for? I don’t really understand it. Do I use it to buy a new phone? Do I get a $50 credit every month? Any help or explainations?

  118. Rosanne says:

    I have a IPHONE 4 and currently have a pay as you go plan with Rogers, where i purchased a $100.00 card and i have 365 days to use the funds. The IPHONE i bought outright but presently looking at a monthly plan but don’t want to sign a 3 year contract. The main things that i will be using the IPHONE for is: unlimited outgoing and incoming calls, texting, picking up my emails and surfing the internet, would like caller id, don’t want hidden fees, no starter fee. I won’t be using it for you- tube or video or facebook etc. Also is it cheaper to pay by the second or by the minute? Should i be switching to a different service provider or stick with Rogers? I also received a flyer in the mail today from Telus offering a plan for $50.00 voice & data 50 does anyone know about this plan? I would appreciate any help on this, thanks.

  119. DARK_HOUSE says:

    I Get a unlimited voice and the text any where in Canada and can call USA from Canada also included voice mail and call display for $50 bucks and also have the 6gb data from my old IPhone for $30 bucks i pay

    TOTAL $91 after tax and everything but have blackberry 9780 so its not that bad
    if didn’t have the data i would have payed $50 only and this is on Rogers

  120. lollypop says:

    i have had a virgin mobile phone since november but i found a nice phone from rogers so i got it, i have recently found that i dont like the plans for rogers Pay as you go, is it possible to switch from rogers to virgin mobile but still keep my new phone?

    Reply from Peter: This might be possible if your phone is unlocked, now that Virgin Mobile takes SIM cards. I’d recommend asking Virgin Mobile directly.

  121. Laurent Nguyen says:

    Hey everyone,
    Is it possible to buy an iPhone 4G WITHOUT any data plans? Because I called both Fido/Rogers/Bell and they told me it is impossible to do it.

    I’ve read in the comments that I can always buy the cellphone 159$, pay the first month DATA plan and then cancel the data plan after one month, but I’ll have to add 200$ more. Is it possible to find any cheaper option to get it only on a voice plan?

    I currently have the 25$/month plan @Fido and I might be eligible for corporates plans . Actually my mom is eligible but I’m willing to change my name’s account to save 20% on ALL Rogers voice & data plan over 20$! Corporate plan only available on Bell, Rogers and MTS (only in Manitoba)

  122. DARK_HOUSE says:

    ya go to apple and buy it straight out pay $700 $700 something and just use it on voice and the phone will be unlocked so you can use it on any company you want Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, so on

  123. Hockey Mom says:

    I spoke to Fido this morning about getting my son an iPhone 4 without a data plan and was told that yes, you can have a "parental lock" put on the phone, and he can just uses the Wifi capabilities and the phone itself, and keep his current plan of $25.00 month for 100 minutes, etc. I’d have to buy an iPhone outright, at $649 (saw $500 on Kijiji) A guy in Walmart told me to buy the phone through Fido for $169, take the $60 data plan for a year and then cancel the data portion ($25.00 per month). There is no penalty and you then own the phone. Trying to decide which is better.

  124. Mike says:

    Thanks for the info everyone. My old Ericsson died on me after 3.5 years so I needed a new phone. I was at the end of my contract with Rogers so I decided it was time to renew. Called cust service and they transfered me to retentions on their own without me saying I want to cancel – I just said I wanted a better deal than what they advertised for new customers.

    Here’s what I got:
    150 min; 6pm eve & unl weekends; unl txt, email, inst msg; Canada My10 plus 100 min ($10 value) & call display ($8 value) for $35/mo. I have to pay for my voicemail ($7) and SAF+911 (>$3 which cancels out with my "better choice bundle"). Got the Nokia N8 for $20 without data plan, but they wouldn’t budge on the $35 admin fee.

    I’m happy enough with that, especially since I shaved off $22/mo to get way more than I had.

  125. tool says:

    Here what i got from fido.

    Iphone4 159-100 fido dollars = $59 dollars

    Plan details: 3 year contract
    200 minutes +50 bonus min
    unlimited incoming
    1000 evening and weekend at 5pm
    Caller ID
    100 text message
    6gb data plan

    All for 35 plus tax = 39.20

    Amazing deal!

  126. Sylvia says:

    I have just renegotiated a 3-year plan with Fido. Been with them for 4 years. My $25 voice plan = 200 daytime minutes with unlimited E/W starting at 5pm, 2500 txt msg, voice mail, call display, F2F, and the other $25 is the 500mb data plan with 250 international txt (I asked for it specifically). Wtih an iphone 4 $159 + tax – my fido dollars ($120 roughly). I was told that in order to get a iphone, you’ll have to pay at least $50 for the plan as per apple stipulation. So my plan is $50, which is a few dollars more than my previous plan but have included data & international txt msg which I want.

    The agent was very friendly & helpful!

  127. Rosita says:


    I registered with Fido on August 3, 2010 for a 2-year contract. My plan is $20 plus tax. Since I will be attending university in the fall, I want a better plan that allows me to have more texts, caller ID, and voice messaging. Since I have only been with them for about a year, would I still be able to negotiate a cheap, but feature-packed plan? Thanks!

  128. Dave says:

    I think I got one of the best retention plan for non-smartphone users :

    -200 anytime minutes
    -unlimited week-ends and evenings (starting at 5:00pm)
    -2500 outgoing sms, unlimited incoming
    -caller id


    This should suit a moderate user perfectly! Happy negotiations! =)

  129. Meh says:

    Their all the same whining gets you nowhere, data plans and contracts are where they capitalize.

  130. h says:

    hey guys guess what..

    I have:
    UNLIMITED Local Calling
    UNLIMITED Text Messages

    Why guessed right!
    It’s not with one of those money sucking big 3 companies (Rogers, Telus, Bell, and their other brands Chatr, Koodo, Solo, Virgin)

    Ahh…hard to believe I would be stuck with another shitty 3 years Rogers plan had Mobilicity not arrived.

  131. Dave says:

    I am looking at purchasing an iphone 4S as a gift for my wife & am unsure which is the best way to go as I am not familiar with all the plans, jargon, etc.: purchase outright & pay-as-you-go or sign up with Rogers, or? Presently, I am w/Rogers & contract has expired. Any suggestions?

    Reply from Peter: Getting it discounted on a plan is good if the plan suits you. So it’s a rather large discussion, but you should start by analyzing what her use is going to be. You might discover that you’re under-utilizing what Rogers forces you into by something like $20+ a month, and that adds up quickly over time. Or you might discover that she is in fact a heavy user and thus you’re getting the full value of the plan, with a free or discounted phone as a bonus.

  132. Simon says:

    I called fido today because my contract is ending soon and here is what they offered, do you think it is worth to go for it or I can get a better deal?

    – 200 min daytime
    – unlimited incoming
    – unlimited evening (5pm) and weekend
    – call display, voice mail
    – 500mb data

    Also, please let me know what plan do you have. Thanks.

  133. Pacific says:

    I have been with Rogers forever (6 years?) and find that to get the really good, low prices I have to phone in several times, at least 3 before the good deals come out. 1-year contract – about $32 including taxes + fees is my monthly bill, unless I go over the 250 weekday minutes, 100 LD Canada, MoneySense magazine (1.50), Call Display, Forwarding, and 6PM evening. I have had that for about 2-3 years, and have to fight (by phone calls) each year to keep it; they don’t offer it anymore. I am a happy camper, and they get to keep me. I rarely go over my time/bill.

  134. Jesus says:

    I have been with Fido for 5 years and it was the time for renewal. I talked to them and they were not willing to give me a good package and provided a plan which I did not like. As an unsatisfied customer, I decided to use my Fido dollars for a cheap phone and cancel my plan. The CSR said I need to pay $25 for programming for the new $50 dollar phone. I had more than 80 fido dollars and asked him to use the Fido dollars to pay the $25 fee and the phone. He mentioned that he cannot use the fido dollars towards that $25 fee and said since you are trying to leave the Fido, why we should care you. This is the way Fido is treating the long term customers. The Fido dollars are is a way of cheating customers for nothing. Useless Fido dollars. I said to keep the Fido dollars for himself and said bye to Fido.

  135. kaye says:

    Hi, i just recently signed up for a 3 year contract with fido (11 months), can i call them and have them change my plan to a lesser price…. i pay $80 for unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, unlimited send and recieved text messages and 500mb data with value pack . Am i allowed to change my plan? any sugguestions before i call fido?

  136. Andre Novosolov says:

    Hey, I have my android plan from bell (, does anyone have any advice for me?

  137. ken says:

    so sorry i ever got a Fido plan.
    They have the worst customer service and the billing errors are constant.
    Not to mention they call you and ask you if you want to buy services you already have.
    I’m switching
    They suck
    They never take ownership of the problems they create and if you get mad they hang up and they dont fix your issue because once the call is over they dont care and you get stuck with their mess.
    Even the supervisors are a bunch of sucks who whine about you getting frustrated with their poor service. Lead by example is not a statment often heard at FIDO.
    FIDO you are the worst service in the country.

  138. jennifer says:

    I have been with Fido for 4 yrs now and until now they were always helpful if you talk nicely and request a deal especially if paying bills on time and good customer.All of a sudden though ive just seen there reps now dont care so much about customers who are good especially and dont give anything for deals.They just informed me the company decided they are "To nice" and for to long and there not giving deals like they used to to anyone.and it wasnt like a HUGE deal it was only as little as $5.00 off but now they wont even do that and admitted its not as good as it used to can ask for retention dept and say youre looking into cancelling youre phone and that to use to help you get better deals so they dont loose business but now its so bad and they dont care about that anymore.Its surprising any company would act and talk like they do when theres many other providers to look at.One thing i have learned though thats very helpful from fido manager in a store if they promise you something or give you a deal,write down all details of it and then ask for a "Transaction#" this is number to confirm there conversation and what was offered so if any problems they cant go back on it you give them this number and its on computer.If you dont get a transaction number of conversation then they can say and do what they want and pretend theres nothing.also, i have been with virgin mobile DO NOT go with them.They are part of Bell and they offer you one thing and charge you another and are known to charge you for things you didnt ask for or want.They are horrible!!.If youve ever had experience with bell on home phone or internet long enough in past or now you will know for sure what im talking about.Virgin mobile is horrible to.

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