Custom Google Map: Online bank locations in Vancouver

First published on December 16, 2006

You can do all sorts of crazy stuff with custom Google Maps. You can even create maps with your own images that aren’t even maps (just visit that link and you’ll see what I mean) with that familiar interface.

One useful implementation using the traditional map is to show a certain category of locations for your neighbourhood. For example, you could map out all of the hockey rinks in the Lower Mainland, or cool places to see Christmas lights (hint hint, someone please do that). Type in “hockey rinks” into and Storyeum is one of the results…

Anyway, this week I noticed that three of the “online banks” in Vancouver have offices that are very close together. As you might have read, the topic of high savings interest accounts is of interest to me, as I wrote a brief review on some of them. So, my first foray into this custom mapping thing is to show the Citizens Bank, ICICI Bank, and ING Direct locations in downtown Vancouver. If you’re curious to find out more about this whole online banking thing, but would like to speak to someone in person, drop by three competitors all within one and a half blocks!


2 Responses to “Custom Google Map: Online bank locations in Vancouver”

  1. Tynker Belle says:

    I would like to know something about an American Citizen banking in Canada. What exactly would I have to do? Or can I even do it? I applied for a passport and am waiting for that, but I live in the Port Huron, Michigan area and am very concerned about our economy. I am planning on expanding my portfolio on my own somewhat, and I am thinking opening a bank account in Canada might be one logical choice, it being minutes away.

    Any help would be greaty appreciated.

  2. Peter says:

    Hi, try posting on or — there’s a bunch of people who visit those sites regularly and can probably offer you some advice.

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