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More understanding of plugin
October 23, 2013
10:14 pm
New Member
Forum Posts: 1

Hi Peter,

I haven't installed your product yet because I'm trying to work out if it is the right solution, so I have some questions that I couldn't find answered elsewhere.

Same as Karl I am using Easy Digital Downloads with Astoundify's Crowdfunding Plugin with Fundify Theme. Your collaboration emails plugin sounds fantastic, but I'm not sure if it will work properly with this set up. For reference my website is

So I have a platform, where I am user role 'Admin', and I have two types of users that are not given access to the Wordpress backend but interact on the front end. Both of these users are given the default user role of "Campaign Contributors" by the plugins.
a) Campaign creators: these people create & edit their "campaigns" via a form on the front end. Once they are happy they submit it for review (which then places it into the "pending" list on the backend for Admin to review).
b) Supporters: these people pledge money to the campaigns. It is a delayed purchase process where they input their payment vial PayPal Pre-approvals but the payment is not processed until later, eg 30 days later. Currently invoices are being sent out at that second point rather than the first.

My initial question is about the link that is emailed to the author when they need to make changes: is this a link to the campaign on the backend (which they don't currently have access to and I don't want them having access to) or will it take them to the form in the front end?

My second question stems from what I saw Karl ask. Is it correct that if I use your plugin that it's not just the author that is notified, but then also every person who pledges to the campaign will get an automated message as if they were the author? Is there no way to separate out these two different types of user?

Basically the solution I want, and will likely have to use more than one plugin to achieve (or find no solution):

1) Campaign Creator (which currently has user role 'Campaign Contributor' as a default) creates a campaign via the front end, and submits it for review.
2) 'Admin/Editor' receives notification of pending campaign. Reviews the campaign, and then either:
a) Accepts it by pressing "publish", or:
b) Changes it back to draft for changes, and adds note (Peter's notes)
3) Campaign Creator receives email, either:
a) notification their campaign has been approved, date for publication, front end link it will be at, or:
b) notification their campaign requires changes with notes and front end link to edit it

4) Supporter (which currently has user role 'Campaign Contributor' as a default) pledges to a campaign. They receive an email with a message that thanks them for supporting that specific campaign & confirming pledge details.
5) Campaign Creator receives an email notifying them of details of the pledge including supporter contact details.

There are lots of plugins that purport to do part of the job, but complications occur with how my website works - so I would appreciate if you could give me your advice in relation to your plugins. Also, for Peter's Notes are these notes only viewable via the backend of would an author be able to see them via email and link to front end?

Thanks for your help,
Luci :)

BTW I had trouble with the login process of your forum. I registered but then logging in kept redirecting me to logged out status. Also, I wanted to post this comment under Karl's because that seemed more relevant than starting a new thread but there was no option to reply or create new post under it.

Thanks :)

October 24, 2013
9:19 am
Forum Posts: 841

Hi Luci,

You've mentioned a lot of site specifics and interactions with other plugins -- in general terms I can only suggest to you that you set up a dev site and just try it out.

Some general notes:
- E-mails for all stages before a post is published include a link to the back-end. For a notification that a post is published, it links to the front-end. However, you can edit the plugin to customize the contents of any of the e-mails.
- I don't think that people who make pledges would get any e-mails because there can only be one main author on a post, and the plugin e-mails that main author. However, you should test this on a dev site.
- The post notes are only shown in the back end, although if a note is added when a post's status is changed, then that note is included in the e-mail. If needed, you could craft a function to pull the notes on a particular post to display on the front-end, but that is not a built-in feature

Good luck!