Introducing Punkymoods: Unkymoods redux

First published on June 7, 2006

Remember Unkymoods? It allowed blog users to choose their current mood from amongst a whole ton of fun hand-drawn emoticons and display it automatically on their blogs. It was quite popular from 2003-2005 until the creator took the site down.

Well, I’ve spoken to the original Unkymood artist (Marc Lutz) and I decided to bring back the spirit of Unkymoods as… Punkymoods!

May 2023 update: After 17 years, Punkymoods has been retired!


20 Responses to “Introducing Punkymoods: Unkymoods redux”

  1. Alan says:

    “AH!” and “relaxed” don’t make sense together. In particular, exclamation marks and relaxatoin cancel each other out. You Punky Punkymoods thingamajigger is inaccurate, flawed, and insulting to those of us who are truly relaxed (and going “ah..”, not to be cofused with “ah…” which is weirded out and hiding it or “ah….” which is enlightened)

  2. Conservative Cat says:

    Unkymoods are Back…

    Those cute little line-drawn mood icons are back. Unkymoods, created by Marc Lutz, are scribbles bloggers used once upon a time to display how they were feeling at any given moment. The moods range from normal feelings like agitation to……

  3. Lea says:

    I may consider blogging again because the moods are back. Hmmm…

  4. Ash says:

    woooooo punkymoods!

  5. Tatty says:

    OMG!!!! Hahahhaa.. I’m just so so so happy dat the moods are back!! Whoa.. I’ve been looking for Unkymoods and it was no where to be found! And now.. it’s back thanks to Punkymoods and I can have my mood illustrated in my blog!! =) I’m just so glad it’s back! Welcome back!

  6. tracy says:

    yay and thanks! it’s all so nostalgic! sniffle!

  7. Mint says:

    Yay! I’m glad you did this. I was missin’ my Unkymoods somethin’ awful! ehhe.. now if only Can Hed were back too ;__;

  8. mrbandw says:

    Thanks! I missed Unkymoods. Glad they are back. Thanks to their creator for allowing this!

  9. MW says:

    I had given up ever finding Unkymoods again, so it is great so see this new avataar!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    (Please don’t disappear).

  10. Friday’s Child says:

    Thank goodness!!!! I missed my most posted mood, “Javalicious” As far as I’m concerned they aren’t just mood indicators; they’re THE moods — there is no substitute!

  11. Stephen says:

    Yes!! Thank you for bringing them back!

  12. Chihiro-chan says:

    Yayy,i just created an account on! ^-^ It’s my first time trying it but i’m sure i’m gonna love it =) I’ll start posting my mood on my blog noww hehe
    Thanks for bringing Punkymoods back!

  13. weilin says:

    how do i register send it to my email please i really love punky moods please let me register(: PUNKYMOODS rocks!!!!

  14. Peter says:

    Hi, registration is closed until February 15, 2008. This will give me some time to do some maintenance…

  15. Alexina says:

    I would like to register for punky moods..
    plz direct me.

  16. Peter says:

    Hi Alexina, there is a "Register" link on

  17. DuFFeR says:

    punkymood is very nice idea
    very nice to love :)

  18. TatteredInk says:

    Hi…I’ve been searching for the link to register for PunkyMoods…It’s so cute…Pls send me the link!


    Muchos Gracias…

    Reply from Peter: You’ll have to wait a bit longer, as registration will re-open on March 20th, 2009. I need to do some maintenance and take a bit of a break :)

  19. Tirto says:

    Please do help me. i want to put funkymoods on my blogspot
    so i should wait until march 20?
    i thought the registration close at march 20?

    Reply from Peter: Registration is currently closed but will re-open on March 20

  20. Wahyu says:

    Ok, i also want to register funkymoods on my blog. Thanks…

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