D’Angelo (Canada): as good as Sun-Rype for apple juice

First published on May 6, 2007

I drink apple juice daily. But I was getting tired of the rising prices of Sun-Rype juice, with the once-in-a-blue-moon sales at regular grocery stores clocking in at $1.33 CAD for a 1 litre carton (which I think is the regular price at Costco) and the regular price of around $1.79.

Other juices (which aren’t really cheaper) are from concentrate. So for the not-from-concentrate stuff, I’ve been stuck with Sun-Rype.

Luckily I found D’Angelo apple juice on sale at Zellers for $0.99 for a 1.36 litre bottle. I bought a few bottles to try and quite frankly, it’s just as good as the Sun-Rype variety and also not-from-concentrate (only ingredient: apple juice).

1.36 litre bottle of D'Angelo apple juice

The regular price at Zellers is $1.49, which is the equivalent of $1.10 per litre. I’m a D’Angelo convert.


8 Responses to “D’Angelo (Canada): as good as Sun-Rype for apple juice”

  1. Darkman says:

    Don’t like that one..

    Ones at Pharma Plus i think it was on sale for .87 cents..

    And at some bargain store – one day it was even for .77 cents..

    We bought it .. and it tasted like crap .. (to us anyhow) ..
    Not a good crap too :)

    Not sure what they make it from .. but check closer .. – i was under impressiion it WAS from concentrate ..
    If Yours NOT.. maybe then it’s some new packaging.. or we didn’t pay attention at this int he past…
    But LOOKS identical from that picture..

    In any case .. we NEVER liked it..
    And next time i see.. i will check about “Not from Concetrate” thingy..
    But we are not planning to buy it again though..

    As far as Sun Ripe (NOT from Concentrate) .. it’s a good juice..
    Ya.. somewhat expensive.. but good..
    But if bought on sale.. – it’s not so bad ..
    Sometimes they have sales on it .99 cents..
    So the last time it was on sale for .99 cents .. we bought some
    i think like 20 of it :)

    And pretty sure it was Senior day also.. so my mother went along.. and .99 cents became actually 10 % less.. – another words .89 cents..

    NOT from concentrate is good.. but if the juice is good.. – from concentrate is OK too..

    Other OK apple juices also are Tropicana – NOT from concentrate…
    But it’s somewhat expensive..
    But some stores when it comes close to the expiry date.. sell it sometimes for $2 (for 2 litters cartoon of it.. or maybe it’s 1.89 L) …
    It’s still good though .. for a while after the expiry date.. – trust me :)

    Also .. i recommend you to try.. (besides Zellers has it.. and usually have good sales on it from time to time)

    Alien’s (from Concentrate .. BUT a damn good apple juice) ..
    It comes in a Metal Jar.. – i think 1.4 litter or something like that.. (you know those)

    And not sure what regular price for it is.. – but watch the flyers.. – often it goes on sale at Zellers for i think .. 99 cents..
    But occasionally ..from time to time .. i think they sell it even for like 87 cents.. or maybe even .77 cents (but don’t want to lie.. so not 100% sure then)

    And same thing.. last time it was going for .77 cents .. it fell on a senior day..and my mother went along, hehe .. and .77 cents turned out to be .69 Cents ..after 10 % sinior discount..

    But regardless.. (even though the price was surely right) – that particular Alien’s juice.. even though from Concentrate) – tastes great!

    And by the way Alien’s is a good brand..
    their 10 veg. juice. (1 liter) .. occasionally at zellers on sale for like .87 cents..and it’s great..
    We stock up on it at this price.. – it’s NOT worse then V8 .. if not better..

    at that price.. (plus senior discount if applies) .. – it would be 1.74 for 2 liter for one of best veg. juice…
    And that price is good..
    The V8 one, president choice one, etc.. – when buy big one.. is less then 2 liter. .it’s i think 1.89 jar :)

    Good luck with Juice hunting ;)

  2. passby says:

    Agreed on this juice. One other thing, that unlike other juices this one does not list “Vitamin C added” as all others do (as an aside, all those Vitamin C added products do you little or no good, everything is laced with Vitamin C, and too much of it just enhances your appetite so you eat like a pig). D’Angelo used to sell in metal cans, which would be even better, but I guess they switched to plastic. :(

  3. paul s arsenault says:

    can one still buy d”Angelo apple melody at zellers or somewhere else. thank you _______ paul

  4. Peter says:

    After over a decade of drinking apple juice daily, I was found to be allergic to apples, so I haven’t kept up with the product anymore :(

    Maybe someone else can comment on the availability of D’Angelo apple juice?

  5. Les says:

    Careful, D'Angelo sells "Apple Melody" which is from concentrate and *not* pure juice, as well as a pure apple juice (haven't tried either). But Allen's in tetra pak is not bad and the price is right at about $1/L.

  6. Dilip says:

    D’angelo Apple juice is one of the best — taste wise and price wise

    it is available at 0.99 cents (1.36lts) at high land farms.

  7. Donna says:

    I’ve found that Allen’s apple juice in the tin is the best I have tasted…. better thank Sun-Rype (IMO).

    I look for it on sale for .99 at No Frills, Price Chopper, Highland Farms

  8. Charles says:

    Yes, you are correct that the SunRype brand is in most cases more expensive – but also know that the other brands you mention use apple ingredients from other countries including China.
    Fully 90% of juice concentrates and most ‘not from concentrate’ ingredients sold in Canada are from, respectively; China, Chile, South Africa, Poland and the US.
    Sun Rype however actually uses a significant amount of apples from BC’s Okanagan Valley and nearby Washington state growers – more stringent production standards – important when considering pesticides etc. = more expense to the grower = more expense to the consumer. In other words – you get what you pay for.
    For more info on juices produced in Canada, ingredients, sources of ingredients and recalls:


    Garfield Balsom (English)
    Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    Food Recall and Emergency Response

    Reply from Peter: Thank you for pointing that out!

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