Lost your hair stylist?

First published on March 22, 2007

Guest post by Leah Tse

Recently, I phoned my hair salon and tried to book an appointment with my stylist. The receptionist’s response was every girl’s worst nightmare – I’m sorry she no longer works here. I was traumatized! I couldn’t believe it. I had even told my hair stylist to let me know if she ever left. Everyone knows that once you find the right stylist, nobody can do a better job, you don’t want to try something new, you want the same trusted person month after month. So, just like most people would do, I tried to find her. I even got her last name from her old salon (how stupid of them). I didn’t work. I tried searching on the internet without success.

A couple of months later, I tried again. I ended up on a chat thread and saw a site that is basically a directory of stylists…what a great idea! I think it is new…I didn’t find it the first time I searched. So, I went to the site and entered her info. You don’t even need a last name. The key is your stylist’s name and her last place of employment. I literally jumped for joy when I found my stylist’s name, old location and NEW location!!!

So, here’s the great site that has made my day, made my week, maybe even made my year! Where’s My Stylist is the greatest site invented!


5 Responses to “Lost your hair stylist?”

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve signed up for my Spa–what a great idea for clients to be able to find us after we leave a place. Thanks for the posting. LISA

  2. Phyllis says:

    I’m trying to find Steve, he was with Fantastic Sam for a month, or less, in Mesa, just moved here from Washington and apparently took the first job he was offered. Not a "fantastic Sam" type of stylist, as he found out fast…now he’s gone and natch "nobody knows where"….so if you read this, shoot me an email Steve….my hair’s a mess. Has to be in a super salon somewhere in the Mesa area….too much talent for Fantastic Sam. (no disrespect intended for Fantastic Sam) Feb. 3, 2008

  3. ola says:

    I am looking for Johnny Minter. He is a hair stylist and used to work in Shear Conviction. I tryed to use Where’s my stylist and it did not work for me. Please help and let me know where he works now. Thank-you. My hair needs another compliment.

  4. kim says:

    I am looking for Rian who worked at Seven Salon in Bellevue. I loved her and loved my hair….where are you? Karin is looking for you too! and by the way so is Steph.

  5. dawn says:

    I am also looking for Rian who worked at Seven Salon in Bellevue. So are my two daughters. If anyone finds her, please email me (remove the spaces) a d s h a i k h {at sign} g m a i l . c o m


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