magicJack international calls

First published on February 18, 2008

I recently reviewed the magicJack, which is a USB device that costs between $50 and $60. You can plug a phone into the magicJack and make unlimited calls within Canada and the US through your Internet connection. You can also receive unlimited calls (they give you an American phone number). Update: they now offer some Canadian area codes. See this list.The first year is included in the purchase price, and each subsequent year costs $20. It certainly isn’t free, but due to many reasons mentioned my initial review, it can be a useful and worthwhile device to get.

The magicJack can now (I think this is new as of February 2008) make international calls for a fee, with rates quite comparable to Skype’s fees. One thing that really bugs me about Skype is that it charges some painful connection fees, which really add up if you get someone’s answering machine or only talk for a few minutes.

My experience so far with the magicJack has been good, except that the person on the other end sometimes complains about echoing. The device has been reliable and I’ve experienced no “busy times” or downtimes. I’ve made some calls to Hong Kong with the magicJack with good results, and it is nice to be able to directly dial the destination number instead of first dialing the number of a secondary service provider.

For longer-time users of the magicJack, international calling has arrived and delivers quite well!

November 24, 2008: Due to the number of comments on this post, all discussion about the magicJack has been moved to the forum :D

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100 Responses to “magicJack international calls”

  1. MMMomma says:

    I bought 2 Magic Jacks. My Aunt is living in temporary residence and the Magic Jack has really helped her. I use mine for business, have an American number which is great. I have not used it for International calls yet, but my husband travels to Korea a lot so he will test it there.

    They call the Magic Jack, the Skype killer. We will have to see won’t we? :)

  2. JACKYE says:

    If I call to Colombia, South America , the call will be free?

    I have to buy 2? One formyself and other for Colombia?


  3. Peter says:

    Correct — if two people have magicJacks, they can call each other’s magicJacks for free. If you don’t have a problem using computer headsets, you should also look at using Skype to call each other.

  4. RONAN says:

    If I plug the other end of the telephone jack into the phone jack in the wall, can i use MAGIC JACK from any phone in the house ?

  5. Peter says:

    Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure you can only use one phone, plugged directly into the magicJack.

  6. rob says:

    so if someone from Vancouver (where I live) want to call my American number do they have to pay long distance charges?


    Answer: Yes, unfortunately

  7. zeinab mohammed says:

    i have magicjack ,and i lived in UAE but when i connected it did not work and i found that the VOIP is blocked in UAE, so what shall i do so the phone will work

  8. Ken says:

    With the new phones you only have to put one phone in the Magicjack and I can use the other two that are in different parts of my house. So to answer question above that is how you can use more than one phone on the magicjack.

  9. amy says:

    i call the Caribbean often! what happens when i used the majic jack? will i get billed for long distance? My relative do not have internet connection back home! Is this product right for me?

  10. Peter says:

    Hi amy, yes, you would get billed for long distance calls. The recipient does not need to have an Internet connection; they only need a phone number. (Of course, if they had an Internet connection you could send them a magicJack too, but that’s another story.) You can see the magicJack international rates here:

    You might also want to look into Skype‘s PC-to-phone rates.

  11. tim says:

    I have 2 Vonage lines for more than 2 years but have been unhappy with choppy sound quality. Is MajicJack better or essentially the same quality sound? Any update on available Canadian phone numbers since all my calls (mostly incoming) are Toronto area? Lastly, I want to send a device to Vietnam to do local voip calls on their internet link. Vonage has not offered that country yet. Is MajicJack workable for that country for free local calls between 2 devices? Thanks.

  12. Peter says:

    Hi tim, in my experience the magicJack is susceptible to the quality of your Internet connection. I have experienced choppiness in coffee shop connections.

    You can read the comments at about the Canadian number situation. Basically, resellers might offer a forwarded number for an extra fee, but so far their offerings have been disorganized and, in terms of functionality, incoming only (i.e. your outbound caller ID is the American number).

    Calls between magicJacks are definitely free. I have relatives in various parts of the world who call each other on their magicJacks for free.

  13. silvia says:

    most of the time our calls are to Guatemala city, my question is ? are they going to charge me conection fees.
    I know that is only 0.14 cents per minute.

  14. Peter says:

    Hi silvia, I do not know for sure, but I do not believe that there are any connection fees — only per minute fees. Your best bet would be to ask someone through

  15. Mo says:

    Hi Peter,

    I bought 2 magic jacks, one for my girlfriend in Lebanon, and one for me here in the US. The call quality is good on her side (she uses dial-up), but on my side it’s not so good (I’m using DSL). There is also a 3-4 second delay from the time I say something to her and when she actually heres it. It is rather annoying at times! Is there something I could do to improve the call quality on my side, and possibly eliminate the delay? I’ve been using a wireless connection for the magic jack, but will connect the computer to hard cable to see if that improves the call quality. Also, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the phone itself either. Thanks for any help!

  16. Peter says:

    Hey Mo, I’m not much of an expert on networking quality, although I would certainly recommend trying a wired connection. You might be on a really busy DSL service; or you might want to look into tweaking your router settings to prioritize the magicJack (I’m not sure how). If all else fails, you could try free Skype to Skype calls :)

  17. Mike says:

    I would not buy this product if your a Canadians . As a Canadian I bought one only to be promise that I will be able to recieve a Canadian area code number which doesn’t seem to be happening . If they would provide a phone numbers with Canadian area codes then maybe it would be worth it but the way they have it now is you are only able to have american area code numbers which mean any residents living in Canada trying to call you will be charge for long distance because of the american area code number . Its been 2 months now I been waiting for a Canadian area code number . I have send emails to the dot ca site for Magicjack only to be told that the inventor is holding them back from getting Canadian area code numbers . In another words it look like they ain’t going to be getting any Canadian area code numbers . Its a rip off for Canadians until they get these Canadian area code numbers .

  18. Seth says:

    I’ve inquired about Canadian telephone numbers, as well. I’ve been told the issue with Canadian telephone numbers is that Magicjack and their telephone company (YMax Communications Corp) subsidiary are US-based companies. They can not get Canadian telephone numbers unless they’re a certified company/phone company in Canada.

    I use my Magicjack for outbound LD calls, since I make calls to US for work and family, too. I’ve encouraged ppl (family, friends, work colleagues etc) in Canada to get a Magicjack, too. That way, we’re talking for free as well. All MJ-2-MJ calls are FREE from anywhere in the world.

    Also, you can use Google Grand Central and get a Canadian telephone number to direct Magicjack calls.

  19. jeff bloom says:

    If I buy 3 magic jack one for me in Spain one for my daughter in usa and third for friends in gibraltar how do we communicate with each other for free what do we need to dial etc,

  20. Peter says:

    Hi jeff, magicJacks are assigned American numbers. So you would just have to call each others’ magicJack numbers from the magicJacks.

  21. jim says:

    hey if i have a magic jack in haiti will i be able to call my family in america even if they dont have a magic jack, and if so is their an extra charge because they dont have a magic jack??

    Reply by Peter: With the magicJack, you get an American number that is the same as any other American number. Therefore, you can make unlimited calls to the US for no extra charge. Also, when people call you, to determine whether they will get long distance charges, it does not matter where you are connected to the Internet; it only matters as to what your magicJack number is.

  22. Chuck says:

    MagicJack works klutzily, but their customer service is SO bad and the ability to contact this YMAX company is so heavily cloaked that it appears to be a scam company. Be VERY wary of paying for X Future Years with Today’s dollars – I have strong suspicions these people will take your money and run.

  23. brock says:

    Seth says:
    Also, you can use Google Grand Central and get a Canadian telephone number to direct Magicjack calls.

    Thats a good idea Seth but I have been waiting on a grand central number for almost a year now and still nothing.

  24. Sarah says:

    Hi, I have read lots of information about the Magic Jack which sounds like a great device however i am a little confused as i am currently living in Dubai and have family and friends back in the UK…I would like to know if i purchase 2 magic jacks – 1 for me in Dubai and the other for my family in the UK would i be able to use it to call them for free?! or am i missing something here?!….would appreciate any help i can get on this…any information on other products i can use to make free calls to the UK would be appreciated….Thanks….

    Reply from Peter: Please see this answer and this answer.

  25. Greg says:

    I have a magic jack in central america but have a local area code number. I understand I will not be charged to call USA numbers but will my family be charged to call me since I have a local area code listing even though the computer and magic jack is in Central america.

    Reply from Peter: see this comment. It does not matter where you are connected; only your phone number matters.

  26. drbray says:

    “Most users that are having “trouble” with their magicJack® dongle are usually having connection problems with their computer’s USB ports and its power supply to those ports!”

    This is the least expensive and probably the best telephone service that I have EVER used!

    This service ONLY costs $19.95/year and with a 5 year license extension it costs only $12.00/year! $1.67/month 1st year then $1.00/month each year thereafter.

    Don’t believe any of the BAD PRESS you may hear about the service. I discovered what the “technical” problem was, because it actually happened to me. I was having audio and connection problems until I solved the technical problem of my computer’s USB bus drawing over 500 mA, actually 580 mA, with everything plugged into the bus.

    My eMachine computer, Model T2882, only has a 250 Watt power supply and that was working at its limits with all the computer cards and USB devices that I had plugged into the machine were demanding current.

    The attached article is how I solved the problem for less than $20.00!

  27. surya says:

    can i call to my father in dubai by using magic jack with free off coast

    Reply from Peter: International calls on the magicJack are not free unless both parties have a magicJack.

  28. johanna says:

    im trying to dial to colombia south america. How do i dial with the magic jack?

    Reply from Peter: first, add some money to your magicJack account. Then, dial like you normally would.

  29. Ramon says:

    Hi, I tried to call an Indonesian number but I couldn’t. How to do that? Let’s say the number is +62-654-7554336. +62 is the country code, 654 is the area code. When I called by pressing 001626547554336, or 0626547554336 or 00626547554336. It said I reached the wymax communication test number. I purchased the credit for international calls.


    Reply from Peter: 011?

  30. Gman says:

    What are the reseller’s prices for Magicjacks? Say for 50 to 99 units.

    Reply from Peter: you’ll have to contact magicJack directly for that

  31. bren says:

    i got my magic jack new number and it had prompted me to activate and continue. I dont see where to do it and could you please tell me how or tell me where to go from here… Earlier it had said press to activate or submit to continue, and so I did it.. and that is when i was given the new MJ number. It also said to wait 2 hrs? ..thanks.. Bren

    Reply from Peter: Sorry, I don’t know the exact answer here. I would suggest that you contact magicJack support directly.

  32. bren says:

    i would like to get 2 more of the MJ for my brothers to use. Both are living in the Philippines. My question is, will I need to activate the 2 MJ’s before sending it to them. And will it be both registered under my name or will it be registered in their names? ( I will be paying for the service of course ). tnx.. Bren

    Reply from Peter: I think they can activate it in the Philippines.

  33. Melvin says:

    I live in Panama and Florida. I have a Vonage for 2 years in Panama thru my Hi Speed GSL. I have a NYC phone number that all my American friends use to call me. It is connected to a modem supplied by Vonage and works even if the computer is off. It is connected to a dediecated phone. I florida I can’t use it as only dial up.
    How would Magic Jack work for me?

    Reply from Peter: Doesn’t sound like it will work well for you, as the magicJack is probably not very good on a dial-up connection, and it requires your computer to be on for you to use it. You could forward the magicJack number to another number in Canada or the US, but that doesn’t necessarily provide you much (if any) advantage.

  34. Ahmed says:

    Hi Pete,

    I have purchased my magicjack device since December, and it was working fine, but a couple of weeks ago I started having problems with incoming and outgoing calls. There is a 5 to 10 seconds delay and sometimes the program give me different type of erros, like busy or registering phone number. Can you please advise on what to do or where to search for help?


    Reply from Peter: Unfortunately, the best advice I can give you is to contact magicJack support directly.

  35. Bhavna says:

    Hi peter,
    I bought like 5 magicjacks and also sent one to dubai, uae to my best friend. She has been unable to connect as the voip is blocked. Is there a way to make the magicjack work in dubai? Please assist. Thanx!

    Reply from Peter: Unfortunately, the best advice I can give you is to contact magicJack support directly.

  36. JeffBoyardee says:

    Regarding Bren’s question above:

    "will I need to activate the 2 MJ’s before sending it to them…"

    Does anyone have a definitive answer for this? It sounds like it could be a pretty important step in the process.

  37. JeffBoyardee says:

    Just found this:

    "I purchased a MagicJack for my mother-in-law in Colombia. We set it up here so we could get a local number, then gave it to her to connect to a laptop in Colombia. It works like a charm! Now she can call us, and anyone else in the US that she wants to call, any time she wants to, for free."

  38. David says:

    Hi Peter,

    Where do u get time to read all these inquiries and reply to them? Do u have a job-am just curious-if u do, what benefit do u get? if not why do u do it?

    Just inquiring mind.

    Reply from Peter: Yes, I have a full-time job and I often struggle to keep up with all of the questions. This site makes a bit of money but it’s nowhere not enough to justify the time spent. My goal is to help others, hopefully without burning out…

  39. ann says:

    I would like to ask regarding the MJ, I was here in winnipeg ryt now im planning to bought for 2 of MJ, one for myself and one for my family at Phils. What should be needed to able to use it, do i need computer or laptop and an internet connection then a handset for that or could it be a handset only? How much the MJ unit cost ryt now and the fee for 1 year. Thanks hope u answer my questions.

    Reply from Peter: You can read my magicJack review here.

  40. david says:

    I live in U.S.A. and my fiancee lives in Turkey, if I send her magicjack and keep one for myself and if we both keep our computers on all the time with magicjacks are plugged in, and both of us use call forwarding feature of the magicjack to our cell phones, that way can we still talk to each other on the go as we both work a lot and do not have much time to sit at home as time difference makes it hard as is? Could not see anyone ask that question yet, and any helpful answer is very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    Reply from Peter: Sure, you could forward the magicJack to your cell phones, but in the case of the Turkey number, that wouldn’t be particularly cost effective. magicJack to magicJack and magicJack to US cell phone would work.

  41. Thomas says:

    Did anybody bought magic jack from i ordered online and i didnt get. Also nobody answering the phone. Now i belive it is a scam

  42. 3zizo says:

    to zeinab some firewalls block the magicjack…just disable your firewall to be able to make calls

  43. seoul says:

    Can you make calls from magicjack to magicjack for free if one of the magicjacks is in South Korea?

    Reply from Peter: Yes.

  44. Jay says:

    So, im trying to understand this. I am in the military moving to South Korea here in a few days. If I get magicjack and get a local number here in the US, will my calls to my family at their landlines be free? If im right, I believe I only get charged for calling their cellphones? Please help, im leaving for Korea in 6 days…Thanks for any help!

    Reply from Peter: If you buy a magicJack (with a US number) then all calls to US numbers are free. As far as I know there is no premium for calling US cell phones.

  45. Lee says:

    I keep receiving these calls with a 954 area code. When I tried calling them back to see what and who they are, it says it’s from YMax Communications. I don’t know anyone internationally or in Canada. When the phone rings, no one says anything and then it disconnects. I have placed the number on the DO NOT CALL LIST and since then, this number have been jumping off the hook. I’ve had this number with MagicJack for almost a year and never received unwanted calls until this month October. How can I block these calls? Is there a way to block calls? Thanks

  46. Naveed says:

    Dearl All,
    Can send me address where I can purchase MJ in UAE,

    Please email me [email protected]

    Thanks in Advance.

  47. alex says:

    hey peter if i may ask , if i buy 2 magicjacks , and register them here so they both carry a american area code , and send one to lebanon would it work fine , and when forwarding my calls to my mobile does teh magicjack back at home need to be connected to the internet or pc ? and in lebanon would it cost them to divert the magicjack calls to there cellphone numbers , and will it allow it or not ? since its not an american code ? thanks in advance for any help

    Reply from Peter: The magicJack does not need to be plugged in for forwarding to work. However, you can probably only forward to an American or Canadian number without extra charges. As for using it in Lebanon, I don’t see a problem as it functions like any US phone number, but it probably costs a lot (if even possible) to forward it to a Lebanon number.

  48. Eder says:

    Peter, does Magic Jack have Canadian area codes now?


    Reply from Peter: Yup. See the bottom of this page for a list of Canadian area codes:

  49. riro says:

    Hi, If I buy one magic jack and register it here in USA, and send it to lebanon, could they make free phone calls to USA? without need to buy another Magic Jack?

    Reply from Peter: Barring any network connection problems there, yes they could make calls back to the US from Lebanon with the magicJack for no extra charge on top of the yearly fee.

  50. Jana says:

    Hi…I live in the US. If I call someone else in the US using my magicJack phone number, will the recipient be charged for my phone call? Also, when someone calls my magicJack phone line from a land line or cell phone in the US, will they be charged for their phone call to me?

    Reply from Peter: Your magicJack would behave the same as if you had a normal landline with that phone number, and call recipients are charged no differently.

  51. norma says:

    Hi peter.. We are living in USA, but for this summer, my kids going to Colombia and my mom to Peru. If I will buy 2 Magic J. can they call me from Peru and Colombia to USA with any cost to my house line or cell phone. Thanks a lot.

    Reply from Peter: Barring any network connection problems there, yes they could make calls back to the US from Peru and/or Colombia with the magicJack for no extra charge on top of the yearly fee.

  52. darrel says:

    Hello, please help me as i’m very confused. I live in Nova Scotia Canada and we are moving to Turkey. I was by the store who sold me a magic jack that i can activate here and get a local number for a small fee, and when in Turkey I can make free calls back to Canada and my family here can make free calls to me. Is this correct??

    Thanks in advance.

    Reply from Peter: That is true, barring any firewall rules in Turkey. As long as you can use the magicJack, the number that is assigned to it will have it act as if you were in the location of that area code, no matter where you are.

  53. Luna says:

    Hi, I’ m from Barranquilla, Colombia. My cousin lives in PANAMA and sent me magicjack, so that I could call him; but now the internet bill is more expesive. is it because of magicjack?

    Reply from Peter: Possibly, yes.

  54. Emi says:

    hello, I’m in ontario, canada. I would like to use the magic jack for international calling. My fiance lives in Pakistan. My question is that if I buy magic jack here and register it with a canadian number, and then send the same device to my fiance back home. If he was to connect it to a phone line and internet there, if I call that number from there, would he be recieving my phone calls there? Also, there is a monthly charge too? besides the $50 fee for the device??

    Thanks inadvance

    Reply from Peter: Yes, he would receive your calls and no, there is no extra monthly charge.

  55. Tricia says:

    MagicJack owes you bigtime! Their website and service is atrocious.

    As a new user, I had some issues too.
    1) The Jack is poorly designed in that it is too wide to fit in the USB ports in the back of my desktop.
    2) The extension cord that was provided does not work. I couldn’t get a telephone connection until I plugged it into the front of my machine without the extension.
    3) I had to fiddle around with the Volume/Headset control in the Menu to get the phone to actually interact with the magicjack window on the PC.
    4) I couldn’t turn off my machine because the magicjack doesn’t allow you to close it. And, if you do find a way to turn off the PC, the magicjack looks like it is going to go through the same script it used to initially install. (Everything works out ok, though, once you sign in).
    5) We tried to make international calls to Cuba from Magicjack. Of course we didn’t have any issues with loading money into the international account. But, when we tried to use it, we got a message that we weren’t able to use the phone for that. I assume there was a wait period to enable international calling, but I am not sure how long. Then we called and got 2 minutes of ringing with no connect, but our account was depleted. We finally did connect and it worked great.

    The per minute rate to Cuba is actually a deal when you consider that you aren’t paying for international plans, fees, and taxes on top of the per minute rates, like you would with a regular long-distance carrier. Another plus is that there is no delay in billing and you can’t use more than you can pay for up front. It is similar to a calling card, but without the prefix mess.

    Taking long distance off my main home phone and replacing it with magicjack will save me about $100 per month and I am more than happy to get off the ridiculous long distance phone fee circus.

    Thank you very much for the useful crap you posted on Magicjack.

  56. Jake Arends says:

    I’m using magicjack in Guatemala since 2008, and the service its Ok. I save really money. Now I selling it in Do you find better rates than ?

  57. juan carlos says:

    I bought a internacional pre paid minutes. and I am trying to call to spain.. but when i am trying always sounds busy.. Maybe I am dialing wrong..?
    this is the way i am dialing.

    34 689…… is that correct or i need 0 firt… thanks for your help

    Reply from Peter: I think you have to dial 011 first.

  58. antonio says:

    Hi there…i have a mj for 2 y now,its not bad for money(lol) Recently i got me additional mj so i can do some work from home,the problem i,m finding i,m not sure do i use same email and info to register second unit…I did try that early and it asked me to ether to replace or get new tel number,i end up with 010003402 number(retarded)so i replace existing unit.Now to be sure did anybody have to add additional number(separate)then existing,and how did you register using same email or >??Thx guys stay well

  59. Ro says:

    We have Magic Jack, my son just got deployed to Afghanistan, if we send him a Magic Jack, will it work at a military base? And, how much will it cost for the calls?

    Reply from Peter: If it does work, calls back to you should be free. However, whether or not it works depends on the connection and possible firewall that they have over there — something I don’t know anything about. You could also both look at installing Skype; Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

  60. Pat says:

    Hi, I understand that Internet Service Provider in South Korea blocks Vonage, Magicjack, and Skypes. I will soon arrive in Korea but reluctant to purchase Magicjacks. Although many claimed that changing the Firewall setting will unblock, but not always successful. Any idea how to unblock permanently?

  61. Rasha Ady says:

    hi, my friend has the magicjack and he uses it for international calls and doesn’t get charged for it, how is the possible ? can i use it too, to make international calls as well and not get charged ?

  62. June Silva says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am June,I am from the Philippines and I currently migrated together with my mom and dad here in the US specifically in Jacksonville,Florida. I have a girlfriend in one city in the philippines and my other family members live in another city in the Philippines as well.

    I am planning to buy 3 magic jacks, 1 for my girl friend, 1 for my sister, and another 1 for my brother.

    I have a lot of question, i hope you could bear with me…

    1. can i send them directly the magic jack with out registering here, or do i still need to register the 3 magicjacks here before i send it to them.

    2. can i use the same telephone line in registering the magicjacks?

    3. for example, if they can already use the magicjack, can they call me in my cellphone even if i dont have a magicjack at home? will i be charged on the incoming international calls i receive from them?

    just an add up, for example, my girlfriend doesnt have internet connection and phone at their house, can she use the magicjack to be installed anywhere where there can be internet connection but with different telephone lines?

    your help is very much appreciated. Thank you very much. God bless

    Reply from Peter: I’m not sure about the activation requirements, so I’d suggest contacting magicJack support directly. As for your last question, as long as they have a suitable Internet connection, they should be able to call any US or Canadian number and you would be charged normal incoming charges. (North American wireless phone providers typically don’t charge extra for international incoming calls versus local incoming calls.)

  63. Sheila says:

    Hi there

    I have 2 magic jacks. One in Canada with a US number and one in Egypt with a US number. We cannot call forward in Egypt to an Egyptian number but I was wondering how we can make calls from the cell phone in Egypt to Canada by calling through the magicjack.

    Thanks for any help….Sheila

    Reply from Peter: I could be wrong, but no matter where a magicJack is, it “thinks” it’s in the US, so I don’t think there’s much you can do in that specific case.

  64. joey says:

    i have a magicjack and it’s great!!

    however, can someone please clarify if i will get charged if i call a cellphone or does "calls to the US & Canada are free" include cellphone calls?


    Reply from Peter: It includes cell phones. In Canada and the US, calling to a cell phone does not generally cost more than calling a land line.

  65. ELIZABETH says:


    Reply from Peter: You’ll have to ask magicJack support whether you need to activate it from the US; however, to be safe you might as well just activate it. If the magicJack gets the same area code as yours, then you don’t need to buy 2 in order to call each other for free.

  66. Mary-Jane says:

    If my computer is off, I know I will still receive messages but if somebody calls and hangs up, does the number register?

    Reply from Peter: My guess is no, although I’m not 100% sure.

  67. Bruino Martulas says:

    I am from Croatian an I want to bye 2 magicJack.One I want to use in Croatian area and the second one around the World (special in Angola) because I am seaman.And what I have to do if bye them.Thanks a lot.

    Reply from Peter: I’d suggest asking support

  68. SWATHI says:

    free calls to dubai.i want to talk with my husband.the call rates are very i want to talk with this magic link

  69. Linda says:

    I’m checking into the magic jack,do you still pay long distance charges if you are calling from the States to South Korea, and they have the magic jack also?

    Reply from Peter: No

  70. Moe says:

    If I have a majic jack and i call a friend of mine using it will she be charged for receiving the call?
    she doesn’t have magic jack so im calling her land line

    Reply from Peter: If she’s normally not charged for incoming calls, then no.

  71. meena says:

    if i buy this magic jack, does all the calls to dubai (UAE) is free?

    Reply from Peter: No. Calls to other magicJacks (including ones in Dubai, since they have USA numbers) would incur no additional cost, but if you were to call a Dubai number, it would not be free.

  72. Brian says:

    Does the magicjack receive international calls for free?

    Reply from Peter: Yes.

  73. jen says:

    My friend from Cali(who has a magicjack) wants to call me, but I don’t have one. I can only use my cellphone and my plan is unlimited nights & weekends, 6pm-8am. Will I be charged for long distance or not?

    Reply from Peter: If she calls you, you’d be charged / not charged just like any other incoming call according to your plan.

  74. jen says:

    Thanks. Er, I forgot to say that I live in Canada. I don’t wanna get charged long distance because Rogers’ long distance rates are a rip-off.

    Reply from Peter: In Canada it typically doesn’t matter where the call is coming from — all incoming calls are treated equally. You could of course check with Rogers just to be sure.

  75. maro says:

    I live in U.S.A. and my fiancee lives in Syria, if I send to him magicjack and he can call me to my cellphone , like from magic jack to cellphone , it going to be any charge to my bill ,so my cellphone company is T-mobile
    please let me now because now my bill is more expensive than before magic jack
    thanks …..

    Reply from Peter: If he calls you, you’d be charged / not charged just like any other incoming call according to your plan.

  76. bret says:

    i have fiancee in haiti and i gave her laptop to get internet …do i need to activate a majicjack here in usa and send it to her…so she hooks up the majicjack with her internet

  77. Kamila says:

    Hello, here is my question: If I purchase a MagicJack for myself (I live in Canada) and one for a relative overseas, our calls would be free since she’d get the same area code as me?

    Also, I don’t have a landline and if I were to use MagicJack, would I need to use a headset?

    Thank you!

    Reply from Peter: Yes to the first question and “not necessarily” to the second question. You can plug a normal phone into a magicJack.

  78. Mike says:

    Hey there, great site. If I forward my US magicjack number to my Canadian cellphone, will anyone calling my US magicjack number be charged as though they are calling Canada or the US?

    Reply from Peter: It would be charged as a US call.

  79. jerilyn says:

    Hi! I lived in Philippines and my husband is living in U.S..I told him to buy a magic jack so I could easily call my students in Korea..What shall I do with this magic jack came from U.S? Is it free charge for me to call my clients in South Korea? Well, if it is not free charge, how much it costs monthly? Could you please give me the procedures ?

    Reply from Peter: The magicJack is like having a US number no matter where you are. It is not free for calling international numbers unless they are US (such as if they also have a magicJack). For cheaper international calling, try something like Skype or a calling card.

  80. Grace Almeda says:

    Why there is a charge when I called Florida when I have a US number? I live here in Toronto..

    Reply from Peter: Not sure. Doesn’t seem like you should have been charged.

  81. ing@abudhabibound says:

    hello if i have the (713) area code on my magic jack and i move to the uae would it cost to call back home in the usa ? and if so how much per minute?(we got a vpn so it wont block the different sites)

    Reply from Peter: It should be free, but to double check you can ask magicJack directly.

  82. mavis chung says:

    I just purchase a magic jack, and registered. I live in Canada and make frequent call to Jamaica, If I hook up the Magic jack on my laptop and phone my brother in Jamaica on his cell phone would he got charge for the call he got from me that I make from my Magic jack? Or would I got charge for the call I made to him?
    Do I got charge for any international call I make from Canada?

    Reply from Peter: You will get charged for any calls you make to outside of Canada and the US. He would get charged normal incoming call rates.

  83. Debra says:

    I live in the US, registered Magic Jack there. When I travel to Mexico, can I call the US for free through the Magic Jack?

    Reply from Peter: Yes.

  84. Mark says:

    Is Thailand a country that you can call using MagicJack and if so how much per minute do they charge?

  85. shelse says:

    pls how can i check the days or years left for my magic jack

  86. pradeep says:

    could anyone tell me how and where to purchase magicjack. basically i am living in dubai

  87. Laurette Caron says:

    i live in florida and have friends and family i canada and they do not have majic jack plus so if they call my majic jack plus number will they be charged long distance on there end when they call me

    Reply from Peter: The short answer is that your magicJack number should behave like a normal number, so if it’s a Florida number and they’re using a normal phone to call that number, it would be long distance for them.

  88. Laurette Caron says:

    I have a problem when i plug in my land line phone in majic jack plus i can receice calls but can not make calls out but when i plug my portable phone in i can call out and receive calls i can not figure out why i can not dial out from my land line phone

  89. Laurette Caron says:

    Hello again got more questions to ask you thanks for all the info so far ok now i have a cell phone that i bought from Trackphone then have to add mins on it can i use my cell phone with majic jack plus and if i can how do i do that also if i use my majic jack plus to call someone cell in canada will they be charged for the call on there end thank you

    Reply from Peter: I’d suggest contacting magicJack support directly, as I unfortunately don’t have an answer on that.

  90. Ali says:

    Hi Peter!
    I have a Canadian Magic Jack number.
    If I am in the US and somebody call me from my area code location in Canada,
    would they be charged long distance?

    Reply from Peter: No, they would not be charged long distance if your phone number is normally not long distance to them.

  91. AB says:


    How can I call with my magicjack a phone with an area code from spain?

    Reply from Peter: You’ll first have to add credit to your account on the magicJack website, and then you should be able to call Spain as per normal with 011 + country code + area code + number

  92. pam says:

    So, I’m trying to understand this. I am is moving to the US in a few days. If I get magicjack and get a local number here in Canada will my family be charged long distance from their landlines or cells when they call me?…Thanks for any help!

    Reply from Peter: If the number is local to their city, then yes, it is a local call for them no matter where you are.

  93. jessica says:

    I just bought a Magic Jack on line a few seconds ago,
    the promotion I bought through Paypal was the $19.95 International Calling. The payment went through but I have not received any e-mail from Magic Jack saying what’s the next step.
    What can I do now??? Do I need to wait for a Magic Jack Code or device? I am confused please Help!!!
    Note, I live in Calgary, Canada and I plan to make calls to South America Peru.

  94. Bob Corder says:

    I have a MJ Plus and it is connected to my PC via ethernet as per the directions. My wifes sister lives in India so my wife wants to call her so does she have to access some special number before she dials her sisters india number or can she dial it direct and what kind of charges wouls apply?

    Reply from Peter: I’d suggest contacting magicJack directly about that.

  95. KIM SY says:

    i just want to ask if i have the magic jack but the party im calling in the us doesnt have, is it still free or the other party need to pay some charges?

    Reply from Peter: They do not have to pay extra charges.

  96. Mike says:

    Can you make calls between other countries? I’m currently stationed in Turkey and want to make calls to my wife who is stationed in Korea. Has anyone tried this before?

    Reply from Peter: Yes, you should be able to do magicJack to magicJack, although you could also use Skype and other similar services for that.

  97. Vasant says:

    After the most recent MJ upgrade, I find that I’m unable to close the application by clicking on the X button. Now, when i click on the X button, it just keeps minimizing the application. The Chat line with MJ is useless. Can anyone help with this problem? thks.

  98. Chris Lamp says:

    I am having the same problem with MJ. When I click on the X, I am unable to exit out. I called a friend that also has MagicJack and he has the same problem. Their tech support says there is no current answer to this problem, but they are aware of the problem….

  99. Kerri says:

    Can I receive international calls on my magicjack if I do not put credit on my magicjack account? Very important job interivew over phone.

    Thanks for your help

    Reply from Peter: Yes, although if it’s that important, why take the risk?

  100. Cassandra says:

    I recently bought a MJ to send to my husband who is deployed in Afghanistan. I was wondering if I would need to activate it here before I sent it to him or if he would be able to activate it and everything over there. All answers are greatly appreciated!

    Reply from Peter: He should be able to activate it over there, but you could be safe and activate it before you send it.

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