magicJack phone device: an initial review from a Canadian point of view

First published on January 9, 2008

2009 update: I did NOT renew my magicJack after the first year of service because the call quality was inconsistent, they never officially offered Canadian numbers, and I simply didn’t use it much. I ended up using Skype and other VoIP options such as

2010 update: Looks like magicJack now offers some Canadian area codes, although I don’t use it anymore and thus cannot comment.

Got an existing landline (or a cell phone with free incoming calls) and want to make free calls within Canada and the US? Check out GrandCentral or Jajah.

Don’t have a landline, travel lots, can’t give up the plain old telephone, or work frequently around the city on a computer, and still want to make (unlimited) calls to Canada and the US? Consider purchasing a magicJack.

2009 update: I did NOT renew my magicJack after the first year of service because the call quality was inconsistent, they never officially offered Canadian numbers, and I simply didn’t use it much. I ended up using Skype and other VoIP options such as

No, the magicJack isn’t free, and it gives you an American number. But from my limited experience so far, it is legitimate, and Canadians have reason to look into it. It’s been getting some major coverage in the US, but almost nothing in Canada, so I will chronicle what I did from the purchase and installation to the actual usage so far.

Note that I haven’t used the magicJack enough in order to comment on its continual reliability, although initial experiences have been good.

If you’re only interested in the usage and features, skip to the bottom of the post.

What is the magicJack?

The magicJack is a bit weird. It is a device with a USB end that plugs into your computer and a phone jack on the other end where you can plug in a telephone. In other words, it’s as if your phone service provider runs your calls through the Internet, through your computer, to your normal telephone. It’s not quite Skype, it’s not quite Jajah, and it’s not quite GrandCentral. And it intrigued me enough to try it out.

The purchase

The magicJack website has an awful telemarketing feel to it. But that sort of works, because it shows you videos of the major media coverage it has been getting in the US. Unfortunately, you cannot get the magicJack shipped to Canada from that site.

I found the Canadian magicJack site. This was at the end of December 2007 and the price was $59.99 + tax (it’s cheaper now, so you should probably purchase it there), so I found it for sale on eBay and paid $51 CAD after shipping and the exchange rate. This is supposed to include one year of unlimited calls in Canada and the US, and subsequent years are $20 US.

After about two weeks, it arrived:

magicJack box front

magicJack box back

Installation problems

I have a computer running Windows XP (magicJack also supports the Mac). I plugged in the magicJack, which is about 2/5 the size of a deck of cards, to a USB port. The computer did the usual things that happen after a new USB device is plugged in:

magicJack installing itself

After about a minute, there was a magicJack shortcut on my desktop and the magicJack software starting running automatically:

One minute of patience for a lifetime of savings

I noticed that it had installed two virtual drives:

Virtual drives installed

Unfortunately, it gave me this error about how the magicJack wasn’t found:

magicJack not found

Of course, the device was lighted up and things were busy installing themselves, so I didn’t think there really was a problem. I clicked OK. I got to a registration screen and thought all was well. After filling it in, though, I got another error saying “Failed to contact your service provider. Make sure you have working connection to the internet.” The magicJack main interface then loaded, but I couldn’t make a call, and it was telling me there were proxy problems or something.

So off I went to the magicJack site, looking for a fix. They have this magicFix diagnostic that said nothing was wrong. There’s a Windows Vista download, but I figured I have XP so that won’t help. Anyway, some Googling got me to this magicJack hacks website, which pointed me to the unofficial magicJack forum. All I can say is thank goodness for users helping users, because the forum pointed me to an upgrade file that turned out to be the same Windows Vista download from the magicJack website that I had brushed off.

Everything working!

Lucky me, upgrading now

So 45 minutes after unpacking the magicJack, I’d found the solution! If only the software had a built-in check for upgrades mechanism. Anyway, the updated, “4.0 beta” interface works nicely and looks like this:

magicJack 4.0 beta interface

A nice registration page popped up and I successfully created an account, picking a number in Florida so that my uncle there can call me by making a local call :D

Pick a number

Usage and features

So with the magicJack device plugged into the computer, the magicJack software running automatically (it loads when you plug the magicJack into your computer and closes when you unplug the magicJack), and a normal telephone plugged into the magicJack device (instead of the wall), I have a new Florida number and phone calls work!

The magicJack software interface is quite intuitive. I can pick up the phone and dial as normal, or use the buttons on the screen.

magicJack 4.0 beta interface part 2

I was able to make a call right away using the normal phone attached to the magicJack, and the caller ID on the other end showed my new Florida number that is attached to my magicJack. I made a 33 minute call, and the quality was clear on my cable Internet connection (which isn’t fast by cable standards but is still broadband) except for some choppiness when I was downloading a file (since the call uses the Internet connection). It sounded like the quality on a regular landline.

A cool thing about being able to plug in a normal phone is that I can use an existing cordless phone. I can walk around, making and receiving calls, instead of having to initiate them through the computer.

magicJack also enables you to use a computer headset, so you have the option if you are sitting in a public place and it’s too bulky to carry a normal phone around.

I tested out incoming calls to my new magicJack Florida number and they work fine. When there’s an incoming call, a dialog pops up on the screen to say that a call is coming, and the normal phone plugged into it also rings.

Call forwarding is another option, which can be configured through the online management page. When I’d set it up, calls to my magicJack Florida number were successfully sent to my British Columbia pager number.

You can configure voice mail by calling your own number, then pressing *. The options are similar to what I have at work (in fact, I think it uses the same system) — for example, you can record unavailable, busy, and temporary messages.

You should also be able to carry the small magicJack device around to plug it into other computers, thus taking your magicJack number around wherever you are. Thus, it is a portable and versatile phone device.

magicJack verdict

The magicJack definitely works for me so far. I had high hopes for the intuitive “plug and play” install, but I had to hunt around to find out that I had to upgrade. Once I did the proper upgrade, all is well! It is really nice to be able to plug a normal phone into the magicJack, even if it has to be attached to the computer. The magicJack is a unique concept that I hadn’t seen yet.

Is the magicJack worth the $50 initial purchase for a year plus $20 for subsequent years? This will depend on your potential usage frequency, the quality of your Internet connection (I tested it on an average home cable connection and it’s fine; dial-up might work but probably isn’t recommended), and also whether the magicJack can be consistently reliable. As I stated in the introduction, I haven’t used it much, so I cannot comment on the reliability of whatever network it uses.

For a Canadian, I can think of several use cases for the magicJack:

  • You have a cell phone and a computer with Internet access but not a landline. You can probably save a lot of cell phone minutes by using the magicJack when you’re at home or out where there’s Internet access. Note that there is no 911 access since you can only get a US number.
  • You need to make long distance calls within Canada and the US. Remember, there’s an initial purchase price and subsequent yearly cost, but you can make unlimited calls within Canada and the US and receive unlimited calls from anywhere. If you have friends or relatives that you frequently talk to, the magicJack definitely pays itself off.
  • You know someone in the US who calls you often. Since you can get a number for many parts of the US, you can potentially get the same area code as your friend or relative. Then, they can call your US number (which is local for them) and you can either forward that to your home or cell number or have it ring your magicJack that is attached to your computer.
  • You travel quite a bit and there’s Internet access where you will be. No matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can make unlimited calls to Canada and the US. Therefore, if you spend a month in England, you can call home as much as you want without incurring any additional costs beyond whatever it takes for you to get Internet access.
  • You have family members who always yak on the phone and could use a second phone line.

Be sure to do your own research on the unofficial magicJack user forum, the magicJack site, and the magicJack creator’s blog.

The magicJack has the potential to be a great product and if and when it provides Canadian numbers, it could really catch on in Canada.

February 18, 2008 update: the magicJack now offers international calls at rates comparable to Skype’s long distance rates

November 24, 2008: Due to the number of comments on this post, all discussion about the magicJack has been moved to the forum :D

2009 update: I did NOT renew my magicJack after the first year of service because the call quality was inconsistent, they never officially offered Canadian numbers, and I simply didn’t use it much. I ended up using Skype and other VoIP options such as

2010 update: Looks like magicJack now offers some Canadian area codes, although I don’t use it anymore and thus cannot comment.

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108 Responses to “magicJack phone device: an initial review from a Canadian point of view”

  1. Thom says:

    Neat-o. I just may pick one of these little guys up eventually.

  2. Cathy says:

    So, if I understand this correctly – any of my local friends calling me will be charged long distance because I have a US number? Good reason to keep the landline too I guess. Was really hoping to ditch Telus.
    Thanks for your feedback. My order is in the mail and I’m looking forward to trying it out. I have a Mac, so it will be interesting to see if that presents any difficulties.

  3. Peter says:

    Yes, they will be charged long distance :(

    You, of course, can do all the calling you want!

  4. TOM says:

    Thanks for the tips.Will buy one on E-bay.To get a number in US do i need the full phone number off my niece.She live in Massachusetts.Thanks Tom (Quebec)

  5. Peter says:

    When you select the state (shown in the second-to-last screenshot), it gives you a list of available area codes to choose from. I don’t know the boundaries for long distance in the US, but of course it’s best to have the same area code :D

  6. victor says:

    The Magic Jack is $39.99 on the Canadian website and you get full support as well as express shipping.

    Buy it on e-bay and get no support.

    Keep your money in Canada, support Canadian business.



  7. Mary says:

    Thanks a million for your amazing tips. You answered more than their own website.

  8. Fiorella Brindani says:

    Wow, thanks for your advise and your time to explain what did you do to fix your magic jack. I had the same problem. Now I'm so happy that this divise is working so good!!!!! thanks again.
    Fiorella Brindani

  9. mike rice says:

    Its Feburary 12th, 2008 and I can't even get a dialtone on MagicJack.
    I think the magic might be evaporating. I've had the thing since last
    summer. It worked great for three weeks. You could call me on it, I could tape it, the caller ID worked and people could call back. I now suspect they were tweaking it for me to produce temporary optimum results. It won't ring anymore, I can only call out, no one can call me on it. I just wrote the tech email address a moment ago to complain.

  10. Kevin says:

    I have owned the magicjack for almost six months and love it. I did not have the problems with installation because I don't have Vista. The quality is great, features are awesome (voicemails can be checked by calling your number from another phone, by picking up the phone and dialing *123, or sent to your email account as an attachment that you can listen to). I have traveled outside of the country extensively and it has saved me tons of money since you can call the US/Canada from any internet connection. It has even worked on fast speed dial up for me; Although, the company states it only works on high speed internet. I would highly recommend it. I live in the US and can help you get one if you need help obtaining one. My email address is [email protected]


  11. Christine Halls says:

    Do you have a customer service number for Magic Jack. They sent mine to the wrong address and it is being shipped back to the company by the post office. I have been trying to contact the company but cannot find a phone or email number for them. Should have checked into that before I ordered. The number that is advertised on the tv is automated for orders only. If you have any info, could you please let me know.



  12. Peter says:

    Canadian or American magicJack? The Canadian site has numbers on the front page. I can't find any info on the American site, but you can hunt around on the unofficial forum.

  13. Rochelle says:

    I don't want to sound stupid, but it says you don't have to have a landline, but how do you stay connected to the Internet then? For example: If I buy the magicjack and hook it up, I can't get rid of my landline because then i can't be connected to the internet, right? so how is that getting rid of your phone bill?

  14. traveller says:

    I bought one of these last fall and was able to work from europe without anyone knowing where I was. Now if only call block worked.

  15. Meilo says:

    Shipping and handling are $15 + taxes (which in PQ is about 13%). I got the package and shipping cost was basically a stamp of $1.15 from Hamilton to Montreal. The package itself was a plastic enveloppe and the magicjack which includes an extension usb cord in a foam protector. Well I find it hard to justify the $15 s & h fees. My friend ordered his a few weeks ago and he didn't have to pay taxes. As for the customer support, there's none in Canada as of today.

  16. min says:

    I ordered my MagicJack from the American website. It only told me that the free trial was for American orders only. I was not sure if the Canadian website was totally legitimate because I did not see any links to it from the main website. I was able to order from the American website just fine. I just ordered one for $39.95 plus shipping at 6.95. However, the Canadian website has shipping at $15 using paypal. Also, the Canadian dollar is stronger than the American dollar at this time so I think I am getting a pretty good deal.

    I am all for supporting Canadian business but isn't this an American product anyways? $15 for S&H is a rip-off anyways, and I am not in favor of supporting any rip-offs, Canadian or not.

  17. Peter says:

    Hi Rochelle, if you have a dial-up connection then, no, you cannot get rid of your landline. However, if you have a broadband connection or use public (or paid) wireless access, then you don't need a landline :D

  18. Victor says:

    There is a cost to bring the product in bulk into Canada for re-sale, there is a cost to run a business in Canada, we do have taxes to be paid when importing into Canada. does have a customer care and a phone number and if you don’t know the phone number you have never been on the site!!

    we here at hope that every one buys a magic jack in Canada or the USA, Please read the website before you call us and ask us for support for your Magic Jack that you purchsed from an unauthorized dealer on the NET!!!

    Enjoy your Magic Jacks and all the calling you want in Canada and the USA.

    We must be legit we ship all the Canadian orders from



  19. Neecy says:

    I’m in BC, and I’ve been using my magicjack for the last 2 weeks, mostly to call my bf who lives in NH. I have noticed that lately I can’t make any calls in Canada though – even if I call my cell phone (its right beside me) I get a fake "ring" but it DOESN’T really go through and my cell phone never rings! So I guess its great if you want to call internationally, but if you want to call within Canada it appears to suck bigtime.

  20. Gary says:


    If the number you are trying to call is 6041234567, dial it as follows:

    *676*041234567 you will always get through.


  21. decs says:

    Peter – you are a god-send, thanks for taking the time to do this…one question – i know of the broadband internet connection requirement and the need to have your computer to be on for it to work, but do you have to be "logged on/on line/connected" for it to work or just your computer to be on?

  22. Peter says:

    Hi, your computer must be connected to the Internet for the device to work because it uses your Internet connection.

  23. decs says:

    this could be bad news then if your ISP (rogers here in toronto) had recently instituted a sort of a limit per month of your internet usage-in my case(high speed ultra lite) 2 gigs/mo. if you exeed that limit you have to pay extra.

  24. Peter says:

    You are right. Someone should do a study on how much bandwidth the magicJack consumes…

  25. decs says:

    i think i read somewhere that it’s around 80 bps, not so sure about that figure or even what that mean.

  26. CJ says:

    That Victor guys does not seem very nice. Is he the Canadian distributor?

  27. AdwarePhobic says:

    Amazing how many users are willing to accept adware programs, especially when they have to PAY for those programs. Read their terms of service policy, section 11, Advertisements. Their magicPage software that must run on your host is adware. Oh joy, you get to pay for spam.

  28. Gary says:


    You cant be an adware phobic and surf the internet. You pay for the internet and the internet itself is adware, so go get phobic about it.

  29. lblackwolf says:

    I’m in Alberta now but lived ’round the corner(2 blocks) from the Canadian site in Hamilton, wrote to Victor days ago asking ’bout when they expected Canuck 911 service, still waiting.

  30. jon says:

    Hi Peter
    First let me say that you have started a great service and for that I sincerly thank you.I wish you luck and hope for the continued growth of your business.I saw the adv for the magicjack
    and was so excited I went to my computer and immediately located the Canadian website.I phoned the 877# could speak to no one or leave a message since the box was full and would recieve no more messages.I agree with the negative comments about Victor.

  31. steve says:

    looks like there are canadian area codes not – the message on the .ca web site has changed > anyone know how to switch a phone number yet ?

  32. Victor says:

    There will be Canadian numbers available very very soon, there will ba charge for this and it will be a yearly charge and you will have a local number for your magic jack and your neighbors will be able to call you and it will be LOCAL. You will still be able to call all over the USA and Canada for free.

  33. ken says:

    the magic jack is fantastic. i bought three, one for each child. i talk to my son in atlanta for free. I also call my brothers and sisters for free. i was on vacation in florida and called back home from my laptop for free. i can call numbers from canada to the US which i could not call before. i can hardly wait for the canadian numbers to be set up so my customers can call my business for free. i also used one for my fax number. i will be throwing my bell lines out the door very soon. thanks .

  34. Don Baker says:

    i have a magicjack and it work great ,my question is if i bought another magicjack can i have the same number and do i have to pay another $19.95 a year..

  35. Gary says:

    Every MJ is self contained and has to have its own number.

    Yes, if you bought another one you will have to pay the $39.95 +S/H for the gizmo and the first year of service and then $19.95 for subsequent years and yes, you will have to get a new number for the new MJ.

    You will not be able to use both the MJ’s at the same time on the same PC/Laptop. Some techies have been able to do it but for a layman it is not possible.

    I have two MJ’s on the same router on different PC and sometimes the incoming calls get router to the wrong MJ.

    Ideal set up is one MJ to one PC/Laptop connected to one router.

  36. Don Baker says:

    Thanks for the information Gary… the way i have 2 desktops
    computers and one laptop i use the MJ only on the laptop i was justing thinking out loud about putting another one on the desktop but if it not possible that A-OK..

  37. Don Baker says:

    I have 3 computers 2 desktops 1 laptop the question is can the MagicJack be move from one computer to another without useing another number or another yearly fee…

    My laptop is when i start my trip for my MJ..


  38. Peter says:

    Yes, the magicJack can be used on any computer. The number follows the magicJack, not the computer.

  39. Don Baker says:

    Will MagicJack be getting a Canadian area code soon and will i be able to change over from USA to Canada when it happens i am useing a AZ area code (928) for now

    The Magicjack is a good money saver…


  40. Tim says:

    I ordered mine from the US because the Canadian site wanted too much for shipping and handling.

  41. Tim says:

    Does the MagicJack install software from the internet or from some other source like a CD or itself.

    Can I switch from one computer to the next with each computer having a different O/S?

    I have been reading about the product from old and new sources.
    Does it install an application on the computer permanently? If I want to use it at a friends house, on his/her computer, will the software remain on his/her computer?

  42. Gary says:

    Does the MagicJack install software from the internet or from some other source like a CD or itself. **it installs software from itself and some upgrades from the internet**

    Can I switch from one computer to the next with each computer having a different O/S? **yes you can between XP and Vista. MJ is most stable on XP/SP2**

    I have been reading about the product from old and new sources.
    Does it install an application on the computer permanently? If I want to use it at a friends house, on his/her computer, will the software remain on his/her computer? **yes it does install some software on the computer and an icon on the desktop. There is no uninstall program so one has to manually delete the various components. And yes, it will leave stuff on your friends computer**

  43. Jo-Anne says:

    Tried to install majicJack into our laptop on wireless internet. Doesn’t recognize magicJack at all. Just says something like "this computer cannot recognize this" and then it punts us off the internet. Any suggestions? Would your above suggestions work for this problem? Would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

  44. Gary says:

    Go to this website:

    Click on "have Vista", download and install the upgrade. This works both for XP and Vista.

  45. Jo-Anne says:

    Also, I have been trying to call the Canadian distributer for two days now and the mailbox is full and no online help is available. Big mistake of magicjack company to not have support system in place. For that reason alone I would not at this time reccomend magicjack to anyone. I have read a great deal about people having problems with it. As I said before, it seems to work fine so far on our pc but we purchased it specifically for our laptop to use for work when we are on the road. So far so bad!

  46. Gary says:

    Jo-Anne; Please checkout the unofficial magicjack forum:

    Tons of knowledgeable folks there to help!

  47. Jo-Anne says:

    Yes..tried that sight. It would seem that no one is able to use the magicjack with a Mac laptop. We are sick of spending all this time to no avail to get it to work for us. We don’t even know where to send the thing back to. I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (like that will do me any good) and make sure that no one I know gets sucked into buying this product, ESPECIALLY since there is absolutely NO support whatsoever available! The Canadian site is useless as well. Another company raking in the dollars from unsuspecting purchasers who trust that they are dealing with honest, upstanding business people. That is a thing of the past so often today. Thanks for your suggestions. We will just continue to use a telephone the old fashioned way until someone comes up with a similar idea who is willing to stand behind the product that does what it says it will do. Shame on Magicjack and its inventor.

  48. Gary says:


    MagicJack does work best with windows XP and users are still having problems with Vista and Mac’s. This is a shame as the product itself is a great product. I have been using mine without any problems since November last year and there are individuals out there who have been using it for over a year. In my case (I mainly use it for long distance calls within US/Canada and overseas) it has paid for itself 100 folds.

    As a last resort you could send an e-mail to [email protected] with all your details. Dan Borislow is the owner of magicJack and is a very helpful individual.

    Best of luck!

  49. Carl “Crazy Dutch” Blokker says:

    This product is shit, and wont save u shit.


  50. Bob says:

    Can I fax-out using MagicJack? Are there any limitations? Are there any other issues relating to faxing thru MagicJack?

  51. Peter says:

    Apparently the magicJack does not officially support faxing. If you do some Googling (I am no expert) you’ll see people who have had mixed results while trying to fax.

  52. Karina says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to this website and all the posters on here. You gave me lots of insight on the magic jack. I live in Canada and am thinking of getting myself one to use as a land line since I only have a mobile. I agree that the Canadian site of magic jack is useless. Also their toll free number says that the voice mail is full. A bit strange as it has said this for awhile now.

    I may give it a try though by ordering the special they have going on right now for $39.95 for the device and one year included in that price. $19.95 per year after that. Still not sure if they are going to tack on more $$$ for use in Canada once Canadian area codes are available. Hope not! :-)

    Thank again.

  53. T Thompson says:

    I have a magicJack and I would like to buy international minutes but everytime I try follow the place to purchase the minutes nothing comes up when I click on buying international minutes.
    Please help because I leave for overseas next week.
    Thank you

  54. Victor says:

    Hello, I just thought that I would post and say hello to all the Canadian customers of I do realize that the mail box is full here at the office in Hamilton. I apologize for this but we are crazy busy, mostly with Canadians that are buying in the USA and calling us for support. Please note that if you purchased your Magic Jack in the USA go to them for support don’t come to us we are too busy trying to support our loyal Canadian customers. Canadian numbers are definitely coming I know everybody is saying that they have been hearing that for a long time. There is lots of red tape to go thru to get these in place. Yes there will be a cost for the number if you want to have a local Canadian number added to your current USA number. Personally I don’t care if I get a Canadian number on my magic jack.

    Best Regards,

    Victor Rosettani

  55. tellmeall says:

    If you are a MagicJack user who’s experiencing that constant bad phone connection where you just can’t decipher or make sense of what the recipient on the other line is saying, well, I found the solution!!! It has to do with you network card not being optimized. I know, what does that have to do with MagicJack as it’s plugged into your USB. The answer, your pc is not not utilizing your full Internet connection messing your VOIP connection. Here’s how to fix this issue.

    Good Luck Tony Alfeo

  56. Neil says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for this great and very helpful forum. I am a Canadian and just purchased a MagicJack for loved ones to use to keep in contact with me as I am moving to the US (planning to add the MagicJack number as one of my T-Mobile 5’s so that I can talk to them on the road in the US for free).

    I am having persistent problems with my MagicJack where it cuts off my wireless connection everytime I try to make a call. I have Sympatico service.

    Can anyone help me resolve this issue?



  57. John says:

    Hi Peter,

    This site is wonderful!!

    I am very much satisfied with magicjack that I bought 3 units already.

    My question is: Can I use MagicJack with USB VOIP/PSTN switch?

    I found VOIP/PSTN Switch that says Skype Certified which means Skype calls can be connected/switched to PSTN/local phone line.

    My plan is to use MagicJack instead of Skype to be connected/switched to PSTN or local phone.

    Can you suggest any brand or model of this VOIP/PSTN Switch?

    Thanks and more power!!


  58. Ian D. Allen says:

    Victor said (Aug 9):

    > Yes there will be a cost for the number if you want to have a local
    > Canadian number added to your current USA number.

    What if I don’t want to "add" a number and pay extra; I just want to
    change the number to be a Canadian number (when available). What will
    it cost to change the number? The "" web site says:

    > NOTE: When Canadians purchase a magic jack they will be required to
    > register an American number, and will be able to enjoy all the benefits
    > of FREE LONG DISTANCE. When the Canadian exchanges are available they
    > will be able to change there number to suit there area.

    (p.s. Change "there number" to "their number".)

  59. Trustee says:

    Hi Neil:

    I don’t have that problem. It may just be there is a conflict between using it on wireless v. hard wired into the router.

    Try using it hard wired into the same router and see if the problem continues.

  60. Michael says:

    New install.

    I hear a dial ton bit there is a 30-40 second delay before there is a connection after dialing a number.

    Any one else have this same issue?

  61. Gary says:

    Power down your modem, router and computer.

    Power them back on in the following sequence waiting approx 30 secs between each:


  62. Dave says:

    A suggestion to whoever manages this blog. A lot of the older comments are no longer valid and should be removed. I ordered a magicjack a week ago via phone and it arrived yesterday from Hamilton Ontario. $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping, 30 day free trial. It works perfectly on both my work PC and on my home wireless laptop. The site provides lots of advice and asure med me that their engineers are working on implementing Canadian area codes. I’ve asked them to fix two other things, their 411 service and their weather service only currently cover the USA. I’ll be in Italy in October and am looking forward to using it on my laptop or in cyber cafes to call family in Canada. I’ll report my experience when I get back. Happy magicjacking !

  63. Peter Allen says:

    MagicJack is a great product. I am on wireless and the install went fine on Vista and on XP.

    Easy setup and it works well !

  64. John H. says:

    Yes the MJ works fine most of the time but try texting there service techs when you have a problem. I needed my email address changed since I was deleteing the address I registered with them. Nothing but a nightmare…. They claimed after sitting and waiting for them to do their thing over 2 hours of texting & then when I tried to look at my account with MJ it rejected both my old and new email plus I tried calling my MJ phone from a land line to leave a test message to see if it would email me that I have a voice mail but bo such luck. No announcement on my new email and not even on my old email that will be discontinued the end of August. Since there tecks don’t seem to know what they are doin and there is no way to talk to a human voice my next move is to contact the FCC and maybe they will straighten their ass out. As it stands now I can’t get voice mails forwarede to my email & I can’t access my account with them. I’m in a revolving doorgoing only in useless circles.

  65. Pamela says:

    I recently received the MagicJack, but am visiting my daughter.. We both live in the same Canadian city, and she has a landline. Can I set it up here, or do I need to set it up at my own residence?I don’t want to cause her any trouble on her line or change her landline number.

    Thanks in advance,


  66. Peter says:

    Hi Pamela, the magicJack number is tied to the device itself, so you shouldn’t have any problems carrying it around anywhere that has Internet access.

  67. Allan G says:

    I guess this magicjack is really good. But I hope they could somehow include another feature…that is to withhold my identity to the person that I would be calling…I just don’t want them to see my number in there caller ID. Thats all…thanks…

  68. kevin says:

    It is now sept. 9. does anyone have a review on how long their mj has worked; i’ve seen some bad reports of the unit going out or working off and on. what is the life span anyway? thanks, kevin

  69. Mike T says:

    Hi All

    Just to let you know that (Victor) said that they are busy serving canadian customers I had problems with magicjack and when I called them they bluntly told me I was to contact tech support on and thats the only way it can be solved even though I purchased it from there website So dont belive what they say i got my problem sorted out with and its working fine. I have not had any problems lately

  70. Devin says:

    I got mine a couple of weeks ago….and found the clarity for outgoing calls as good as Verizon but I could not make calls from Cell phone,landlines, or payphones to the magicjack. I am a computer nerd Microsoft certified and think if I have to struggle for weeks the average user will struggle longer. I caved and used the online chat, 3 techs and hours later, they told me they would call me with a follow up 5 days later nothing! I built a dedicated PC to handle the MJ, shut off the firewall, hooked straight through the modem and still no Incoming calls. Customer service is hit and miss…half the time chat doesn’t work or is down. I squirm at the thought of returning it! Don’t buy it as a permenet replacement for your current phone system. For $67 for 2 years of service it’s only good as a backup for calling out!

  71. greg daub says:

    i have had my magicjack now for a month on vista and xp and also believe it or not had it working on a 98 second edition the best quality was vista also while i talk i can stream music through the phone on vista and that is great because i spend lots of time on it with a woman who suffers from breast cancer in michigan so i made the number local for her and she enjoys the music with me this is a great product and it paid for itself the first month. I believe anyone having problems should
    1) make sure their operating system is not corrupted or out of date
    2) make sure that the internet provider u have has a clean line to your house (no static) also more than 1 meg download speed because it is jerky sometimes
    3) make sure u have usb 2 because usb 1 will add to problems with delay
    4) if you are having problems do a line test on your internet ( ) if u are lower than 1 mg then complain to the internet service or get a new service

    i am just a magicjack customer and am happy
    bee good
    Greg Daub

  72. Stu says:

    Hi All,

    I also recently installed MagicJack and find it very useful. I consider it a Dialout line only because of the US number etc and do not intend to receive calls on it. It acts as a second line in the house as it can be used whether or not the land line is in use and to local numbers if necessary.

    The only problem I have encountered so far was the impossibility to call Canada while calls to USA worked 100%. It worked fine in the am but I could no longer get through for the next day or so. I reported to MagicJack and went through all the bull but I think I succeeded in convincing the operator to pass the problem up the line and fix the access to Canada. In any event it was fixed and later the next day I was able to call ok.

    There is an unofficial support group for Magic Jack here:

    This site has lots of ideas and tips on using the system, even one about calling into Canada and bypassing certain access problems.
    I wish I had found that one before running into the hassle.


  73. Jeff says:

    hi all,

    wow am i glade i found this page. i have just ordered this device. i’m paying 70-75 bucks a month on my phone bill. i’ve had enough! i almost never use the phone. i had it mainly for internet access. and for mom. you know they go nuts when they can’t call you.

    anyway, i was reading some reviews on, and almost everyone was bashing this thing. that made me think, did i just flush my money away? but like i said, i’m glad i stopped by. i can’t wait to tell my phone co to take a hike.

    oh, by the way, this thing will work over wifi…right?

  74. Peter says:

    Yup, works for me over Wifi. You might have some call quality problems if you have a crappy connection (like in a busy coffee shop), though.

  75. Vivian says:

    hello fellow Canadians. So far I am not happy with Magic Jack and I haven’t even received the item yet in the mail. The American commercials and website is somewhat deceiving. They say it’s available in Canada. Yes it is available. But they don’t mention that you must register an American number. You can call Canadian numbers but they can’t call you because the number to them is long distance. I was under the impression that the 30 day delay in making payment was available to us Canadians. It isn’t. They charge us as soon as you press confirm order. I paid extra for express shipping. Promised that the item would be shipped in 3- 5 days. I ordered Sept 21st it is now Sept 30th. Still didn’t receive the package. I tried to track the package. There was no tracking number available. I contacted the online chat customer service. I asked them why I was charged immediately and not after the trial 30 days. Their answer was "it’s up to the credit card company as to when the charges go through". Unexceptable to me as a Customer. Also I asked why there was no tracking number. They told me that UPS doesn’t provide tracking numbers for packages being shipped to Canadian addresses. That for a fact is not true. I worked in Shipping/Receiving and Customer Service. So that answer was not satisfactory. So far my review as of now. Not Satisfactory. But I must say the reason I am buying the Magic Jack is because I have friends and family in the USA. I want to keep in touch with them while I reside in Canada. So for now I will see if what they say is true. I will update my review if and when I receive the MJ and have used it for a period of time to give an honest review for my fellow Canadian who may be interested.

    I just have to give other Canadian Customers who order from the U.S. website. You will be charged immediately, don’t pay for Priority Shipping (it doesn’t get to you in the promised time), be prepared that there is no tracking number to ensure that your MJ is actually on the way. Basically cross your fingers and hope that it doesn’t get lost in the mail.

  76. Jeff says:

    Peter, you were right. it does work over wifi. and i got it to work right out the box. i admit that i had to re-start the download. and i had some connection issues using wifi. but all in all, it went preety smooth.

    first call i made was to my neice. clear as can be.

    good luck all!

  77. Hisham says:

    I get Magicjack From the US i did not find local Area code 905/416
    what you thing is it can be avilble soon?

  78. YANG YI says:


    Looking for help…

    One stupid question here, I have a bell phone line and DSL service. If I want to use Magic Jack, do I have to keep my phone line enble to have internet connection? To get rid of paying monthly local phone line (may not be the time yet since they are working on set Canadain numbers up?), I may have to consider subscribe cable internet or use "dry" DSL…please help to calrify.


  79. Stu says:

    For Yang:

    Ask Bell, but I doubt that you can subscribe to DSL from them without a telephone. On the other hand, you could could get High speed over cable and use it that way. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for Canadian numbers. They will be, without a doubt, very limited as are the USA ones, and not necessarily within the Toronto or Montreal etc. Extended Area Service thus possibly making local calls actually long distance for some of your for your callers.

    For Vivian:

    Orders from the USA web site are shipped to Canadians from Hamilton Ontario, (the Canadian distributor) by Canada Post. It does take time as mine took close to 15 days despite all the nice words on the American site regarding shipping times.

    (I originally thought the thing got caught up in Customs due to incorrect forms or something but I was wrong, and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived from Ontario.)

    There is a message telling you when ordering the 30 free trial that it does not apply to us.

    The answers you got from the USA customer service are incorrect as they simply don’t know how all this stuff is being handled. No one told them I guess.


  80. Denis says:

    The MJ sounds like a pretty nifty device.
    I can get it locally in Ottawa for $49.99, which sounds reasonable.
    My plan is to pick a Texas area code since I have a sister down there.

    The site led me to believe Canadian numbers were available but from Stu’s comments this is a pipedream for the moment.

    Before I buy one, is there a way to check if there are Texas area codes available (specifically ac 817). Does anyone know if there’s a site to check this out?

    Will report back with my impressions shortly…

    Answer by Peter: check this page for a list of available area codes

  81. Denis says:

    Thanks a million Peter; her area code is available.

    Never expected a reply this quick…much appreciated !


  82. Jake says:

    They have canadian phone numbers now.
    Go to

  83. Peter says:

    Although I’m excited to see that Canadian numbers are available now, what they have up there now is disappointingly vague. Some questions: What area codes are available? How does the process work for assigning a Canadian number to your magicJack? The fee is $59.99 + tax on top of your existing magicJack cost. Is that yearly or a one-time fee or ??? Do you get an incoming Canadian number only or can you also call out from that number?

  84. Paul says:

    Hey everybody, I’m like some here that wish I had found this blog site before purchasing the "Free Trial". However thus far my experience hasn’t been that bad, I ordered my MagicJ October 8th received it yesterday (Oct 15th) plugged it into my MAC and was surprised to find the setup screen had a drop down window labelled State/Province, then got frustrated when I couldn’t find any Provinces. For some reason it allowed me to setup the 911 page with an available drop down for country, I chose Canada of course, then it did it’s thing and stuck me with some loogan phone number in Alabama! This morning I went on their tech/chat and was informed by "Dora" that Canadian numbers are NOT available and 911 registry is only for the US. I asked her if I could return it, she sent me an RMA# and return address and off I went to the Post Office. Now I find there’s a and for an additional $59.99 you can get a Canadian number, but as Peter asks is this a one time charge? I would really like tell my phone subscriber what bus to take, but until all the variables get straightened out with MagicJ I’m stuck.

  85. GPrice says:

    I ordered the Canadian MagicJack September 22nd 2008 on the Canadian Web Site before the Canadian numbers were available (VISA $56.99 tax & shipping incl). Received it in the mail Sept-25-08. Installed it and was working on a US Tel Number immmediatley.
    Sept-25-08 registered as an Affiliate Member and Sept-26-08 approved as an Affiliate so I created an ICON on my web site.
    So far so good.
    Then in the last week the Canadian numbers became available. I went to the Canadian MagicJack web site an ordered a Canadian number Oct-13-08 ($62.99 incl tax) claiming 48 hours it will be working. By Oct-17-08 I hadn’t heard anything so I called that afternoon. No answer on Victor’s, Service or Order lines. Maiboxes all full. I sent an email Oct-17-18. No response. Oct-19-08 received an email saying that I have a Canadian number but it was a Florida Area Code.
    Continued to call all weekend, maiboxes still full.
    Monday Oct. 20 got through to Victor at MagicJack. He said they screwed up on issuing Canadian Numbers. By noon Oct-20 I got a Canadian number. I still have the US number for dialing out and the Canadian number receives calls inbound. So outdialing shows up on Caller ID as my New York US number.
    I tested my web site for my Affiliate access and it no longer works, so it is a broken link. I went to the Canadian MagicJack web page and clicked on the Affiliate link and it is a broken link. The Canadian order info for a Canadian number at the MagicJack web site is gone. I sent an email to Victor at MagicJack and the email bounced back as undeliverable. I called and there is no answer and the mailboxes are full and won’t take messages.
    So there you are. Go for it.

  86. John C says:

    When I was picking my phone number it was asking for Prov/State, I tried to find Prov. but it did not provide any. I ended up picking a state area code, but I realized too late I should have picked a closer area code for a few people that would call me from the east coast of the USA. I guess my two questions are, Can I get a Canadian area code and if not can I change the one I have picked?

  87. Peter says:

    Hi John, until gets its act together, you cannot use a Canadian number with the magicJack (technically you could purchase a phone number from somewhere like and forward it to your magicJack number, but that would cost you money for every minute you use). You can change to a different US area code once for free.

  88. pat says:

    I was considering purchasing this product to replace my Vonage service but majicjack is not a comparable product. Too many little annoying problems. Vonage has excellent customer support and works great with a combination phone line/ fax line, anytime anywhere. Also, the written responses from this Victor fellow leave a sour taste. He is obviously not a professional, telling prospective clients " call them, don’t call us ". What a response!

    Majicjack still has some issues to resolve before this product gains international recognition, and…Oh yeah, get rid of ‘Victor’.

  89. anne says:

    My cousin sent me a Magic Jack from the US.. I tried calling the landline number of my friend in Canada, and it worked. However, when I tried calling the cellphone number of my friend in Canada, it didn’t work.. How do you call to a cellphone in Canada? The cellphone number starts with.. +1647——- Thanks!!

  90. Peter says:

    Hi anne, there should be no problems calling a Canadian cell phone nor would you need to do anything differently. Perhaps that was just a temporary problem?

  91. anne says:

    Okay thanks! I’ll try calling again later.. But just to make sure, if the number starts with +1647……. what should I dial?thanks!

    Answer: 647… of 1647… should be fine

  92. John C says:

    I find that a lot of my calls are very choppy and breaks up a lot during the conversation. I would like to send this back but am not sure what address to send it back to. Would you have that information? Thank You

  93. clareity says:

    I live in Canada and I have a magicjack. Got it less than a month ago. NO problems. Came packed very nicely, flat, and fit in my mailbox. Took maybe 5 or 10 mins. Delays my computer a little –only on start up and I have had zero problem. I’m not a huge phone user but whenever I want to use it if the computer’s been on long enough for it to initialize it’s always been very fine. MagicJack to MagicJack calls are free, not sure you mentioned that. If your friends also have MagicJack, no charge to call you, and that applies ANYWHERE in the world. worked just fine for me. I’m in BC and was NOT impressed with extra charges to order through other numbers offered me so I just went back to the original. Worked just fine for me. No customs charges. Not double for shipping. Try it you’ll love it.

  94. clareity says:

    For Anne. I have a cell phone, am in Canada. To call it I don’t use the prefix 1. I think it’s not necessary. Try only the 10 digit number, whereever it is. Ought to work.

  95. clareity says:

    Same area codes. I just noticed note about getting the same area code so friends could call you free. There is a HUGE catch about incoming calls to a magicjack number, so the rep told me when I asked LOTS of questions. You can call a magicjack number free if you are calling from a magicjack phone OR if BOTH area code AND prefix match.

    In my own house if I had a 604 288 xxxx magic jack number and a 604 466 xxxx home line or cell phone number, I could call the home line free but I could NOT call the magicjack number from the home phone without it being long distance.

    If my magic jacknumber was 604 288 xxxx and my home line was 604 288 xxxx, then no problem to call my magicjack without long distance charges.

    And 604 is BC. No Canadian numbers yet and, as you can see, even if there were, they are not all that useful.

    I’ve found my magicjack to be an awesome outgoing call device. In calls? Unless one has a long distance plan or a magicjack, it makes no sense.

    I have magicjack and a digital phone. About 27 dollars is what the device and S&H cost, plus 20 for a year of service. After the device and S&H cost, that’s about 1.66 a month. I didn’t even have to think about it.

    Nice to have an extra phone too. $1.66 a month for all the long dist you want? Why even think about it. My digital co charges nearly 10 for 500 minutes long distance. Forget that. Basic charge is about 15 monthly total. That’s enough.

  96. Jake says:

    The phone number you provided on your website can only be called from a CANADIAN phone number. So how do you expect me to call that number if I have a magicjack? Last time I checked, magicjacks have US areacodes.

  97. Mike says:

    I live in the 905 area code area, just on the border of the Toronto 416 area code. on my landline people can call me from the 416 area code in Toronto [ no long-distance charge] people can also call me from the 905 area code as long as they’re not too far away.
    ”question” if I have a magicJack phone number with 905 area code will people calling me from the 416 area in Toronto have to pay long distance.
    thank you, Mike

    Answer: the fact that it’s a magicJack wouldn’t affect whether or not it’s long distance. You’d just have to make sure that the 905 number you get is within the proper “exchange” range. I’m not familiar with the numbers in Ontario, so you’ll have to do your own research on that.

  98. Martin says:

    Hi everybody,
    Thanks to Peter for this blog and all others for tips. I am also looking into buying it. Since I always disliked big companies like Bell / Rogers that tries to monopolies business and charge premium $$ for their service I always look up for alternatives. I can’t wait for Canadian numbers to be available, I’ll buy it then. On November 12th. I checked for update on availability of Canadian numbers and this is what I found: Canadian Number Update: Due to the overwhelming response of Canadian numbers, we have taken down the Canadian number option to revise the system to serve all Canadians better. We anticipate having the option of purchasing the Canadian number and also the option of porting your current number with in the next 2 weeks. …” , so I’ll check back in a week or two.
    Few people asked about what they can do if they have e.g. Bell landline phone and as well using Bell’s fast internet (DSL). Here is what you can do to get rid of your regular landline if you happy with using Magicjack : – yes, you can get rid of your regular landline phone service from Bell, BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR “DRY LOOP LINE SERVICE” FIRST. (If you using Internet connection via cable e.g. Rogers, then there is absolutely NO PROBLEM of getting rid of phone service at all ! ) Only be aware that Bell and or Rogers my hit you with some disconnecting fees crap, but it’s all worth it. What Dry Loop means: when Bell disconnect your phone service, you will still need keep your wires connected, that is if you want to use internet service over phone lines, (if you use cable internet service provider, this does not apply any more). I switched from Bell /Sprint service about 2 years ago to, and since I,ve been using their fast internet service (ADSL) and telephone service (VoIP) as well. But I found setting up VoIP service is still little bit tricky, as opposed to setting up this MagicJack, which’s almost like Plug’nPlay. Also I still remember that Bell was giving me hard time switching over to “Dry loop line” e.g. they kept saying, that this service is not available in my area etc…took me like 3 weeks, but since that I’ve have had very little problems. One more note: although you can get rid of almost completely of Bell service, they still own wires, so expect to pay “renting” it from Bell for about $8/month (You don’t pay this if you have internet over cable, but again, you end up paying premium to Rogers for that). Overall right now I pay about $45/month (tax included – based on yearly subscription). for High Speed internet service (5Mb Downlod and 800kb Upload) AND full featured Voip phone service as well (Including all Canada/US long distance free calls). By using MagicJack I may be able to get this price to close to $35/month. (First year with Acanac it would be more like $25/month).

  99. Martin says:

    Also I forgot to mention, with acanac, there is no upload/download monthly limit, as some of the people here were concerned.

  100. Mike says:

    although I have high-speed Internet I spend much time downloading DVDs movies and spend time on sites like youtube where you’re watching streaming video,
    question: is there any way of allocating the necessary bandwidth required to run magicjack so it won’t be interrupted by these downloads etc.,,
    thank you, Mike

  101. Peter says:

    Hi Mike, I’m pretty sure it’s do-able on some routers, but I’m no expert on that. Try looking on or starting a topic there. I’d be curious to know the answer.

  102. VICTOR says:

    hello there I was just going through some of these blogs and I see that there are a few people out there dont like very much. Sorry to hear that. Most people are customers that purchased in the USA at or the TV infomercial. They call my line because they cant get to talk to anyone on the USA site. So they think automatically that I should take care of thier issues. We apologize that we dont take care of your issues, we are told by to send there customers to the techchat on the site

    We have sold thousands of Magicjacks in Canada which gives us many phone calls, if we keep ansering the calls for the people that purchased in the USA we will have our Canadian customers that purchased in Canada and supported canadain business all over us and rightfully so. does not support orders from is a Canadian distributor. We only provide service and support to authorized purchases from customers who have purchased through our THEMAGICJACK.CA store. THEMAGICJACK.CA’s affiliation with is limited to Authorization by to resell the Magic Jack product and to manage the magicJack Reseller Agreement Program in Canada. THEMAGICJACK.CA has been directly authorized by Magic Jack LP and YMAX Corporation to provide this Authorization.

    For the customers that cannot access the 877.901.5225 line form there magicjack, it is becasue it is for Canada ONLY, again were getting way too many calls form cusotmers in the USA and couldnt support our own customers. Unfortunately that means that you cannot use your magicjack to call out 877 line.

    As for Canadian numbers, yes we have posted certain things on website. We are only going by what we are told here. Now I am told again that the numbers are coming and no there is not an exact date for this. I would be the happiest man alive if the numbers we here believe that!!

    So if you have issues with your magicjack please go to and they will take care of your problems, also try knowledgebase at the bottom of the homepage and you may find your answer there.

    For all other Canadians that are purchasing from so called resllers please look into the return policy and the refund or exchange policy, there are many people selling them illegally just to make a buck!!!

    Read above we are the real deal here and yes your magicjack that you ordered in the uSA came from my office becasue we do all the shipping for the Boss Man Mr. Borislow.

    I would like ot take this time to wish everybosy a safe and happy Holiday and remember the Magic jack is a great and affordable Christmas gift that will last the whole year.

    God Bless and Please dont Drink and Drive, Take a Taxi,save a job and also a life,

    Yours Very Truly,

    Victor Rosettani

    (please excuse spelling and grammatical errors)

  103. mel says:

    have used magicjack on a baltic cruise at sea ,skype would not work at sea but the magicjack did most of the time.worked in russia to call canada and usa. wife says i usally buy junk off tv commercials but this one she is impressed with it really works

  104. Mike says:

    I’ve just ordered a magic jack and would like to use a New Jersey area code as I have a lot of friends and relatives there. Can these friends and relatives call my MJ without the calls being seen as long distance? Would the calls be seen as local calls without having to incur long distance charges? Can these relatives and friends use their cell phones to call my MJ and the calls showing as local calls?
    Please help before I assign this area code once my MJ arrives.

    Reply by Peter: As far as I know, an MJ number is no different than a normal number. If the number assigned to your MJ is within someone’s local calling area, when they call you it’s just like making a local call.

  105. debbie says:

    Just got a Magic Jack and ready to go!
    Has anyone used it frequently and long enough to determine if they are paying extra bandwidth charges (rogers extreme)?? After all, trying to SAVE $$ with this.

  106. Rob says:

    Is there any user in Canada using Magic Jack that has family or friends angry that they now have to call you long distance (since you have a U.S #), even if they are living beside you? Or is this not a problem with long dist competition rates?

  107. Peter says:

    Hi Rob, I wouldn’t recommend replacing your primary phone with the MJ in Canada, especially without getting a local number. It’s good as an additional service or if you don’t get many local incoming calls.

    debbie — Unfortunately, I don’t use my magicJack heavily enough to provide a useful comment on the bandwidth usage.

  108. Rob says:

    Thanks Peter
    So no one has MJ as their primary phone service? Cause I do want to eliminate my phone service and it’s monthly rates. Apparently Canadian phone numbers will be avail somewhere in the first 4 months of 2009. Once this happens I do intend on cancelling my phone service. Otherwise I don’t see the benefit of keeping my phone and adding MJ, as it’s just more expense.


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