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November 11, 2008
12:24 pm

Kerry said:

I dont know iof any one knows, but with the tab, if i was to pay an extra say 10 or 15 $ a month and keep a positive credit on my account when i decide to cancelle these phones can i use that credit i have on my account to appy off the tab or not? because in the contract they make it sound like they will take any money you have credited to your account and still make you pay the 150 tab?? if anyone knows please let me know!

If you ALWAYS kept a postive account balance of 10 or 15 dollars then yes, if you decided to cancel your account, the postive balance that you kept it at will come off of your TAB. Only, however, if you do not owe anything, such as airtime overages or stuff like that.

November 25, 2008
10:01 pm

i had a problem with koodo's customer service. I got billed long distance for calls that aren't long distance. I live in the montreal area and we have 2 area codes in montreal that are considered local. Anyways when my bill came in i saw this and obviouslly called up customer service to inform them of the error. Now i understand that when you call CS you get forwarded to someone who doesn't necessarily live in your city and therefore wont necessarily know what's local in your area but basically, the person i spoke to said that their system (it's an automated system) was right to charge me for those "long distance" calls. But when i pointed out that on my bill i have a call to the exact same number from the exact same location and it wasn't charged long distance the CS rep. said that i got lucky for that one and that i should've been charged long distance for it too. So even my insistance on the fact that it was a local call and that they had a glitch in their system did nothing. Now i understand that she must have been getting frustrated but i still found her to be very rude. In the end she said the bill was right and i had to pay it. This obviously didn't please me.
After this i brought my bill to the koodo kiosk and the sales person there (who knows what a local call is in montreal) agreed that there must have been a bug in the system and after i told her about my fallout with the CS rep. she said that the person i spoke to was just retarded. Long story short the saleswoman at the kiosk was at lot more knowledgeable and actually called up her supervisors and got the problem fixed herself.
From now on, if i have a problem, forget about calling customer service. I'm going to the Koodo kiosk...

November 28, 2008
3:07 pm

Kerry said:

I dont know iof any one knows, but with the tab, if i was to pay an extra say 10 or 15 $ a month and keep a positive credit on my account when i decide to cancelle these phones can i use that credit i have on my account to appy off the tab or not? because in the contract they make it sound like they will take any money you have credited to your account and still make you pay the 150 tab?? if anyone knows please let me know!

Yes you are correct. If you keep your balance at a positive state, when you cancel, that postive credit that you have on the account will be used to help pay off the last invoice; (which includes your TAB blanace)

Koodo ;)

December 10, 2008
7:05 am

lol when an account is setup they always setup a PIN code, it's required for the credit check.

I hope a lot of people looking to switch to Koodo can separate customers misconceptions and mistakes they make and blame Koodo for and what Koodo really offers. I think they offer the best CDMA service in Canada. Customer service is the same in each big company that you deal with (Bell, Rogers and Telus.)

You can take away all the extra fees... but everyone still thinks theres a catch somewhere just cuz its a cell phone company... lol win some you lose some

December 14, 2008
11:40 pm

Koodo is messed up peroid! The ass does not know what the head
is doing and both are full of "AIR"! I credit card problems have been
going on for at least 8 mounths. Their are some helpfull people
working their but the company is still one of Darel E's abortions.
To bad because the idea is good and generally the rates are less.

December 16, 2008
3:58 pm

I stopped doing business with Telus a LONG time ago. Here’s why:

I bought a new phone on a two year contract (first mistake). They told me that I have 3 months of unlimited internet browsing, text messaging, and voice calls. So I call them one day and ask them if it’s also free to download things. The Telus service rep tells me that she isn’t sure, so she goes and checks, comes back in like 10 minutes and answers in the affirmative. So I start downloading away for a month. My phone bill arrives and surely enough it wasn’t free. I call Telus and complain, the service rep says that he isn’t responsible for what the previous service rep told me. I tell him that since he works for Telus and the previous service rep I talked to works for Telus, then it IS his responsibility. He says there’s nothing he can do. Eventually after 10 minutes of arguing we make a deal that he debits all the internet fees but not the actual download fees. I (being tired and pissed off) accept.

Predictably enough, he didn’t even do that.


Telus is the definition of a hypocrite. Poodo Mobile’s ads just annoy me to hell. If you think a system access fee is actually bS then why does Telus do it? If you think contracts are scams then why does Telus do it? YOU’RE THE SAME BLOODY COMPANY.

Recently Telus’s CEO told the media that Unlocked phones should be make illegal. You already sell your phones without SIM cards, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM PEOPLE? TO HELL WITH POODO AND TELUS.

December 21, 2008
3:13 am

Lol lol "Poodo"? Lol lol.
I just bought my Poodo/Koodo phone on Friday, December 19th at Best Buy and the sales rep was a freak! He was rude and he was acting very annoyed with the questions I was asking. I told him that if customer questions irritate him so much he shouldn't work with people he should be working in the back.
Anyway, after pulling teeth for a little while, I was finally able to sign up for Koodo service through Best Buy activating it. There was a lot of trouble and he had to call Koodo 3 times to get it right. Don't know if that was Koodo's fault or Best Buy freak guy. But after reading these complaints about Koodo and Telus and throwing the Best Buy guy in, it just reinforces the fact that customer service is dead. No wonder Koodo wants us to work through the computer and not them, too many people who work with customers should not be working with people at all.

December 30, 2008
4:08 pm

Kathy, you probably should've gone directly to a Koodo kiosk, it just sounds like the Best Buy guy was a jerk. That doesn't make it Koodo's fault. The guy who activated mine at the Koodo desk was extremely helpful, and even sat there browsing phone numbers for me until I got one I liked.

I should add the other side of the coin into the discussion. I've had great experience with their customer service reps. I had some problems with my phone initially, so when I called the guy tried to fix it, and ended up taking off a plan he couldn't add back on. He stayed on the phone for an hour with me trying to fix it, then when he couldnt he called me back several times and offered me a large credit.

The only problem I've had was with receiving texts. I've had to call several times to get the network reset to my phone. They finally told me today that it's a network problem, so I hope they can fix that. Otherwise, I've had better reception (I can finally use the phone in my basement), and my plan is a fantastic price.

December 31, 2008
1:12 pm


Well I came to this site hoping to find out people’s opinions and experiences on Koodo mobile. I’m currently looking for a new cell phone provider, any ideas?


Oh, and I would also like to hear from anyone who knows about the "tab" and how does the reception hold up?

January 1, 2009
2:00 pm

Koodo Mobile customer support is totally bogus. My girlfriend and I purchased a phone each two days ago. We didn't know all the numbers we wanted on our five essentials so the girl put in a couple each and said to go home and put the rest in ourselves on the Internet. We did this and the numbers we put in couldn't be used until the next month. The reason we got these phones was to be able to talk to each other long distance, But now we can't for a month and we are paying for the 5 essentials and getting 2. We called customer support, they couldn't do anything, we spoke to their manager, couldn't do anything, their manager, couldn't do anything, then called the booth where we bought the phones couldn't do anything, so we brought them back to cancel, oh wait now they can do something. They cancelled the plan and gave us new phones and numbers with the 5 essentials we wanted. But then we get home and the number they said the one phone was was wrong, meaning the number I had in my 5 essentials was wrong. So we called back and within 15 mins everything was changed. How come it was so easy now to change the five essentials ????? When before everyone we called said "the system wont let us do something like that" and "we don't have the equipment". This company is bogus and I'm sure the rest of these companies are as well, customers just complain a bit then give up. If you get screwed you cancel or complain till its fixed. At a restaurant if your food sucks you complain, they fix it, you buy a TV and it doesn't work they replace it, don't let cell phone companies screw you. They just want you to give up on complaining and deal with it. Thats not how business works.

January 1, 2009
4:48 pm

We have had a hellish nightmare with Koodo. They billed us for 800 dollars in downloads. This was over the course of 3 months. We called them weekly, as we did not dowload these items. Not only that, the phone was out of commission for a 3 week period, when they said we downloaded. Then 2 weeks ago, we got another bill for regular service and even more downloads. Big problem, as we cancelled the service near 2 months ago, they continue to refuse to provide us with information about these downloads, and even told me I could not talk to a amanager, and they would not call me back. Call after call, I have tried to resolve this, only to be called a liar. This company is criminal, and it stealing money from people. I am contacting the ombudsman next week. This is absurd, I told them other companies with such business practices would be put out of business, and charged.

January 4, 2009
6:01 pm

Koodo rocks period!!! I am never going back to any of the others!! They can keep their service charges etc. Koodo all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 6, 2009
8:24 pm

I'm having a hellish time getting a charge reversed on my bill. The customer service is terrible. Does anyone know who a person can call ie head office or director of the friggin company who can reverse this????

January 9, 2009
3:29 pm

I have had the same problem with Koodo charging me long distance for calls that are local. Out of 81 phone calls they only picked three of them to charge me long distance on????? I have called the company several times and have e-mailed them asking for someone to get back to me regarding this issue and still no call. How can 50 calls to the same number not be long distance and then all of the sudden now three of them are?? Their CS is absolutley the worst I have ever experienced. I am still waiting for them to contact me.........lets see how long it takes.

January 13, 2009
7:23 pm

hey, Im looking at signing up for koodo service. Now Ive read the credit rating stuff and I have a question and was hoping somebody on here could answer it. I dont have good credit rating at all because of student loan, now if I dont choose to do the 'Tab' option, will that effect my ability to get service with them? Or will it be ok if I just pay full price for the phone right there and there will be no credit check? Because Ive been turned down by some companies because of that. Virgin Mobile has no deposit either, and they turned me down. So if someone could answer this for me that'd be great

January 15, 2009
12:54 pm
Koodo sucks

i got a phone with koodo last month and now i regret it. they dont send all your text messages (i guess thats why they like to give unlimited texting) and i dont receive all of mine. DO NOT get a phone with this company if u text a lot. u will be frustrated, i almost broke my phone

January 16, 2009
1:42 pm
Levis V

In a slightly unrelated note, not specifically about Koodo, but Telus in general I agree with 'total lack of custom'. Telus and all Telus subsidiary companies are infamous for providing poor poor service and 'screwing' customers. I have been with Telus home phone and DSL internet for quite some time now and and very happy to be changing over to Shaw at the end of the month. I was blown away when I called Shaw to switch (sure I waited over 20 minutes on the phone for a CSR), but at least I got a live person who actually knew what they were doing! I have never got that from any call ever made to Telus.

Several months ago I had a sales call from a Telus agent trying to get me to bundle my phone and internet. At the end of the call I made sure (& recorded) that he was certain that I would:
-NOT pay a single service fee or transfer fee of any kind
-NOT pay any additional monthly fee's - since bundling should mean I actually pay less each month.
-Changing would not affect my stupid contract.
He assured me that all of the above was true.

Well guess what: My next monthly bill showed a $300 transfer fee.

So this ended up costing me even more money because I had to waste countless hours calling their CSR's to get it corrected.
After speaking with 8 different Telus CSR's I finally got a person who could fix the problem and she promised to reverse the billings. I made sure to get her name and extension so I could contact her on future problems as I am sure I would have.

My next phone bill showed a partial credit so I called her back and she corrected the rest.

This has happened to me far too often from Telus, where they charge for things that should not be on the bill. I have heard too many nightmare stories about things like this and the customer is basically left paying most of the excess $$ in the end.

I am so sick and tired of Telus that I am happy to be moving over to Shaw for my home phone and internet and will be overjoyed to see a 'stead' non-fluctuating phone bill each month - that is guess what! Less than Telus!!

The problem is that Telus is extremely poorly managed.
I should know since I work for a very large corp. too and know that the larger the co. the more crappy management there is!

January 17, 2009
1:58 am

Been with Koodo for 6 months now, never had a single problem with customer service. I’ve called them twice about charges on my bill that I shouldn’t have recieved, and they were cleared up within minutes. I’ve never been happier with Koodo Service.

If you ask me, people go on the internet to complain. If you love Koodo, the average person isn't going online to brag about it. On the other hand, if you've got a problem, the world needs to know. Koodo doesn't get the credit they deserve.

From a Happy Customer [Image Can Not Be Found]

January 18, 2009
4:18 pm


January 23, 2009
10:33 pm

Peter said:

Bad experience with Koodo? Say so!

I had so much difficulty getting my phone that I almost gave up and stuck with a land line (that was costing me 30 dollars more a month).

Before I went to pick out a koodo phone I called them and asked if there was anything I should bring to the store with me?

Govt issued id? So my Passport and care card are okay? Got confirmation of that.


Off to the store I go.
Only to find out once I'm half way done signing up that they need something with my SIN or a licence. Get assured *all* they needed was my SIN number. And non of the government issued ID I had brought with me would work.

Back home I go.
Get something with my SIN on it and put my passport away.
Get back to the store. Only to have the Koodo rep there tell me "Oh now we also need photo I.D."