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May 30, 2012
12:54 pm

Koodo, destroyed our credit, based on a technical error and claim there is nothing they can do about it!!! In total Koodo was contacted four times over the phone and in person at a kiosk about their E-bills not being sent. They reconfirmed my email address twice, as I expressed that I was still not receiving any bills. This was going on months, as it was explained to me that it may take a month, each time I filed a request. However, throughout this time I was still paying a monthly amount based on the first and only bill I had ever received through the mail. I was never contacted once by Koodo, not a single phone call to our house or cell, no letters, emails or text messages that there was a problem with my payments. We found out through our Mortgage broker that Koodo has been sending bad reports each month about us, to TransUnion Canada (a credit bureau), stating that the bill was not paid on time or the full balance was not paid. After speaking to Koodo, I was only off by a few dollars and a few days each month, considering I DID NOT have any bills to go by! My question was, “why was I never contacted that there was an issue with the payments before they contacted a credit bureau?,” one salesperson had said, because I was making monthly payments, whereas the manager said, it is not Koodo’s responsibility to contact me and let me know there was an issue, your name automatically gets sent to TransUnion Canada. We were never contacted by TransUnion Canada either, so how was I to know there a problem??? As a result of this, I have cancelled my cell phone plan with Koodo and I am taking the steps needed to clear up our name with TransUnion Canada. So if you are a Koodo customer, be careful because you won’t know if they sending your name to TransUnion Canada, because it was reiterated to us that it is not Koodo’s responsibility to let you know if there is an issue with your account. I would hate for this to happen to someone else, because of a cell phone company!

June 20, 2012
9:51 pm
only sane one appare

This is hilarious everyone bitching about koodo when ALL your problems are simple to fix. You have three count em three ways to check your bill but you decide not to use any of em. Instead you guess and then blame koodo for the billing errors. Go online and check it takes 10 seconds.Eeryone saying public and wind are better are also in denial. I've heard horror stories of being lied to then getting stuck with 200 handsets that even unlocked are not compatible with any other carrier. Enjoy unlimited data while roaming in ur own basement. Koodos not perfect but it has won every award including consumer report due to its customer service. I've dealt with them numerous times and do not believe the stories because most of the claims are exaggerated at best.

June 22, 2012
3:34 pm

yes they suck they are charging me for a phone i never had and i found out that all your information you give kodoo there sending it over to a third world county that hates us over here in canada and we wounder why there is so much fraud Embarassed

June 30, 2012
3:07 pm
unhappy with Telus

unhappy with Telus said:
I have had a similiar probelm with Telus. I was being charged for calls that I never made nor was the phone number active. Complained and was told I was rude asked to talk with manager and was on the phone with him for long time was told phone number didn't exsit but was not given any refund -- pay as you go and monthly bill totaled $600 should have been $20 maybe $30 -- told them to shut of answereing system which they supposedly did but checked later and answering system was turned back on==Again big bill for calls not made by me-- called rep again was honest sand said that they didn't understand what was going on asked why my answering system was turned back on didn't know why had everything shut off and could only make or receive calls. Now all of a sudden I was getting phone calls from the same area but using a phone number I new. Was told that I was wrong and that the calls were being charged properly -- don't know how I could be charged for phone calls when my phone was shut off or that they person calling was in a totally different area. Cancelled with Telus. Think it cost me about $100.00 to be told I was wrong and nothing would be done. Now lokking for a new cheap phone as I only make calls or anser calls.

JustMii said:

I've been with Koodo for about 3 and a half years now. Never had problems until this past year. Got a new phone last December. All was fine for awhile. Until this past summer, when I was suddently getting random data usage charges. I fought them, since I Charge reversed once. And then showed up again a month or two later. Representatives tried telling me that I *must* be doing something to incur these charges. Funnily enough, I received a picture text (included in my plan) at the EXACT same time I received the data charge, and the file sizes were pretty much identical. They worked out a little "deal" with me after that happened (so little, it's laughable, but since I haven't had a mistaken data charge since I guess it's not bad).

Now for the past few months I've been having problems sending multi page texts to Bell customers. Complained to Koodo. Koodo tells me it must be on Bell's end. Talk to Bell, they were essentially unhelpful (told me to call a number on a landline, even after I informed them of my lack of landline to do so). Went back to Koodo, and now I'm waiting to see if they can work with Bell to sort it out.

It makes me sad, I love the Canada-wide calling plan, but multi page texts are pretty important to me too. I've informed Koodo if they don't get it sorted out by the New Year, I'm looking elsewhere. And I'm not paying off my Tab (and I shouldn't have to, they've been unable to provide me with satisfactory service that I've paid for).

July 7, 2012
8:13 am

Most of what I've heard is pretty WRONG. 99% of the time there are issues with an account, the sales person is too blame. also the customer for not taking enough time to learn the parameters of their package.
Everyone is so quick to say Koodo sucks, well guess what. I sell every program available in Canada, and everyone sucks to someone. Take your damn time, ask more than enough questions, if the rep cant answer them. dont buy from that rep! easy right? In Barrie, Ont, theres about 90 different places to get a cell phone. shop around, get the right answers, KNOW what you're doing. for instance. If you sign up for ebilling, but dont register on, YOU WONT GET YOUR BILL!
And it is ILLEGAL for these companies to sell your personal information, thats just ridiculous to claim so. There's so much fraud out there because YOU put your personal info all over the internet and get surprised when someone in africa gets a cell phone under your name. Facebook is NOT secure, if you think it is, you need to get some common sense, and realize that there people out there who make it their duty to find unsecured info. It's very easy to find a piece of mail in the trash and do a fraud activation.

July 7, 2012
9:23 am

Sounds like a lot of these complaints are just people being stupid...
Racking up $200 in LD and not paying for 2 months? Of course you're cut off and have to pay reconnection fees...
Thinking you have some Unltd. LD plan when you don't, then bitching about the $750 you get charged and then going and doing the exact same thing next month and racking up $800? LOL
Claiming Koodo sold you a crappy phone? Don't be a moron, you can use any phone you want on Koodo's network once you unlock it, so don't try and pin your bad purchase on them.

Come on people, use your heads... Koodo has been excellent for me and I feel like most of these problems are just idiots making assumptions, not researching their purchase or just having their facts all wrong.
They aren't your babysitter, they are your cell phone service provider. YOU figure out what service you are paying for and how to use it appropriately, or expect to be paying a lot of extra fees.

August 21, 2012
10:34 am
Viktor Elias

chuckeebaby said:

I had nothing but trouble with KOODO.....texts missed....not sending....not recieving...not sympathetic i left and went back to BELL.

You know that BELL is Koodo!!! So your going to the same company! Bell employees work for Koodo and Bell!
So your getting the same employees.

August 29, 2012
12:43 pm
Derick Oram

When you use WIFI and the signal is weak Koodo automatically connects you to the internet and charges you and ofcourse like all descent liars crooks and thieves they don't tell you.
WTF is that all about. If you have Koodo have them block their service from your phone otherwise you may get caught paying $153.47 a month extra. Yep! They suck but then again all cell companies suck. As for customer service that went out with Sears in the 1960's.

September 4, 2012
6:28 am

Derick Oram, can you not just shut off the data in your phone? I doubt it's Koodo switching anything, it's your phone looking for a way to connect. Most phones have icons or other indicators that tell you how you're connected. If you shut off data, it won't connect that way--no apps will use data in the background, but you can still make calls and send SMS messages. I installed widgets (Android) for one touch switching of wifi and data, and they also indicate which is one and off.

September 10, 2012
7:07 pm
Cell phone companies

Viktor Elias said:

chuckeebaby said:

I had nothing but trouble with KOODO.....texts missed....not sending....not recieving...not sympathetic i left and went back to BELL.

You know that BELL is Koodo!!! So your going to the same company! Bell employees work for Koodo and Bell!
So your getting the same employees.

No, dude! Koodoo belongs to Telus... geez, don't write just any crap, check the facts out first...

September 11, 2012
3:09 pm

KoodoCustomer said:

I've had no problem sending nor receiving texts. None of the texts that were sent to me were ever late. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Look man I have been get horrible reception in my home and the thing is my call are getting cut and eventually breaking upYell

September 29, 2012
12:06 pm

Koodo in my experience isn't QUITE as sh**ty as Fido and Rogers. Best customer service I had was with my PetroCanada phone. Great prices too $15 for unlimited data. Check Seven-11 too!

I'm writing to tell you how to get the collection agency and company off your back if the bill's less than $1000.

Tell them you WON'T pay. You want them to take you to small claims court, because you'd like to counter claim for YOUR money they wasted because of their lies. When I told this to a collection agency, she said: "Are you crazy! They won't sue you for $400". Yeah, because they know they would lose.

Once you tell them you WANT them to sue you, by law they have to stop contacting you and do that. They continued to phone me, so I told them their harrasment is illegal, and this will come up in court too. That I planned to subpoena all their recorded conversations they were making "for my protection". In the end I faxed Fido, cc President of the company. Finally it stopped.

The good thing is that the law's on your side. They know they've been lying. Their lies are all over their websites. They are not allowed to harrass you, continue to have their collection agency call you. As a last resort, you can get a Cease and Desist letter from the web and send it. Come to think of it maybe that's a good place to start!

Good luck, give those scum what they deserve.

November 18, 2012
10:21 pm
Kevin Dunbar

So I've just switched to Koodo after being screwed by Bell and f**cked by Rogers. Are you telling me I'm about to be screwed again;-)

November 20, 2012
5:28 pm

These guys are so rude. I called to cancel my mother's phone, the first guy was very nice, but then he sent me over to this other lady who was incredibly rude, she asked me what the name registered to the account was, I said my mother's name, then she asked who I was, so I naturally told her I was my mother's son talking on her behalf, and she says this, in a rude angry tone, "Now because you tried to cancel her account and impersonate her now I need you to go visit a koodo store to cancel your plan, how do I know you aren't some random thief?". That really pissed me off, you could have just said nicely to go visit a kiosk to verify my mother's identification, but instead she blatantly refers to me as a random thief and starts yelling at me in a rude tone, saying "Now because you did this" as if she was punishing me. The guy before her was much nicer, this person was just retarded. I'm sorry you got a shitty desk job, maybe you should have studied more in school eh? Don't get mad at me you were too retarded to get an actual job and now you have to do a stupid telephone line job for minimal pay, it's not my fault so don't get mad at me, jeez she should learn her place.

Side note, WTF the math question required was 9+2 and I typed in 11, but apparently its wrong and I have to redo it

January 4, 2013
8:02 pm

Koodo is great as long as everything works. It's their "customer service" website that is useless. Even though accounts can read emails they insist on using a Koodo phone 611 or a 1 800 wait forever line. to do business. What happens to the customer who has a broken Koodo phone? If you can't get to them they will not pay attention to any emails reguardless of the content. I have ended in collections over charges being levied on a phone that did not work.sf-confused

January 9, 2013
6:09 am

Im with Koodo unfortunately atm. i agree with negative feedback i have read so far. Koodo has the worst of worst customer service ever. Thats saying a hell of a lot too. Considering theres places like zellers and walmart that rape everyone of their dignity. Id rather have no electronic services then be with Koodo. I need to get out of it now, does anyone know if i just stop paying them if they will go through collections or what they will do? I willl never ever reccomend koodo to anyone. This is the worst experience ive ever had. Never been treated so badly before. Also KOODO SUCKS BAD TIME.

January 9, 2013
2:11 pm

My Koodo phone broke, could not be charged. nearest kiosk is a hundred miles and an expensive ferry ride, away. Cannot use the phone so I email their "customer service" and they ignore me for three emails then don't even address the real problem that the phone is dead and cannot be used. but they are more than willing to charge me for the service even though the phone is dead. I tell them to cancel and they say they cannot cancel over the internet hence "cancel at anytime is not true. They sold the bogus debt to a collection agency and ruined my credit rating. I do not think one has to pay for services one does not use. KOODO ruined my credit rating.

November 15, 2013
7:44 am
New Member
Forum Posts: 1

Yes I agree Koodo sucks. We have 2 phones - Blackberry Curve and iPhone 4 and both have stopped getting a signal. Also I sometimes get text messages showing up hours after they were sent instead of instantly. Is this the way cell service is supposed to work? I could get the message across this fast by sending a letter in the mail. Koodo Sucks


August 15, 2014
12:31 pm
calgary AB
Forum Posts: 3

Vlad said

I hate Koodo! Every time i phone their "customer service" center, i get some snotty high-and-mighty customer service rep who feels they can talk down to me, and even argue. Straight up argue! And this is EVERY TIME I CALL! I have NEVER had a real customer service rep when phoning this company. Last time, it was so bad, i said "Can you please stop shouting and interrupting? I didn't call in to argue, I just want to speak with your supervisor" and he said "The only way to resolve is to argue" and kept refusing to transfer my call. My issue with Koodo is that they shut my phone off in November, and then didn't provide me with service, but continued to CHARGE me for the service, for 2 months. They said this was because I "didn't cancel it properly". HOw was I to know how to properly cancel my phone when the CSR didn't mention anything? He's the one who told me I was cut off! I am NEVER using Koodo again and will NEVER recommend it to anyone!! They are just some Jo-Circus operation and all I can hear in the background when talking with them are people talking about how drunk they got on the weekend. Koodo: BAD CALL!!!

I cancelled properly and still get charged for another month without properly notify me by mail. Just becareful, this fucking company can ruin your personal credit and they already did mine.

August 15, 2014
12:37 pm
calgary AB
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