Recycling aluminum pie plates and cookie tins in Metro Vancouver

First published on September 1, 2012

Apart from the well-known paper, glass, aluminum can, and plastics recycling, and now food scraps / composting, Metro Vancouver cities also recycle household aluminum pie plates and foil, as well as cookie tins. This has long been the case, but not everybody is aware of this.

With aluminum pie plates and foil, you can of course re-use them for food storage and baking. Cookie tins such as Turtles and other Christmas gift regulars, can be re-used as gift wrapping and other miscellaneous storage. But if you simply have too much of it to re-use or share, you can put them in your “blue box” recycling if your garbage is collected by the city. If you live in a multi-family building (aka an apartment or a condo) and garbage and recycling collection is handled by a private company, you can advocate for them to collect the same materials as the city. You can also bring your recyclables directly to your relevant city’s recycling depot, such as the Burnaby facility (walking distance from Brentwood SkyTrain station, just past Costco).

Don’t hesitate to clear out your overflowing stash of cookie tins (unless they’re collectibles…) but just don’t throw them away!


2 Responses to “Recycling aluminum pie plates and cookie tins in Metro Vancouver”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Hi Peter, I knew about the cookie/candy tins but NOT the aluminum foil – thanks for informing me! :)

  2. Melissa says:

    Aluminum is one of the best things to recycle because the same piece of aluminum can be recycled over & over without degrading the material, unlike plastic.

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