Stainless steel water bottle instead of buying water bottled in plastic

First published on August 22, 2007

Tap water in Canada is so clean (unlike what a certain Brita ad might suggest) that there is no reason for us to buy bottled water. In an effort to wean myself off plastic water bottles (David Suzuki is right), I’ve purchased a stainless steel water bottle from Superstore for $9.99 plus tax.

Stainless steel water bottle from Superstore

This bottle holds 500mL, just like the standard plastic bottles that contain, most of the time, tap water. It has a large spout like a thermos, which makes it easy to clean. Now I have an easy way to carry water around that saves the resources required to manufacture the bottles and to transport them to the store (it gets even worse if people just throw out the bottles). I can refill the bottle an infinite number of times with… tap water!

Details about the bottle


15 Responses to “Stainless steel water bottle instead of buying water bottled in plastic”

  1. Julia says:

    Hmmm sounds good! So why did you pick a stainless steel one and not a Nalgene?

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Julia, check out this post:

  3. Marquis Hunt says:

    The whole situation with Nalgene bottles is that they secrete plastic stuff into your water after a few months of use. These particles are known to cause problems in people. A lot of plastics in general aren’t good.

  4. Cathy says:

    u r making me feel not so green…..reusable bottle, reusable bag and reusable u.

    what to do in a non clean tap water enviro…i can still use that bottle i no!

    so now, do i buy one here or go home first?


  5. Anna says:

    great idea! i just wish they weren’t so expensive over here!

  6. SH says:

    We are disposing of all our plastics and buying 3 or 4 stainless water bottles for our family of 3.

    Carefull on stainless though. The stainless to look for is #304 grade, otherwise it could contain higher levels of nickel. If it does not specify, I would stay away.

    Klean Kanteen is a popular brand of stainless steel water bottle.

  7. Ren says:

    Where did you buy your stainless bottles and are they the Klean Kanteen brand? I can’t find a stainless bottle anywhere. I live in southwestern ontario.

  8. Peter says:

    Hi, I bought mine at Superstore (not Klean Kanteen). You could also try buying one at sporting & outdoor stores or online at

  9. kersal says:

    Bisphenol A is the chemical that is used in some of the palastic bottles (not all) particularly polycarbon bottles. I now use only stainless steel bottles now
    I got my stainless bottles from

  10. Jenna says:

    Klean Kanteen is one of the best products. I have a few bottles that I have bought from generic stores like walmart, and they are not nearly as good.


  11. corey says:

    Check out this website. My In Laws own it tell them Corey sent you they will ship world wide and the have great prices. If you or your company wants quantity they offer branding. Company logo and you can advertise with your company with the bottles.

    Check it out! Stainless is in! Plastic is out!

  12. Sandy says:

    Thanks Corey; All our bottles are #304, 18/8 foodgrade stainless steel. We have products for every price range and can provide you with excellent branding prices if you’re interested. Fundraising, too, with environmentally friendly products.

  13. showerob says:

    Just say no to plastic water bottles!

  14. Grant says:

    Hi folks. We got rid of all of our plastic bottles a little while ago and went for stainless steel. But do your research. SH above is right, you want #304 stainless steel. This is the kitchen grade stainless steel — DON’T use aluminum and be careful of any other "stainless steel" that isn’t #304 as it may have a high concentrate of nickel. You also want (in my opinion) to stay away from anything with any type of liner as, guess what, alot of times the liner has some type of plastic in it.

    We did our research and ended up going with a bottle called "FOF Bottles". We love them (bought 4 on-line)! I just googled them and found them at We went with them because of price, quality and design. And they’re Canadian !!

  15. Emily says:

    Hi! I’m glad to see that bottled water is on its way out… It’s definitely not doing our planet any favors. I use a Klean Kanteen bottle every day, and I’m not going back. It’s estimated that Americans alone waste 2.5 million plastic bottles every day. Imagine the difference we all could make if every American used a reusable water bottle instead of bottled water… That’s around 912.5 million bottles per year. Let’s all chip in to save our planet- we only get one!


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