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The best place to buy memory card readers is still LED Shoppe!

Whilst galavanting through Asia (how does one use “whilst”?) I’ve been on the lookout for a sleek, usb key–like memory card reader that especially reads SD cards and Memory Sticks. It turns out that this is currently a rare (mostly nonexistent) combo in such a small package. What I’d like to point out, however, is that the prices in Asia have been disappointing for memory card readers. A quick visit to the website LED Shoppe, a place where I have been a satisfied customer, confirmed my suspicion — I could have bought online what I was looking for all along (and gotten free shipping too)!

Oh LED Shoppe, why did I ever doubt you.

Remember, the allure of shopping abroad doesn’t always mean a better deal! (Although, from what I know, LED Shoppe is based in Hong Kong.)

Fuel consumption charts / tables on all Canadian vehicles

Who knew? Forget Consumer Reports… we’ve got our own government to tell us how fuel-efficient our cars, trucks, vans, etc. are.

Personal Vehicles Initiative (thanks to Chris for the heads-up)

There’s even a handy Fuel Consumption Guide PDF that summarizes ownership costs, discusses ethanol fuel, and contains a giant table on the fuel consumption data of all automobiles.

Now, the best thing to do would be to decrease our dependency on cars… but if you must purchase a new vehicle, check out that link to find out what’s the most fuel-efficient vehicle you can get. You can get data in litres per kilometre or in miles per gallon.

Forget that Hummer — buy a Honda Insight!

Scotiabank is not letting you fly for free, really

Why free is not really free at Scotiabank

Now it’s probably not fair to look at that image in isolation, so here’s the promotion page.

Promotional material always uses asterisks and fine print to avoid being accused of bait and switch practices. This irks me for many reasons. But I’m not here to rant.

I would just like to point out for everybody that in addition to requiring you to sign for a Scotia One account (which has a monthly fee of $9.95 and isn’t really unlimited as it claims), this supposedly free flight excludes applicable flight taxes, fees and service charges. It’s not free.

So save yourself a trip to Scotiabank because they will then explain to what the promotion “really” is — that is, it’s really not free.

In some sort of irony, I’m probably helping Scotiabank out by talking negatively about their promotion…


In other news, Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the world’s best airport… that is until you realize that it is not in the same voting category as Singapore’s Changi Airport (32 million passengers last year) and Hong Kong (40 million passengers last year).


August 2007 update: As you can guess from my post, I never actually went for this promotion because I simply didn’t like the ad :D However, I am glad that this post is serving as a sort of forum for disgruntled customers and am happy to provide this service!

Shameless sale: buy a ticket to Stabilo at the SFU pub for this Friday the 15th

I have two one extra tickets to get rid of. Stabilo and The Kitchen at 8pm at Simon Fraser University. $12 each. E-mail me! Write a comment! Do something! Go to the concert! Help me out! People bailed on me! !!! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!

Stabilo is great — I can even send you some samples to entice you to go to this bargain of a deal of a concert!


Also, if you want more tickets you can get them at SFU! Just make sure you get one from me first!

!!! !!! !! !!!!!!!!!

Sep 12th update: still looking for a taker for my extra ticket. However, people seem to be searching for “stabilo sfu” and ending up here… I’ll paste the info from below. The very first e-mail I got about it said that there *might* be tickets at the door (you should probably contact Simon Fraser Student Society to make sure) but if you’re up at SFU beforehand, your best bet is to head over to the SFSS office in the Maggie Benston Centre.

All-Ages Highland Pub Concert Series!

The Kitchen + Stabilo Friday Sept. 15th

Sweatshop Union Friday Sept. 22nd

Exit This Side + Black Halos Friday Sept. 29th

Better Friends Than Lovers Friday Oct. 6th

All shows are only $12, any two for $20 or all three September shows for just $30

Tickets are on sale now in the SFSS General Office MBC 2250.

Check out:

Or for more info email:


Update: concert was great! Here’s a pic of Stabilo and one of Stabilo Boss. Is this where they get their name from?

Bypass the wait period on nameservers to access your new domain name faster

Whenever you purchase a new domain name, you have to point the nameservers to your web host, and also add the domain on your web host. I won’t go into the details on how to do that. However, once you have done that correctly, you usually have to wait “up to 48 hours” for the domain name settings to take effect. What that means is that all of the DNSs (domain name systems) around the world have to update their records to show where your domain is being hosted.

You know for a fact, though, that your web host’s DNS already has that info, considering that you’ve just entered it there! By default, your computer uses the DNS of your internet service provider, which is one of the many DNSs around the world that need to update their records over the next 48 hours. Therefore, you can begin to work on your site immediately by setting your computer’s DNS settings to point to your web host — just use the exact same IP address that you entered for your domain’s nameservers:

On the start menu, click on Network Connections on the Settings Menu
Step 1

Right-click either Local Area Connection or Wireless Connection (depending on which one you are using) and select Properties
Step 2

Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click Properties
Step 3

Enter your host’s nameserver information
Step 4