Coast to Coast Hockey Shop review: roller hockey equipment in Vancouver

First published on June 21, 2014

After having played indoor roller hockey for many years, I needed to replace my rollerblade (or “inline skate”) wheels and the accompanying screws.

I purchased some new wheels and bearings at The Hockey Shop in Surrey and had a good experience there. Unfortunately, my old screws were still coming loose every game. I could either buy some thread lock material to apply to the existing screws or buy some new screws. I waited too long and some of the threads got warped, so I decided to just buy some new screws.

At first, I couldn’t find a store that sold screw and axle kits for rollerblade wheels. In fact, someone at Sportchek told me that I shouldn’t even bother trying, as no one would carry such replacement screws for my old Mission skates anymore.

Thankfully, I found Coast to Coast Hockey Shop, which is a Vancouver-based online store that sells all sorts of inline hockey accessories, including wheels, bearings, bearing lubricant, tape, stick tape, and yes, screw / axle / bolt kits:

Mission roller hockey screws and axles

The owner, Sean, ships fast and even hand delivers sometimes in the Vancouver area (which is what happened to me). He was responsive, friendly, eager to listen to my needs, and seems to really know his stuff about all things roller hockey.

I found the Coast to Coast Hockey Shop website easy to use and full of great prices, and I highly recommend it. Sean is working on opening a retail store in Vancouver at some point soon (Update: Sean’s store location is 1685 Kingsway in Vancouver, which is a very useful resource for indoor and outdoor inline skaters. He’s continued to provide great advice and products to me for almost 10 years.)


2 Responses to “Coast to Coast Hockey Shop review: roller hockey equipment in Vancouver”

  1. Sean says:

    Hey Peter! thanks for writing about your experience, I really appreciate the good word.

    I wanted to provide an update on our retail situation!

    We have begun to move in to our location at 1739 Main St.

    We have partnered with Shop-Task to be Vancouver’s one stop shop for anything and everything rollerblading! Aggressive, fitness, recreational, racing and roller hockey.

    My inventory isn’t as broad as I’d like it to be yet, but by Winter 2014 we should be have skates from Mission/Bauer/Alkali/Tour, sticks, protective equipment and all the other accessories I have carried for years.

    Also wanted to say we have the IDS Pro Shot pucks stocked up in all 9 colours!

    If anyone has any questions they can pop into the shop at 1739 Main St. or give me a shout – [email protected]

    Thanks again Peter! Love the blog!

    Reply from Peter: Thanks for the update — that is really exciting! Looking forward to checking it out!

  2. sean says:

    Hi Peter – once again I appreciate you hosting this post!
    We have moved into our own location at 1685 Kingsway in Vancouver.
    Just trying to make sure people don’t waste time heading to the old location :)
    Hope you are doing well!
    thanks again

    Reply from Peter: Thanks for the update — post updated!

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