Peter’s Sports League Standings version 1.4

Here’s a simple script that I originally wrote for a silly intramural league. It has since evolved a bit.

The first version was publicly released on January 28, 2007, and the latest version was released on May 6, 2009.

It provides a display of league standings and an administration interface to manage the seasons, conferences, divisions, teams and scores. You can also create multiple users to manage your league with fine-grained permission control.

Current standings

Update standings

Technically you could tweak the code to apply it to all sorts of leagues. We had an intramurals league where every week was a different sport: rugby basketball, ultimate frisbee, california kickball, indoor baseball, some chicken game, indoor soccer, roller tennis… OK, I’m kidding on the roller tennis part.

1) PHP (let’s say PHP 4?)
2) MySQL (let’s say MySQL 3?)

From version 1.x to version 1.3 — see forum thread
From version 1.x to version 1.2 — see forum thread
From version 1.0 to version 1.1 — see forum thread

Fresh install instructions:
1) Download and unzip to your server
2) Open settings.php and set the appropriate username, password, and database name, as well as many other options (which columns to show, the password to access the administration interface, etc.).
3) Run the SQL commands in standingssql.sql to insert the appropriate database tables
4) Access update.php for the administration interface! The default username is “admin” and the default password is “theblog”.

Note: I originally wrote it to be integrated into WordPress, so I’ve stolen a bit of the CSS from that.

There are no plans for ongoing development anymore. Be sure to check the forums for troubleshooting and tips on extending the script.


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