White Spot sides: “hidden” menu items

First published on June 13, 2011

White Spot is very flexible with their menu, and in my experience, always nice about it too. I’m not talking about being annoyingly creative and telling them how to combine different raw ingredients in different ways. As an example, the lunch-only menu item “dippin’ with caesar” (breaded chicken strips) can always be ordered at dinner. As a more general and useful rule, if you see anything in any menu item, you can often mix and match. (Except maybe asking for breakfast items in the afternoon or evening… although it doesn’t hurt to try.) The sides are especially substitutable: mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables — often broccoli and/or carrots and red peppers — and zoo sticks (breaded, fried zucchini) are substitutable for fries either for free or for a small extra charge, although they’re not explicitly mentioned as such.

This may sound like a silly post, but I’ve been to many other casual dining places that refuse to do any sort of substitution for items that are on the menu, even for an extra charge. Every White Spot location that I’ve been to has been good about it.


One Response to “White Spot sides: “hidden” menu items”

  1. Alan says:

    I always appreciate the little things like this post!

    I go to White Spot often enough, usually get the Seniors menu, which is smaller portions for a lower price.

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