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Access your custom MSN emoticons

Thumbs up emoticonSlap emoticonHeart emoticon

Frustrated emoticon

Got fun custom MSN emoticons that you want to use outside of the MSN environment? You can find them here (well, that’s where they are in Windows XP):

c:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger\yourMSNaccountnumber\CustomEmoticons

They have the extension .dat, so just copy them elsewhere and rename them to either .gif or .jpg and you’re good to go.
I would reference the webpage where I found this information, but I don’t actually remember what page it was.

Download the original Jezzball

The original Jezzball

Remember this game? I think I last saw it on Windows 95 (I could be wrong). Now it has all but disappeared. Anyway, try and eliminate space on the playing area without getting hit by the bouncing balls.

For those with Windows XP who are having troubles, it might be because XP has a built-in zip viewer. Try unzipping all of the files to a separate folder before running Jezzball.