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August 5, 2009
11:10 am

I signed on with Koodo about a yr back because of the no contract thing. (Kicking myself now) Last week i went 6 days with no service (network problem). Bill was being paid auto. c.card was paid up. But beacuse of a billing error, i was slapped with a late payment charge. I refused to pay because the payment WAS pulled off the card on time, but didn't go through their system. Now, the credit rating has taken a hit because of koodo's inabilities.
Sunday, When i switched back to Fido, there was a 4 hour wait-time to speak with cust. support at koodo.

Tuesday i recieved an "updated terms of agreement" from koodo lawyers stating "in 4,320 words" how they could not be held liable.

As far as i'm concerned, the letter is a feeble attempt to deter people from suing. Because if there is no service, then there are no terms for these thieves to hide behind. I don't know about anybody else, but i for one will NOT be bullied by lawyers, coerced or harrassed into allowing any corporation to rob me.

I have filed a complaint to the ccts (crtc does not regulate cell phone carriers, ccts can order carriers to pay $ back to consumers);

If anyone is involved with koodo, or knows someone with koodo, please get out while you still have your sanity and go prepaid with Fido or something.

Anybody having problems with any carriers, file a complaint, get on the net and complain, share your nightmare with others. These things ARE happening to many, many people and the only way to end the b*ll sh*t is to go after the problem makers as a group, not as individuals. We, as consumers are being taken advantage of, and we, as consumers MUST take a stand. WE MUST Stop bending over and letting them bum-f**k us.
If you hear of any related class-action or legal action going on, post a link. post and bitch on as many forums as you can find.
"You're anger, is a gift"

August 5, 2009
12:44 pm

I've been a Koodo customer for more than a year with no complaints...until now. My original phone died, so I needed to replace it. They waived almost all of my tab, which was great. Unfortunately, my new phone is not activated yet. I've been 5 days without service, and they have no idea when it will be fixed. They assure me that I will be credited for poor service, but I just want Service!!! Their customer service reps are terrible. Every one that I speak to tells me something different. Their supervisors are beyond rude. I have 14 days to return my phone, and I'm ready to bail.

August 11, 2009
11:53 am

I came so close to getting a Koodo phone but then at the last minute couldn't because I'd just moved to the country and had no credit rating. Afterwards I heard about all the horror stories and thank God my lack of credit rating saved me. I think possibly even being entirely without a cell phone for the last five months has been better than it would've been being with Koodo. Mind you, I feel more of less the same about all the other cell phone providers. And what I don't understand is why it's all so crap and all so expensive. Sure, you get bad service in England, but there are a lot more providers in England, thus a lot more competition, and it's commonplace to get a plan with, say, 500 ANYTIME minutes to anywhere in the UK (any network) and 1000 free texts a month for no more than about $50. As for voicemail, caller ID, 911, incoming calls, those have always been free. I was shocked to learn people even pay for incoming calls here. Anyway, I guess I'm saying we will never find these kinds of deals here until new players prevent the few existing providers from monopolizing the cell phone market and therefore having the ability to pee all over consumers' faces andlaugh whilst doing it.

August 15, 2009
12:09 am
Patrick F.

I have to agree with you guys who're hating on Koodo. They are in fact really bad with both their quality of service and customer care.

I'd signed up with Koodo a few months ago now, but since day one when I bought my phone, I was loosing reception constantly with my service. I'd call my brother next door at work (literally 30 seconds away from my house) and I'd have to call him back 2-3 times in a 15 minute span because of dropped calls.

I brought in my BRAND NEW phone to get sent off to be fixed, so really I'm starting here with a refurbished phone since they gutted the whole thing. It took them a month and a half to get back to me, and ontop of things, they had the wrong home phone number for me and never once tried calling my new loaner phone with them.

I also bought a $15 USB Cable (which I had to buy separately) for my LG Keybo (my old phone with Koodo). I switched my LG Keybo for the Samsung Slyde, therefore I no longer needed the USB cable I purchased. It was still brand new, never used, and I had my receipt, but get this... they WOULDN'T take it back because I had no plastic wrapping for it. WTF!? I tried bringing it back again a week later and dealt with a different employee, who said to me "Oh yeah, we'll take it back even without the packaging.. however.. it's been more than 30 days now so we can't accept it".

In summary:

- Koodo's call quality is absolutely horrible, and their service is plagued with dropped calls (never had one dropped call in 2 years with Rogers).
- Their customer service is absolutely awful. They're very uncooperative about returns, even if it is a brand new product (don't forget to bring the original packaging!)
- It takes a very long time to get your phone repaired if you get it sent off
- Also, you can't upload your own ringtunes to your phone via PC. You MUST buy theirs. There is no way around this.

So yeah... buyer beware. I'd rather pay $80 a month with Rogers for the same plan than these crooks.


August 31, 2009
6:10 pm

chill out people koodo is fine i talked with the people today they said the network is updating a lot and that texting will be fine and working properly with in 3 days

September 4, 2009
8:05 am

For all of you who are having problems with receiving text messages and sometimes with sending them, my daughter was having the same problem and became very frustrated (understandably). The phone was new so I went with her to a Koodo kiosk and explained the problem to the rep. He asked my daughter if she had her phone on all the time, or almost all of the time, to which she replied yes. He said that you have to turn it off sometimes to let it clear itself, just like getting a computer to defrag. We were given the option of turning in the phone for a new one, but my daughter decided to keep it and do what the rep suggested. She hasn't had any problems sending or receiving texts since.

September 5, 2009
11:22 pm

It seems 9 out of 10 times it's users who create the problems for themselves. I switched from Fido (ran by Rogers now) to Koodo about a year ago and can't complain at all. The phone works just great and when there is trouble (once) they were quick to the rescue. They read my tweet and got back to me in a couple of hours. So, Koodo is just fine and probably better that most others.

September 6, 2009
3:07 pm

cheap damn cellphone. should just start writing letters, the people would probably get them before they got a freaking text

btw any other people having problems with texts, just read up a few posts about the woman’s daughter. that fixed my problem … thank you!

September 7, 2009
4:18 pm
Koodo User

I have Koodo. I like it, I've had it for a year and a few months.The whole "I didn't get my texts until the next day", that happens because you don't reboot your cellphone, you're supposed to turn it off once in awhile. It happened to me. But yeah, from experience Koodoo is waaaay better than Rogers.

September 11, 2009
4:49 pm
leah Warner

can i just say, that not having to pay for your phone, no contract, and making your own plan rocks. if you want a bad cell phone company go to bell, not only will you have those problems you are all mentioning but youll have to pay WAY more. and when you call costumer service, you get people who cant speak english and cant help you in any way!
koodo is a breath of fresh air.

September 15, 2009
4:15 pm

i agree that koodo sucks with the text messages in a huge way,I have had messages come in a day a private business this totally screws with my happy little world lol ,,i wish there was a phone company that wasnt so dick-ish or unreliable ie.
I went from fido cause i had too many dropped calls to rogers, so i go to rogers fer a bunch of years 18000 worth in contracts and new phones n such,they sucked as well too many bogus charges and illegal attempts to over charge me on closures of contracts,lost payments n such.
So i go to koodo. oh man

September 22, 2009
11:27 am

Wow there is a lot of people haten on Koodo. I have had absolutely no problems with my Koodo since I purchased it for my son in March. Lets sit back and look at the big picture and look at why MOST people purchased Koodo in the first place. A) because they don’t use it a whole lot and the idea of being locked in to a 3 year contract is pointless or B) their credit is “wack” and they cant get a contract with one of the major carriers. (Now before you start jumping all over that, I know there are other reasons why people purchased Koodo including myself – hence, for my son). To be honest with you, I think that if you are not dealing with one of the 3 major carriers, then you should expect some glitches along the way. As a matter of fact, when Koodo just experienced their texting glitch, Telus clients, like myself, were also experiencing the same problems. (yes I know Koodo is owned by Telus). But you don’t hear people bitching and complaining as much about Telus’ service. I think that given that people are paying a lot LESS for Koodo then the other major carriers, (ie. cheaper rate plans, no 911 fee, no system access fee, etc.) they need to make some sacrifices, and not expect top rate service, for a bottom rate prices. You get what you pay for. Remember, it’s still technically a pay as you go service.

September 27, 2009
7:47 pm

I have been with koodo for just over a month now, and have no complaints whatsoever. I have only had to speak with customer service over the phone once, and had the most helpful, delightful person on the other end. They were soo apologetic that I even needed to call in in the first place, and fixed my problem instantly. Then my phone started acting a bit funny and the reception seemed to be a bit off (this could happen with any company, lets be honest.. technology isnt perfect). I went into the kiosk where I had originally bought my phone and was told that because it had been over a month since I got the phone, technically they were suppose to send it away for repair, rather than just exchange the phone. The guys were so so helpful though, worked their way around the "one month rule", and I walked away with a new phone that had all my contacts transfered into it, within 10 minutes. No charge or anything. My experience has been nothing but positive. I was consistently getting $100+ bills with Bell and they could never explain to me why it was always so high. With koodo, I know exactly what I'm paying for... and I'm not paying very much at all. Couldn't be happier!

September 28, 2009
10:41 am

Vlad said:

You guys rock. A few days ago my folks went out to pick the best plan for me. I asked them to check out Koodo. Thank God a guy came up and said “my phone service was cut off for a week”. Otherwise I would have been stuck with a painfully crappy Koodo phone. A Roger’s family plan is better. I’m getting the Samsung Gravity, great for all those texting fans. If you saw the “slides in, slides out” Rogers commercial, thats the phone.

Rogers Rep Much?

October 21, 2009
11:15 am
Pissed off past Kood

getting a koodo phone was a huge mistake....the phone never rings when its charged and you wont even know that you have a missed call...i sent the phone back twice and i still have the same problem. their customer service reps are the WORST i have ever dealt with, they are arrogant, and guy hung up on me and another put me on hold for over half an hour...i asked for a manager to call me, of course no one bothered to call at all.....they lied to me about my balance and i think its because of their unprofessional and untrained staff....i will never use them again nor recommend them to anyone else....i am glad i cancelled the service.....

October 21, 2009
2:19 pm
Shafia Kazmi

The same thing happened with me. Koodo sales person assured me that the long distant charges is all I'd pay if I took the long distance plan, and he specifically said I wouldnt be charged anything more than just the flat out LD rate. now I have a bill of 600+ and they say I have to pay up the WHOLE amount immediately. Since I was told something different, and the only real reason I took Koodo was because of the LD rate they said they would charge me, I dont see why I should pay that entire amount when its not my fault to begin with. Nobody's money grows on trees. The only reason I took koodo was because of what i was assured, so I dont see why I should pay such a bill. The client care person said there was really nothing that could be done. My advice to everyone - do not, EVER, take koodo mobile, they cheat you. They tell you half the story and then when you're bill comes what you say can pretty much go to hell. M moving from koodo asap.

February 18, 2010
8:41 pm
koodo rules

I have no idea what you are all talking about... I think that people just like to complain. I have had a Bell phone, rogers and telus. I just wanted to find the best deal and koodo is it. The unlimited texting works wonders for me. My Bell phone screwed up so bad for texting. This phone has done it once. NOT EVERYTHING IS PERFECT PEOPLE! get used to it because the customers service industry sucks as everyone complains about the stupidest things in the world. Believe me I work in it... and no not for koodo or telus. Try going to Bell and it sucks even more. Don't even get me started on Rogers...

February 18, 2010
8:44 pm
koodo rules

Koodo is a new company so it has to work out network kinks and computer glitches as it grows...

February 21, 2010
10:54 pm

Bozo said:

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U!!!!!! KOODO SUX!! Since friday night i cannot receive ANY txt msgs!!!( I could send txts tho) and today (sunday)at aroun 5 oclock pm i just got like 65 msgs in a minute…they delivered all the txts at the same time (those from friday and saturday ) …im so pissed

oh and did i mention IM TIRED OF THOSE DUPLICATES

Slightly edited by admin to reduce profanity

try updating your roaming list by dialing *22803 select 1 for english then 2 for the roaming list let it do its thing and restart

March 14, 2010
10:32 am
guester nester

No to be a troll here but everybody complaining about the reception and the phone not ringing when on charge : Was this a LG phone? I had one LG phone and it was the cheapest phone EVER! it literally broke in my pocket from the massive pressure (heahea its not what you think).

try to get the more expensive Motorola, i have a w385 with telus and that phone is working like a charm ! even tho kudoo is a sub of telus is it cheaper than telus?