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March 19, 2010
12:44 pm

I have had Koodo for a couple of years and saved quite a bit of money. I used to pay up to $200 a month, but now I am paying $75 (calling across Canada) and I even have web access.
Their service if far superior to Rogers, and if I have had to speak to a customer service rep (such as when I want to change plans) they have been fine.
The per second billing and no access fee is a big plus.

March 23, 2010
4:45 pm

I haven't had any problems what-so-ever with Koodo. There was one time their servers were screwed up for a couple days but that happens with any company but since then I haven't had any issues. I receive and send texts without any issues and haven't been overbilled once. Really no complaints from me. I think they're doing an awesome job. AND IT'S CHEAP!

March 24, 2010
7:25 pm

My experience with Koodo phone has been very good. I signed up for unlimited browsing $10, i can now check my email from gmail and other account + reply to them and it all unlimited. my bill comes to 39$ has unlimited incoming + free Wkend and evenings. why pay $$$ for a blackberry.

March 27, 2010
1:41 pm

I just left telus for koodo. Telus was horrible…. I mean no good plans at all, I was on a $40 plan getting charged for 100+ even though I never used my phone all month.
Got an LG Banter from walmart, signed up with them, made sure I could get in touch with someone local if something went wrong and have had no problems to date. I will be seeing my bill though, though I have checked out my online bill and everything is in check… except for 0.10 cents for when I was exploringa and went on a 10 cent page online haha. Understandable.
I could not care about customer service over then phone, its in person that counts. I mean when your at a call center There are TONS of people experienceing different problems, and they have to try to be nice etc. etc. It can get a bit difficult, and they do have limits.

I So far reccommend the LG Banter with the $50 Nationwide talk and text combo.
This is what it includes:

- No long Distance or Roaming charges within Canada
- Unlimited Messaging (text and pictures)
- Up to 300 Nationwide anytime minutes
- 7pm Evenings and weekends
- Call display and Voicemail included

The only thing is you dont get unlimited incomming calls, but can include it for $10 extra. I dont need it though as Im use to calling them back or calling them first already.
Also, When you put the LG banter on tab, they take 10% off your $50 and put it into paying your phone off, Its best to put it on tab, cause even after you pay off your phone, or pay your phone fully they continue to take off $5 to build up your tab so you can get a new phone free later. Meaning when I new better phone comes out you can get it as long as its under $150. The LG Banter is $128 on plan, and $78 on pre-paid. Get the plan though, cause the pre-paid is with telus *shivers*

April 5, 2010
6:48 pm

Customer service-does not exist at Koodo, or Crappo, as it should be called. Blue-tooth will not work on LG’s and so they will not replace the phone and expect you to pay for a replacement even with a warranty, yes a warranty that means nothing.
Big run-around, and the result they lose another customer. Hopefully people will look into how terrible Koodo is before they sign-up.
Sad that they make their workers say nice things about them.Not a surprise really.

April 8, 2010
4:32 pm

Dave said:

NOBODY beats Koodo for the price! I’m a high user and I pay $102.00 + tax. That’s it! 33hrs of talk time including long distance, unlimited text, voicemail5, after 5pm free. If you can find a better deal in Toronto, Canada you let me know!!!

I am with Bell currently & paying $81.02/month incl tax for call waiting, call display, voicemail, conference call, 50 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings, unlimited texting and unlimited email on my blackberry, since my contract is up I'm looking for something better...

April 19, 2010
8:36 am

I just canceled my koodo phone for pulbic mobile and i couldn't be happier. ive always hated koodo, they've ripped me off so many times. once my bill hit $200 and the canceled my phone with out even telling me it was going that high! then they charged me $35 bucks to get it reactivated again! the guy i talk to on the phone was an asshole and treated me like i was stupid. Koodo sounds like a good idea at first but everything is an add on so to have a half decent phone you're paying a lot for nothing.

I would rather not have a cell phone then to sign up with koodo again.

April 26, 2010
1:12 pm

I have had koodo for about 4 months now. I switched my rogers number over was with rogers for 3 yrs.(also i'm a rogers cell phone tech support employee) I have had few problems so far with this company.I have better reception with koodo and the price is much cheaper then rogers (no they don't offer employee discounts) the only thing I don't like about koodo is they will block calls a day after your bill is due and send the call to there call centre to let them know when that bill will be paid. And the second thing I don't like is there is no where but the bank or online banking to pay your bill I would like the option of going in and paying my bill with an actual person. Other then that koodo isn't that bad. I would NEVER recommend rogers to anyone the hold times are long and the customer service is the same no matter what company you deal with.

April 28, 2010
5:28 pm

Koodo sucks said:


maybe you just have issues. i've never not gotten tezt messages.

May 8, 2010
12:58 pm

chelle said:

Koodo sucks said:


maybe you just have issues. i've never not gotten tezt messages.

lolz "maybe u just have issues" hahahahaha XD
i love that line

May 12, 2010
8:30 am
Satisfied customer

I quess I'm one of the few people who are happy with Koodo. Here's why I went with them and have no regrets about it:
- No contract
- TAB :) 10% of the cost of the phone is removed every month you pay your bill. (a phone of $150.00 will be paid in 15 months)
- Unlimited INTERNATIONAL texting for $5 a month.
- Calls to the states at .05 cents a minute for $5 a month. (instead of .35 cents a miniute).

I've never had to call customer service. Plus I can do all the changes to my account or package online at 4 in the morning if I want.

Hint for cell phone users:

- Give people your work number for daytime calls. It helps with not going over your daytime minutes and avoids a large bill. The time between leaving work and 7:00 (start of free time) really should be for getting home (driving safely), having supper with your family, catching up with ur kids, or simply to decompress after a long day.

- Want fancy background images? E-mail them to your phone and save them. Just surf the web find some images you like and send them to your cell. (I have my WoW toon from the armory at the moment). Any pic you can find....for FREE.

I'll never again have a three year contract. It's credit suicide. What's happens if you lose your job and have to cut back on a few things? Will Bell or the others say "Oh no problem!"....i think not.

May 17, 2010
7:14 am

For months I have had no access to airtime summaries via online or through the phone and I have been charged overtime, and customer service tells me it's my fault, what a bunch of retards:yell:. Bad enough I escalated the complaint to corporate for a valid reason, and reporting this to better business bureau

May 18, 2010
6:12 am

Yeah. I have koodo. I agree their customer service are really bad. It seems they don't really know what service his/her company offer. It takes a long time to get some tech info. In a customer service level, I don't think their manner are good enough too.

Also, it's true that SMS/MMS are slow to get sometime. But depends on usage and time period of the day. Sometime you get right away, sometime you don't. Their phone have less functionality and hard to hack compare to other company's phone, btw, the phone are cheap phone (especially keyboard)

But remember, we pay what we get. I have no expectation with their customer service and tech support. I use roger, fido, bell, telus and now koodo. I have studied all the price and plan (and some phones they carry), even with Virgin and solo. koodo's plan is unbeatable still with the $12 add on and unlimited text. Telus and rogers' service level, phone and server are good but with the same plan you paid at least $75 and now I paid $50 something month but I get even more than the other company. Also, their phone reception are ok.

I suggest you do more study of what you need before you pick a phone and a phone plan from a carrier.

May 24, 2010
9:50 am

Vlad said:

You guys rock. A few days ago my folks went out to pick the best plan for me. I asked them to check out Koodo. Thank God a guy came up and said "my phone service was cut off for a week". Otherwise I would have been stuck with a painfully crappy Koodo phone. A Roger's family plan is better. I'm getting the Samsung Gravity, great for all those texting fans. If you saw the "slides in, slides out" Rogers commercial, thats the phone.

The phone in the commercial is the LG Neon.
The gravity has a number pad, the neon has touch-dialing.

May 27, 2010
1:13 pm

I asked Rogers to tell me when my 3-year plan was ending and they started offering things to sweeten up my contract (which will still have the same end date).. all because I told them I would be switching to Koodo. Start talking to customer service and they'll offer you a deal!

The plan I told Rogers about was Koodo's $25 Talk & Text combo with the addition of $6 caller ID. So the total would be $31 without tax. It includes:

- Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture)
- Up to 100 Anytime Minutes
- 7pm Evenings & Weekends
- Includes Call Waiting, Conference Calling, 911 and Per-Second Billing

Then, Rogers offered me a deal for $30 plus their Government Regulatory Recovery Fee which is $2.58 so the total for the Rogers deal is $32.58 without tax and here is what they're offering:

- Unlimited text messaging
- 150 Weekday Minutes + 50 FREE Bonus Minutes
- 6pm Evenings & Weekings (originally it was 9pm but they offered my 6pm for FREE)
- FREE call display

To me, Rogers is soft and if you complain to them enough they'll try to make it up to you. I went over my minutes last month and bitched about how my minutes didn't show up online and they are now giving me credit towards my next bill. Rogers is legit, I don't have a problem with texting or calls and I get good service. Waiting on hold sucks when you call customer service but they'll do just about anything reasonable to keep you with them! COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN is my best advice! I don't think I'll be switching to Koodo after reading all of those negative reviews... and for an extra $1.58 I think I'll be sticking with rogers for a while.

May 29, 2010
4:48 am

Koodo = telus .. their the same company, same towers, same everything. Just an entinty created to compete with virgin mobile and other companies like them

July 8, 2010
4:04 pm

Well Im getting a blackberry and was talking to a koodo representative and they even told me koodo sucks!!!
for starters your txt msgs can be delayed up to one full day and you end up getting rooked on the tab thing. Also for koodo if i was to get the blackberry i would have to pay 150 up front


July 14, 2010
6:29 pm

I left Fido because of all their text messaging troubles. I haven't had any with Koodo. Also, I couldn't have bought a blackberry anywhere as inexpensive as Koodo, without a contact.

July 15, 2010
12:38 pm

Been with Koodo for almost a year and have had no problems what so ever with any of there services so i put my 3 kids on with Koodo. If you want real headaches go with Virgin.

July 23, 2010
10:40 am
Brian Short - Koodo

I've been with Koodo about 3 months now. I would say that I'm quite happy with the price and the service as I haven't really had any reception problems. I have had texts and voice mail messages come in a day late or so, but I'm sure that's because of the vagaries of the networks. My reason to say that Koodo sucks begins and ends with the original purchase and my attempts to rectify the problems with the phone itself and its original setup. Everybody was great at the kiosk until I signed the contract. From that point on, I was less than chopped liver as the saying goes. I'm quite sure as well that they gave me a used phone even though it was supposed to be a new one. There was no manual included and you can't retrieve messages using the '1' key. I'm sure this phone was returned by someone else because of this problem, and the Koodo guys just sluffed it off on me. Subsequent attempts to get the problem fixed have proved useless. But, I would have to say, that if I had to choose a cell phone company and plan again, I would still choose Koodo. Best to everyone on it and thanks to the person again who knew to 'reboot' the phone every once in a while. My phone is actually turned off right this moment for the first time since I got it...I just turned it back on and it still works. I bet Rogers can't do that!