No more paper statements: Citizens Bank and ING Direct!

First published on June 14, 2007

Two of the online banks that I use — Citizens Bank and ING Direct — have recently implemented the option for customers to stop receiving paper statements! Well, it’s about time.

Here’s how to go green with ING Direct:

Log in to your account, hover over the Change my info & options tab, then select the Statement Mailing Preferences option. From there, it should be straightforward:

How to stop receiving paper statements at ING Direct

Here’s how to go green with Citizens Bank:

Log in to your account, click on the Member Services tab, then click the Change Statement Options link on the left menu. From there, you have a few more options, but it’s still pretty straightforward:

How to stop receiving paper statements at Citizens Bank

For me, it didn’t quite work out with the whole paperless thing at Citizens Bank. This was their reply:

“Please note that according to Citizens Bank policy, any Member who has a Line of Credit (LOC) or overdraft protection attached to her or his account number cannot opt out of receiving paper statements. This is because legislative requirements state that an individual must receive a notice if she or he has any interest charges on the LOC.”

The law there makes sense, but I’ve never actually needed to use that overdraft protection feature (it comes with the Investment Account). How about tweaking the law so that your bank must send you a paper statement when you use your line of credit?


3 Responses to “No more paper statements: Citizens Bank and ING Direct!”

  1. Kevin A J Paine-Coombes says:

    Please be good enough to only send to me statements through my e-mail address

    Kevin Paine-Coombes

  2. negative says:

    What are you doing you noob!..stop talking about your banking online.

    :-) phill

  3. Luke O’Connell says:

    That’s great. It’s good to see that companies are finally getting into the paper-less swing of things. A good many companies in the UK also offer greener options but similarly to Citizens, they haven’t got it all down yet (for example wont send you the statement part but will still send you the monthly junk mail, or will still send you both because of teething problems)… but they will get there.., and we will be one step closer to an easier life… somewhat!

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